my favorite things n.
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My Favorite Things(: PowerPoint Presentation
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My Favorite Things(:

My Favorite Things(:

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My Favorite Things(:

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  1. My Favorite Things(: • By: Alexus Da’Shae Brown

  2. Softball(: EAT. SLEEP. BREATHE. SOFTBALL . If winning isn’t everything, why do they take the score? Peace.Love.Softball

  3. Chris Brown (: Ohh Wow, ! We all know that the lord took his precious time with him(: I love all his music(: His voice is music too my ears. We talk every night on the phone, he sings me too sleep (: yesss LORD! Btw he won’t beat me , I’m too cute(: The Brown Family!

  4. Shoes(: 99 problems ,but my KICKS ain’t one! What would I do without my SHOES?! If the shoe fits, buy it in every color! Do what you do, but watch my shoes(:

  5. Texting(: I’ve literally sent 3320 text messages in 3 days. If I don’t have my cellular device in my right hand NO ONE will be happy. I really don’t know what I’d do without my phone. It’s my LIFE !

  6. Volleyball(: I started playing volleyball in 8th grade, I wasn’t that good. But when I got too Ozen many coaches worked with me because they seen my potential. Now I’m a fairly decent player. I don’t want to play volleyball in college, I just play on my free time. Outside HITTER! My favorite team is Penn States’ Volleyball team they are really good (:

  7. Twitter(: I’m on twitter 85% of my day. I love tweeting about anything that comes too my mind. I have about 7,000 tweets and 245 followers. I could use some more so… @BlowLexx_ Facebook<Twitter

  8. Money(: If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right! I LOVE money. Without money, how would I be able to get all the things I like. (: Money never gets old, and GREEN is my favorite color. So I’m getting PAPER ( Chris Brown voice ). If only I had a money tree.. I’d be rich than a snitch (: giggidyy giggidy! Make It Rain Then ! Money Makes The World Go ‘Round

  9. Thanks For Watching! loves Sincerely Mrs. Brown(: