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The Soda Hat Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The Soda Hat Project

The Soda Hat Project

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The Soda Hat Project

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  1. The Soda Hat Project By: Justin Howcroft

  2. How It Works • The small plastic tubes from the soda to your mouth will be positioned so that it will only come out if you suck on the tube. The large plastic tube will have pretzels in it so you can also eat out of it. There will be a hole in the tube near the mouth so you can just reach your tongue out and get a pretzel.

  3. The Goal • My goal that I made for myself midway through the project is a gaming, eating, and drinking hat. The gaming part will be an • xbox 360 Headset that fits under the hat. It Will be very simple because of how small they are. Imagine the headset is a bunched up hairband with a ball at the end of it. It would easily fit.

  4. What I can learn about myself • I Have already learned that I can be a perfectionist with certain projects. For example: I had a design where I used string for the cozy support. But it sagged the tiniest bit and I fixed it to have cardboard supports. I think that I will also learn that I could invent some great things. I think this because I can see a problem and come up with a solution.

  5. The Results • With the first test, I saw that the soda in the hat flowed well but was never able to control stoping the soda flow well. I don’t think I do that very well. The pretzel extension works great except wenever I put it on it falls off. I could superglue it and it would work but it would break my hat

  6. The Hat • Here is the first test (Didn’t Work Well) • Here is the second design