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  1. WHAT… • Myrket is a B2B online advertising agency focused on e-marketing services; • Main Services: e-marketing strategies; website development; search engine optimization; online advertisement; e-mail marketing and consulting; • Other Services: periodic reports anddata mining (to build customer profiles);

  2. TO WHO… • Our target market will be small companies’ owners, women and men at the age of 35-60, from any industry, which are willing to go online or willing to use internet tools in order to reach their public.

  3. WHERE… • The company will be available only on the internet, but we will attend customers in the office by appointment if necessary or desired.


  5. HOW… • Customers get to know about MYRKET through online advertisements, search engines, web pages created by us, or offline alternative advertisements; • The potential customer contact us via web site, e-mail or phone; • We meet with the client, develop, design or create a solution; • The customer approve;

  6. HOW…(cont’d) • We adjust and publish; • We get paid by check during personal meetings, by phone with credit cards or through the EIPP system; • To complete the process, customer services and direct marketing personnel will take care of following up outcomes, suggest improvements and find ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

  7. GOALS… • The first short-run goal is to acquire as many accounts as the operation department can handle and as many are worthy to make a sensitive economic profit. Along the years, the goals are to invest in better technology and equipments and to catch larger companies’ accounts, in order to increase the profit and then think about expanding the organization and embracing a greater market share.

  8. Technology… • Hardware: high speed computers, storage devices, Intranet server, Internet connection; • Software: Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia suite, etc to have the work done, Data mining software;

  9. SECURITY… • Antivirus software; • Firewall; • Antispyware; • Encryption software.

  10. SWOT… Strengths • Lower price than competitors; • Creative and qualified workforce; • Cost reduction by electronic processes; • Having its own data mining profile database, so that we don’t have to buy the information from other company. Weaknesses • Business start-up debt + initial limited budget; • New company, thus not well-known brand in the market.

  11. SWOT… Opportunities • Growing demand due to the global trend of web presence; • Possible International expansion to Brazil and surroundings, due to knowledge of about the country and the lack of this kind of service in the region; • Dealing with high income customers – B2B. Threats • Hackers, frauds and information stealing; • Strongly competitive environment; • Recession.