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World of Warcraft PowerPoint Presentation
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World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft

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  1. World of Warcraft

  2. WoW in general: • Blizzard Entertainment • Release: november 23, 2004 • MMORPG • 11.5 million monthly subscribers • Guiness world record • holds 62% of MMOG market • 2 expansions:

  3. The Burning Crusade • January 16, 2007 • 2.4 million copies sold on release day • 2 more races: Blood Elves(Horde) Draenei (Alliance) • New Continent: Outland • Level Cap raised to 70 • New abilities, items, spells, locations

  4. Wrath of the Lich King • November 13, 2008 • 2.8 millions copies sold on release day--> fastest selling game EVER • New hero class:Death Knight • New Continent:Northrend • Level Cap raised to 80 • Whole variety of new things

  5. Classesattributies: Races: rogue Melee unit, they attack from stealth Character Customization factions details Melee unit, strong, heavily armed warrior races paladin Melee unit, heavily armed, able to heal Undeads Orcs Casting unit, strong in damaging in area withmagic mage Gnomes Human Can turn into animals druid sex Hunters can have pets that help them in battles hunter Dwarves Alliance classes Casting unit, they can have pets, they do heavy damage over time Trolls warlock Draeneis Blood-Elves Night-Elves The best healing class, they can buff up other players Specialattributies priest Melee/casting unit, able to heal shaman Taurens Melee unit, they can cast aswell Death knight

  6. Login screen Char, selection screen Other characters Current char.

  7. In-game screen Self-portrait NPCs/Non-playercharacters Chat-window/settings Buffs on our char. Self-character Action bars/Abilities Mini-map/Big mini-map

  8. name Rage - you gain rage by getting hit, or dealing dmg. Health/Hp Mana Level Energy Rested --> gain more Exp. for killing monsters Experience/Exp. - When you kill a monster that is at least 4 levels lower, or you complete a quest, you get Exp. points. By getting enough Exp. you can achieve higher levels. By growing levels you get your attributies higher. This means you are in combat Max level: 60/BC70/Wotlk80

  9. Spellbook Contains all the executable and passive abilities Char. window Talents Contains 3 talent trees, and you can spend your points here to improve your abilities -Datas about your equipment -Datas about your attributies -Picture of your mounts, pets

  10. Target Cast bar Shows the spell you arecurrently casting Glowing ring around yourtarget Action bars You can put the spells from your spellbookhere to use them comfortably. The ‘shadow clock’ on the icons show the cool-downs of the spells.

  11. Farming Loot window:after defeating an enemy you can get its things. From ordinary monsters, you usually get their fur, paw, fang...etc., that are needed for many quests. But from epic, rare monsters you can get more valuable things. The better-than-avarage drops are indicated with a colorful names. Defeated enemy

  12. By fighting, your armor and weapon looses from its durability, and you need to go repair them. By doing this, you consume your money. You start the game with a Backpack that has 16 slots to use. You start up with a Heartstone, some food, and some drink.But during the game you can buy additional bags (Expensive) Money: Gold , Silver , Copper 10Copp. = 1 Silver. 10 Silver = 1 Gold (Avarage money drop (not at max level) is about 70 silver)

  13. Socializing in WOW Wow is an MMORPG, so you NEED to communicate and work with others.If a player says something, it shows up in a chat bubble (1), and also in the chat window with a white color (2). You can send private messages to players, it is called whispering. (purple color; only shows up in chat window; only the sender and the receiver can see it.) (3) (1) You can also send messages for everybody in your region, by yelling. You can send a message for a Lot of people by chating in a channel, for example trade - to offer your things for sale (3) (2)

  14. You can make parties or even raids (5+ players) by inviting people. This is really important, mainly for defeating bosses, or doing dungeons. In the party you need to fix down, who is the healer, the tank and the dps. Parties always have leaders and they organize the ‘trips’. Auction houses - here you can put your things up for sale, and players can bet on them or buy them out. Usually high level players browse them and they make a lot of moneyout of them. An alternate way of socializing is making emotes. Many of them are just for fun, but with people who don’t understand you, this can be the only way of communication.

  15. Ways of gameplay • Pvp: World Pvp, Battlegrounds, Arenas • Instances/raids: dungeons: includes trash mobs, and bosses. In instances the party or the raid group is ‘alone’, seperated from the other parts of the world, and no one else can join them without being in the party.

  16. The World The World is divided into to big ones. One is Azeroth (Kalimdor, Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms), and the other one is Outland, the realm of demons. These continents are divided into regions, like Elwynn Forest.

  17. Generally about servers 4 kinds of servers: Normal, Pvp, RP, RPPvp 2 Month of playing --> 8500 Huf Many private servers, but they are lagging, they are not real (instant max level, etc... ). How loved this is game is: On the release day of WotLK, in Mammut there were about 1600 people waiting to buy the game at 12:00 pm. Go home and be the first to who plays the game. L80ETC/Level80EliteTaurenChieftain: A rock band made by the programmers of WOW. They have 3 Wow songs: Power of the horde, Rogues do it from behind and I am Murloc. There is a complete official database of WOW on the Internet: