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See How We Grow PowerPoint Presentation
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See How We Grow

See How We Grow

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See How We Grow

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  1. See How We Grow Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Word Work Phonics Practice High Frequency Words Additional Resources

  2. Question of the Day How do children change as they grow?

  3. Cause and Effect When we read a book, we can understand it better if we know what happens and why those things happen. Knowing what happens and why it happened is called cause and effect.

  4. Amazing Words

  5. i will be six in october.

  6. I will be six in October.

  7. Word Practice

  8. High Frequency Words see look

  9. D d

  10. Verbs That Add -s Verbs are action words. They tell about things we do. When we write or talk about things one person does, we add an -s. Listen carefully. The children stand. The child stands. They swim. She swims.

  11. Let’s Write Verbs That Add -s The babies drink. The baby _________. The babies stand. The baby _________. The babies walk. The baby _________.

  12. Five Little Piglets Five little piglets are in a mud pool. The first one said, "The mud pool is cool." The second one said, "The mud pool is deep." The third one said, "I want to sleep." The fourth one said, "I'll just put my toes in." The fifth one said, "Watch out! Fred's going to jump in!" Fred came running along the path. Five little piglets took a mud bath! Do You Hear Rhyming Words?

  13. Question of the Day What can a little newborn baby do?

  14. ron can see bob’s mop

  15. Ron can see Bob’s mop.

  16. Shared Reading Page 2–3 What are the babies' names? What is special about these two babies? Pages 4–5 What are the babies doing in this picture? What else do newborn babies do? Pages 6–7 What are the twins doing in this picture? How are they feeling?

  17. Shared Reading Pages 8–9 How is this baby moving? What else do babies learn to do as they grow stronger? Pages 10–11 What are the twins doing here? What is something you learned to do by yourself? Pages 12–13 What have they learned to do now? What are the babies getting ready to do?

  18. Shared Reading Pages 14–15 What is the baby doing in this picture? What can the baby do all on her own now? Pages 16–17 What are the twins doing in these pictures? What are they doing together? Pages 18–19 What have the twins learned to do now? How does their being able to talk make things easier for Mama?

  19. Shared Reading Pages 20–21 What are the twins doing? What do you think she is eating? Pages 22–23 What are the twins doing in this picture? What do you notice about the twins when they are dressed the same? Page 24 Are Serena and Samantha finished growing and changing?Are you finished growing and changing?

  20. Cause and Effect Show pages 6–7. The babies were crying. What did Dad do to stop the babies from crying? Show pages 8–9. The baby moved across the floor. How did she do that? Show pages 16–17. Serena is watering the plant. What will happen?

  21. K k

  22. Word Practice Dan did can ran at duck dish door doll

  23. Verbs That Add -s The baby ______. The babies ______. play The baby ________. plays talks The babies ______. crawl talk The baby ________. crawls

  24. Verbs That Add -s The baby ______. The babies ______. drink The baby ________. drinks The babies ______. eat smiles The baby ________. smile eats

  25. Let’s Write! Write sentences about how babies grow and change.

  26. Question of the Day What kinds of things can a toddler do?

  27. ron sits on top

  28. Ron sits on top.

  29. Cause and Effect Pages 8–9: Here we see that the baby can crawl. Why can the baby crawl now? Pages 14–15: "Now the twins are really on the move!" Why are they moving all around now? Pages 18–19: Now it is easier to figure out what is wrong when the twins cry. Why is it easier to know what's wrong now? Pages 20–21: Now the twins can chew and try new foods. Why can they chew food now?

  30. Word Practice dad Pam can Kim bat Tim and ran did

  31. little see look

  32. Rhyming Words What rhymes with: black mitten cat

  33. Rhyming Words Once there was a man, who drove a van. His van was black, and his name was Jack.

  34. Let’s Write Verbs The boys _______. The cats _______. The penguins _______. The dogs _______. Moms _______. The girls _______.

  35. Question of the Day How have you changed since you were a toddler?

  36. joe has a pin for you