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  1. Digital Marketing Digital Marketing also called as Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Advertising or Web Marketing Digital Marketing means marketing or promoting that makes use of electronic devices such as personal computers, Smartphone's, cell phones, tablets and game consoles to engage with search users as well as social media users. Digital Marketing Institute particular product, company, information or an brand on various digital media services like TV, Internet, mobile etc. Our Digital Marketing TrainingProgram divided into many sessions depending on latest algorithm and latest techniques by professionals in the Digital Marketing Industry that gives you an overview of total marketing channels in Digital Media.Advanced Digital Marketing Course  Consists of 11 Modules as follows Search Engine Optimization, Social media optimization, Search Engine marketing,Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Mobile Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Online Reputation Management /Online Advertising, Content Marketing, Website Design and Online PR.

  2. Digital Marketing Introduction 1. What Is Digital Marketing? 2. Building a Digital Foundation 3. Planning a Web Site for Online Marketing Site map Site components Meta tags Header tags Images Tools Home page best practices

  3. 4.Building or Optimizing a Web Site for Online Marketing All about Domain names Choosing a right hosting company Analyzing the Website 5. Content Marketing Article marketing Social media content Online PR Web site and email content 6. Search Engine Marketing Overview of search engine marketing (SEM)s Search engine optimization (SEO) Paid search Local search Link building In-depth

  4. 7.Social Media Marketing Social media, social networking, and social media marketing defined Blogging and micro blogging Social Media Training Social networking Video sharing Social bookmarking Social events Wikis Social media strategy

  5. What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO)? • What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO)? • With the help of the world wide web, we have been telling • stories through video, audio and, now, we are doing it with • the help of interactivity. Discovering content has passed • beyond the old way we used to broadcast information. Our • ability of steering all the influential conversations is now • enhanced by social networks, these living media through • which people exchange information, experience and • expectations. • uberVU White Paper May 2010 • Page

  6. But how does it work? The ‘keyword’ is Social Media Optimization, which is a method of search optimization that promotes content through social features, allowing it to be streamed across third-party communities and networks. Optimizing for social media makes your website more easy to link to and more visible in social media searches. Basically, this happens when you put an RSS feed on your blog, a Retweetor Facebook sharing button, and other such usability improvements that will make your site more compelling for users. It also includes designating specific tags, titles and descriptions to your content so that it becomes ‘discoverable’. For example, using Facebook Connect and Twitter login means being present where the talk is already happening and arrive just in the middle of the conversation. ‘SMO is defined by the distribution of social objects and their ability to rise to the top of any related search query, where and when its performed.’ (Brian Solis)

  7. Rules of Social Media Optimization • Increase Your Linkability • Make Tagging and Bookmarking Easy • Reward Inbound Links • Help Your Content Travel • Encourage the Mashup • Be a User Resource, Even if it Doesn’t Help You • Reward Helpful and Valuable Users • Participate • Know How to Target Your Audience • Create Content • Be Real • Don’t Forget Your Roots, Be Humble • Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things, Stay Fresh • Develop an SMO Strategy • Choose Your SMO Tactics Wisely • Make SMO part of your process and best practices.