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Octoberfest 2014 Vendor Meeting July 30, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Octoberfest 2014 Vendor Meeting July 30, 2014

Octoberfest 2014 Vendor Meeting July 30, 2014

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Octoberfest 2014 Vendor Meeting July 30, 2014

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  1. Octoberfest2014 Vendor Meeting July 30, 2014

  2. Octoberfest 2014 The documents are available on the Octoberfest website www.octoberfestonline.orgClick on the Vendor tab and scroll to the bottom of the page

  3. Octoberfest 2014 • Purpose of the meeting • All City Departments & the Octoberfest Board agree that the Vendor Meetings play a key role in making our event a success. • Vendors who do not attend the entire meeting and sign in and out will not be allowed to set up

  4. Octoberfest Website • Responsive Design • Easily locate types of food • Complete the form and return at end of meeting • Indicate your preferences – 1 & 2

  5. Maps / Booth Locations

  6. Booth Locations & Power Sources

  7. Vendor NameBooth SizeNo. of Power sources Power locations (circled)Easement – refer to arrows

  8. Block Captains • Assigned to each block throughout the event • Block Captains • Shirt colors have not yet been assigned for this year

  9. Block Captains • Help with problems and to assure the smooth operation of the event • Equipped with radios and can reach headquarters, first aid, etc., quickly • Please fully cooperate ~ if problems occur, an Octoberfest Board Member will be contacted

  10. Miscellaneous • Raffles, drawings and donation/tip jars of any kind are prohibited. • Nothing can be sold or handed out outside your booth. • Other activities are not allowed outside the parameters of your booth • Rain-or-shine event – please be prepared • All entertainment stages are covered, bands will perform

  11. Miscellaneous • Animals are not allowed on the Avenue • City ordinance • Exception - those directly related to your booth & kept inside booth areas and Seeing Eye dogs

  12. Miscellaneous Wristband booths, bar managers, board members, & others will all be wearing buttons to reinforce that we card everyone.

  13. Things to Remember Event times: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Wristband & beer ticket sales end at 5:00 pm. Beer sales end at 5:30 p.m. If you are located by a wristband booth or a bar and they begin breaking down – food vendors must wait until the police department cruisers come down the Avenue before breaking down.

  14. Notes for 2015 • All forms for registration will be online • Alerts / updates on the website as of March 2015 • We will no longer do a mailing reminder • Please apply as soon as the application is available – We had 48 applications in the first week this year.

  15. Reminder • If you are a brand new vendor, please plan to stay at the end of the meeting for additional instructions • QUESTIONS ?

  16. Police Department • As a vendor or exhibitor, you share both the opportunities and responsibilities associated with the celebration. While the City of Appleton and its support entities, including the Police Department, are truly supportive of this event, it goes without saying that certain practices and procedures must be followed to ensure a viable, safe, and enjoyable occasion.

  17. Police Department License to Cruise: Friday, September 26, 2014 • 3:00 PM : No traffic will be allowed to enter onto College Ave. • 3:30 PM: ALL vehicles parked on College Avenue (including show cars) will begin to be towed at owner's expense. • 3:45 PM: Volunteer vehicles, theme cars and food vendors enter.

  18. Police Department License to Cruise: Friday September 26, 2014 • 4:20 PM: Vendors must have vehicles off the avenue. • 4:30 PM: Show vehicles are allowed on College Ave. • 9:30 PM: License to Cruise officially ends. After the crowd disperses, ALL vehicles must be removed from those portions of College Ave. that are remaining closed for the evening. Any vehicles remaining in those areas will be towed at owners' expense. Vehicles in other areas of downtown must be legally parked.

  19. Police Department License to Cruise: Friday September 26, 2014 • Any show vehicle that leaves in a reckless manner (squealing tires, burn out, etc.) will have the plate number recorded and an officer will be assigned to follow up with the violation at a later date.

  20. Police Department • Octoberfest 2014 • The APD Command Post will be set up at College Avenue & Appleton Street (Chase Bank) • Command Post is not open to the public • Lost items will be brought to theCommand Post

  21. Police Department Octoberfest – All times are tentative • 5:30 AM: Vendors will be allowed onto College Avenue to start setting up their areas • 6:00 AM: Vendor vehicles may be parked to facilitate set up on College Avenue or cross streets. The 2 middle lanes must remain open to allow access and egress of the Avenue by all participants. Any vehicle that blocks or inhibits traffic on or off the Avenue is subject to tow by the police department at owner's expense.

  22. Police Department Octoberfest • 8:30 AM: Set up for the event MUST be complete. All vehicles must be legally parked OFF the Avenue. No vehicles will be allowed on the Avenue after this time. • Vehicles that remain are subject to tow. Event barricades shall not be moved without police/fire/ambulance permission. • Ordinance #16-5, states there is a fine accessed for unauthorized personnel moving a barricade. • If a vendor moves a barricade, that group may not be allowed to participatein next year’s event.

