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Friction-related Male organ Injury - Facing the Consequences

Psoriasis can cause dry, itchy skin to appear anywhere on the body, including the male organ. Learn about treatment options including natural remedies for healthy male organ skin.

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Friction-related Male organ Injury - Facing the Consequences

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  1. Friction-related Male organ Injury - Facing the Consequences of Dry Rubbing By John Dugan

  2. In the heat of the moment – whether solo or with a partner – the only thing a man is likely to register in terms of male organ sensation is the pleasure that the action brings. During intimate activity, a man’s brain is tuned into one thing only, and other sensations such as pain may be put on the back burner until the conclusion of the matter at hand. On the other hand, inattention to details like personal lubricants can mean that once the session is over, a guy can be left with a throbbing, sore, red male organ as a result of excessive friction. www.man1health.com

  3. While the tradeoff might not seem like such a bad thing, ongoing friction-related injury can actually damage the delicate male skin and nerve tissue, leading to a greater risk for infection and loss of sensitivity. And at any rate, there is no need to suffer even in the short term for a few moments of bliss, as exercising proper male organ care in the first place can prevent the problem from occurring. For men who have already run into problems with a red male organ, soreness, burning or itching male skin, the following steps can help to relieve the pain and restore the damaged tissue. www.man1health.com

  4. Step 1. Stop the pain The first course of action when exposure to dry rubbing occurs is to stop the painful sensation and soothe the burn. While it can be tempting to reach for soothing ointments or creams, this is not always a good idea. Analgesics that work on other parts of the body may contain ingredients that are just too strong or too harsh for the delicate male tissue, and they may actually make the problem worse. Instead, a cool compress can be applied to the area, and all-natural soothing agents such as aloe or Shea butter may be used (although never to broken skin). www.man1health.com

  5. Step 2. Stop the swelling If any swelling is present, icing is a good option. When applying an ice pack or frozen gel pack to the area, it should be wrapped in a towel or other soft cloth first to prevent the possibility of frostbite. Men who are able to take over-the-counter oral anti-inflammatory medications may use these as well. Men who are taking other medications or who have a known health condition should always talk to their doctor before using any over the counter painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. www.man1health.com

  6. Step 3. Seek medical attention For pain or injury that does not respond quickly to treatment, or if any open sores or visible bruising is present, a visit to a qualified health care provider is warranted. In most cases, it is unlikely that the problem is serious, but ruptured male tissue or severe bruising can lead to bigger problems down the road; so it is always best to get a professional opinion. www.man1health.com

  7. Step 4. Ongoing male organ Skin Care To soothe stressed male organ skin and prevent further friction-related injuries from future encounters, two vital measures are needed. First, the skin of the male organ should be kept well-hydrated and smooth so that it is less likely to sustain abrasions or microscopic tissue tears related to dry penetration or manual stroking. A specially-formulated male organ moisturizing cream(most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains natural emollients like Shea butter, as well as nourishing vitamins and minerals, is best for this purpose, as a dedicated male organ cream won’t further irritate the skin. Second, a water-based lubricant should be kept on hand at all times, as even the most eager partner can become dry and sticky during a lengthy session. Products containing fragrances, warming or numbing agents, or flavors should be avoided, as these can further irritate sore male organ skin. www.man1health.com

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