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How to Choose the Right E-book Conversion Service Provider

Read how you can choose the right document conversion services provider for e-book conversion

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How to Choose the Right E-book Conversion Service Provider

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  1. How to Choose the Right E-book Conversion Service Provider Read how you can choose the right document conversion services provider for e-book conversion. Managed Outsource Solutions 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133

  2. Today, with advanced technological innovations readers don’t have to go to libraries to get the books they want. With the invention of e- books and e-publication, readers can access any reading material on their digital devices like cell phones, tablets, computers ore-book readers. Today people prefer e-books to printed books due to their speedy access and portability. The growing popularity of e- readers has led to the growth of the e-publishing industry. A professional provider of document conversion services can help convert any books into e-books. It assures low investment, cheaper production cost, low inventory storage cost and the ability to build a stronger global customer base. E-book are very useful in the academic sector also. With access to the internet and increased use of e-books and e-journals in schools, universities and colleges, the need for e-reading on handheld devices has increased drastically. When it comes to e-book conversion it is important to choose a good vendor. The right service provider can be chosen on the basis of the software and the services that they offer. • On the basis of software: 1.Multiple input and output formats: Choose a software that can upload any file format and get the output in whichever form you desire. AZW, Adobe InDesign, HTML, text files, XML, etc are some of the input formats. Make sure that the software has the option to convert the file into ePUB format because it is the format that works across most reading devices. Converting to multiple file formats helps learners to read it on smartphones or other e-readers like Amazon, Kindle etc. 2.Updatable versions: Verify whether your software can be updated with the latest versions. Every new version has new upgrades and advanced features. Some software needs manual upgrading of software or re-install. So make sure that you purchase the right updatable software. 3.Adding interactive elements: There are some common features that are available in every eBook but some software tools provide additional features like text search, page jump, font and size change, hyperlinks, table of content creation etc. 4.Adding multimedia enrichments: Adding certain multimedia elements likevideos, audio, images and 3D animation etc will make the eBook more engaging and attractive. Verify the file formats of the video and images that the tool would support. www.managedoutsource.com (800) 670 2809

  3. On the basis of service offered: ✓Customization: Find out whether your chosen service provider can offer the service that you want. If you want customized service then make sure that you choose the right vendor. ✓Security of data: Make sure that the vendor you have chosen can ensure data security and copyright protection. Once the content is uploaded on the web, it can be accessed by millions of people and with the right data security systems, you can ensure authorized access to these content. ✓Conversion of huge volumes of data: E-book conversion may involve hundreds of pages and your service provider should be capable of converting any number of pages into e-books without any error. So make sure that they have the right resources to carry out the conversion process efficiently. ✓Manual conversion of printed manuscripts: Some companies offer manual eBook conversion service, and the data will be manually typed and converted into digital documents. This is a daunting task and it takes several hours but there are professionals who can convert your printed manuscript into an excellent eBook. ✓Verify the sample work: Before hiring a service provider for e-book conversion, make sure that you conduct a sample test or verify their earlier projects to know how well they can perform and also check the quality of their work. An established e-book conversion company can convert any data or document into electronic format. They offer superior quality and accurate data conversion for authors, publishers, universities and other entities that need their services. www.managedoutsource.com (800) 670 2809

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