  23. Police Department • 9:00 AM: Octoberfest officially begins • Alcoholic beverages may be served in designated areas and consumed on College Avenue.

  24. Police Department • Beer will only be sold by the Octoberfest liquor license holder in special cups to persons checked for ID purposes and pay a fee/donation to Octoberfest. There will be ID check areas that will sell the bracelets to people. No beer will be sold to anyone without a wristband. Carry-ins are not allowed. People who purchase beer in a downtown bar must consume it there.

  25. Police Department Octoberfest • 5:00 PM: All ticket sales must be stopped. Ticket areas will be cleared. • 5:30 PM: All entertainment and beer sales end. • 6:00 PM: Octoberfest officially ends. Vendors may start to tear down their areas. No vehicles are allowed on the Avenue until the crowd is dispersed and APD authorizes entry.

  26. Police Department Octoberfest • 6:15 PM: OR when crowds are dispersed -- Vehicles will be allowed on the Avenue, again, leaving the two middle lanes open for vehicles to come and leave. APD will adjust the time accordingly. • 6:30 PM: OR when crowds are dispersed -- City Department of Public Works crews start clean up. • 9:00 PM: Avenue is cleaned, barricades removed, and turned back to the public.

  27. Police Department • If the previous procedures are followed, the event will start & finish on time with a minimum of inconvenience to everyone concerned. • Please note again • Your booth must be set up and your vehicle off the Avenue NO LATER THAN 8:30 AM. • You can start to dismantle your booth at 6:00 to 6:30 PM, but you cannot drive a vehicle on the Avenue until police personnel open up the barricades.

  28. Police Department • Your cooperation is essential in making this a successful event. • Individuals in violation of event rules, traffic laws, or ordinances will be dealt with accordingly and may not be allowed to participate in next year’s event.

  29. Questions for the Police Department?

  30. Fire Department • Fire Extinguisher • Min. Size 2A10BC • Min. Size 40BC or K Guard (Grease) • Properly Serviced (Tagged Within 1 Year) • New Good For First Year With Receipt

  31. Fire Department • Extension Cords • Properly Sized • Properly Protected

  32. Fire Department • Generators • Proper Separation from Tent • (Min. 20 feet) • Proper Isolation from Public • Proper Refueling (Not When Hot or in Operation) • Proper Storage of Extra Gasoline

  33. Fire Department • Tent Separation • Min. 20 feet separation from cooking appliances • Tent (Enclosed on 3 or more sides)

  34. Fire Department • Tent Separation • Canopy has 75% Open • Exceeding 200 sq. ft. needs permit

  35. Fire Department • Compressed Cylinders • Must be properly secured • Must be properly leak tested

  36. Fire Department • Fire Department Access • Maximum obstructions from curb is 12 feet

  37. Fire Department • Special Set-Ups • Set-Ups Not Within the Specific guidelines must be submitted to and approved by Fire Prevention prior to the event

  38. Fire Department • Deep Frying

  39. Questions for the Fire Department?

  40. Electrical: John Kafura • Power source is listed in your packet • From a pole – planter – traffic light

  41. Electrical • MANDATORY EXTENSION CORD REQUIREMENT • Extension cords to properly carry a 20-amp load must be 12-gauge 3-wire size not to exceed 25 feet or check with our electrician. YES NO

  42. Electrical • Electricians will come around and check your cords and if they are not correct you will be asked to either buy the right cords or get them somehow. Smaller cords will overheat and cause safety problems.

  43. Electrical • Booths not using the required 12 gauge cords will be subject to having their electrical power disconnected. • 20 amps will be adequate to operate one large usage appliance (roaster, coffee maker, skillet, toaster oven) and one small usage appliance (mixer, crock pot).

  44. Electrical • To determine the amount of power you will need, check the rating plates on appliances, and total their usage. • Should not exceed 20 amps or 2400 watts. • 1 amp=120 watts, etc. • Exceeding the 20-amp pole capacity will cause the fuse protecting the outlet to blow and you will be without power and unable to operate until the fuse can be changed.

  45. Electrical Do’s and Don’t’s for Safety • DO NOT use tape to hold cords onto poles. Use twine or rope to secure your cords if necessary. Tape leaves a sticky residue on the poles and becomes a dirt catcher. • Place cords around your booth in a manner they do not become a hazard to your workers or your customers. • Keep excess cord coiled or folded neatly so no one trips on it

  46. Electrical Do’s and Don’t’s for Safety • Do not place cords on the sidewalks. • In case of rain, unplug your cords from the outlets. Place cords up out of the gutter area and cover areas where the cords are plugged together. Plastic bags work well for this.

  47. Questions on Electrical

  48. Health Department: Permits • All vendors processing food need to have a permit • Two options: • Non-profit permit from the Appleton Health Department • Work with a vendor that already has a state license