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March 29, 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007

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March 29, 2007

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  1. March 29, 2007 Members and Leaders of the Greater Armenian Community Throughout Southern California Joined Together as Volunteers and Broke the All-Time Record for Membership Pledges for Pioneering Orange County PBS Station KOCE-TV

  2. March 29, 2007 The Armenian Genocide is the predominant issue on the collective consciousness of the Armenian people worldwide.

  3. March 29, 2007 This accomplishment, in one step, brought this issue to the predominant consciousness of a PBS television station in Southern California, the only station providing this programming to the largest concentration of Armenian-Americans in the United States.

  4. Catered dinner served to all volunteers before training the session begins

  5. Cue cards for pledge break announcements show the Armenian organizations which elected to collaborate

  6. Paul Aslanian and cue card on pledge camera

  7. Volunteers during training for taking pledges

  8. Volunteer organizers Seta Mergeanian and Tom Kalajian

  9. Pledge break spokesman Arthur Aykanian with volunteer organizer Paul Aslanian

  10. In-studio monitor showing introduction to documentary, The Armenian Genocide

  11. Andrew Goldberg, writer, director and producer of The Armenian Genocide during a live pledge break interview

  12. Paul Aslanian with Andrew Goldberg

  13. Serge Tomassian with Andrew Goldberg

  14. Volunteers processing memberships during pledge break

  15. Ed Arnold, interview host and KOCE-TV News Anchor of “Real Orange”

  16. Congratulatory Email to Paul Aslanian and Tom Kalajian from KOCE-TV Station Manager Ed Miskevich

  17. “Thanks so much for helping KOCE with a record-breaking evening. The final total was $118,535 from 902 pledges. “That broke our all-time pledge night record set July 17, 1994 when the Three Tenors performed at Dodger Stadium. “We credit the success to the local Armenian groups on the phones and in the interviews, and the community organizations which spread the word about this broadcast. We could not have done this without your involvement.” Ed Miskevich, Station Manager, KOCE-TV March 30, 2007 Source: Congratulatory email of March 30, 2007 to Paul Aslanian and Tom Kalajian from KOCE-TV station manager Ed Miskevich

  18. Pledge Information KOCE-TV 1-800-278-5050 $120 pledge, choice of one DVD: The Armenian Genocide, or Images of the Armenian Spirit 2. $200 pledge, both DVDs

  19. Volunteer Coordinators Paul Aslanian, Founder, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, Orange County Armenian Festival Thomas Kalajian, Planning Coordinator, 2005 Armenian Festival; Founding Member, Executive Committee, Orange County Armenian Festival; Executive Committee, 2005, Orange County Armenian Professional Society (OCAPS)  Edwin Khatchanian, Past President, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Orange County Armenian Professional Society (OCAPS)  Seta Mergeanian, Executive Secretary, Founding Member, Executive Committee, Orange County Armenian Festival Serge Tomassian, President, Orange County Armenian Professional Society (OCAPS)

  20. Alida Ararxian Araxy Aykanian Arthur Ardash Aykanian Levon Barsoumian Robert Davidian Aida Demirjian Ara Demirjian Aline DerAlexanian Aline Derkaloustian Seta Ghazerian Raffi Gourdikian Tahlene Gourdikian Ed Halebian Vahe‘Injejikian Diana Kalajian Tony Kalouyan Angie Kardashian Sarmen Keshishian The Team of Volunteers and Supporters Jason Kizerian Ara Malazian Garbis Mergeanian Jacqueline Mergeanian Perssy Mergeanian Sarah Mergeanian Sheila Mergeanian Hasmik Nalband Nani Shrikjian Lydia Thompson Seda Toumanjian Andre Tufenkjian Lina Tufenkjian Nicole Tufenkjian Tiffany Tufenkjian Haig Zaher

  21. KOCE Leadership Ed Miskevich, Station Manager, Orange County PBS Station KOCE-TV, Huntington Beach, California Lainie King, Donor Relations Manager, Orange County PBS Station KOCE-TV, Huntington Beach, California

  22. Your Orange County. Your PBS.

  23. We shall never forsake you.

  24. Contributions to PBS Station KOCE from viewers like you make programming like this possible.

  25. Our deepest respect and admiration for all those who made this accomplishment possible…

  26. Thank you.