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Healthy Male Organ Output - Donating Male Seed PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Male Organ Output - Donating Male Seed

Healthy Male Organ Output - Donating Male Seed

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Healthy Male Organ Output - Donating Male Seed

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  1. Healthy Male Organ Output: Donating Male Seed By John Dugan

  2. Ah, the joys a man experiences when he has a healthy male organ! For many men, it only seems right that they should make good, practical use of that healthy member in a tangible way: by donating male seed. After all, why should a man and his partners be the only ones to benefit from the fact that he has practiced superb male organ care? The output from his sturdy member might be of great assistance for a barren couple who wants a child or for scientists looking for manly seed to experiment with. • With this in mind, the man – his healthy male organ already stiffening at the thought of his magnanimity – sets out for a male seed bank to bless the workers there with a load of his treasure.

  3. Not so fast, bro. • Actually, it's not quite as simple as that. While every man may assume that he is a prime candidate for donating male seed, there are screening processes in place. Among the factors that most male seed banks consider when deciding on whether to accept a man as a male seed donor are the following: • Age. Most male seed collection facilities have an age range within which they want their donors to fall. This is generally somewhere between 18 and 45 years of age, although there may be some exceptions. A donor needs to legally be an adult, hence the lower limit is 18. It is commonly thought that male seed from men over 40 or 45 years of age undergoes a decline in quality. (This is in spite of studies that indicate that male seed from men over 40 years of age may be more likely to result in pregnancy than male seed from younger donors.)

  4. Health. The candidate must be in general good health. Some conditions, such as social diseases and hemophilia, tend to result in automatic rejection. • Height. Many (but not all) male seed collection centers have minimum height requirements, reflecting the value that society (and future parents) place upon tall men. • Medical history. Most centers ask for a fairly detailed medical history of the candidate and of his immediate family. • Tests. Blood and urine tests are often required; in some cases, a thorough physical examination may be part of the process.

  5. You're in! • Male seed collecting is usually conducted in the for-profit world and as such is run as a legitimate business. Most centers are not interested in a "casual donor," so a guy looking to just come in and unload occasionally is usually out of luck. If a center pays for a male seed donation, they tend to set up a working arrangement for a man to come in on a regular basis, often twice a week, for a period of several months. • A guy who is interested in doing this for the money should know that some centers do not pay until the end of the contract period is reached. There also may be requirements in terms of amounts deposited on each visit and the quality of the male seed that can impact compensation. So a guy needs to be sure he's aware of all the details before committing.

  6. No helping hands (from others). • Despite what the wonderful world of adult videos tells people, the staff at a male seed center isn't dying to help you achieve release. It's a guy and his own hand that do all the work – so if a man has a fantasy about nurses in low-cut blouses jumping in to help, he's going to be disappointed.

  7. He also may get a little sore from all that solo hand action; even an extremely healthy male organ can get tired from donating male seed. It's good to regularly use a top-notch male organ health crème(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to help alleviate pain. A crème loaded with natural moisturizers such as Shea butter and vitamin E will provide much-needed relief. One that also contains L-arginine is even better; this ingredient is an aid in the process by which manhood blood vessels are kept open and healthy, something a man will be thankful for as he goes in for his regular donation sessions.