welcome to seminar 1 n.
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Welcome to Seminar 1! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Seminar 1!

Welcome to Seminar 1!

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Welcome to Seminar 1!

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  1. Welcome to Seminar 1! You are in the right spot for your Human Services Program and Profession seminar. We will begin our discussion in a few minutes. Professor Julianne Manock

  2. Tech Support • Contact if you are having technical problems during seminar or during the term • 1-866-522-7747- Tech Support • They are great to work with and can talk you through many technical questions

  3. Relax, learn and enjoy • No doubt you have spent a great deal of your time these last few days/hours trying to learn how to use our platform here at Kaplan. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I assure you, that will pass! • You will soon love taking online classes and it will all become second nature to you!

  4. Welcome! • Before I go over what is expected and a few policies tonight…Let’s start with a brief (city, state) introduction telling where you are from. Where are you from?

  5. Welcome • Incredible, isn’t it, to see all the places we’re representing here in this one small group, technology never ceases to amaze me • Now that we’re feeling a little more comfortable with each other, let me introduce myself. My name is Julianne Manock and I’ll be your instructor and facilitator for the next several weeks. You may call me Prof, Professor, Julianne or Mrs. Manock whichever you prefer. • Prof is sometimes easier to type and to remember, especially in seminar 

  6. Human Services Program and Profession • Let me formally welcome you to class and our first seminar. • We will cover several topics this term • Unit 1: Introduction to HN 115 • Unit 2: Professional Roles, with Populations and Needs Served in the Field of Human Services • Unit 3: Program, Courses, and Professional Goals in the Field of Human Services: Your Degree Plan • Unit 4: Your Customized Degree Plan • Unit 5: Basic Concepts, Skills, and Issues in the Field of Human Services • Unit 6: Children, Adolescents, and Families • Unit 7: The Elderly, Healthcare, and Hospice • Unit 8: Mental Health and Illness • Unit 9: Helping the Homeless • Unit 10: Focus on Career Professionals in the Field of Human Services

  7. If you read the syllabus you are aware that KU has implemented a new policy: • All Kaplan University undergraduate students will be considered conditionally admitted to the University and will not receive financial aid while in this status. • All University policies nevertheless apply to such students, and they enjoy all the rights and resources of a fully instated student during the period of conditional admittance. • At the end of the fifth week of classes, the University will review the academic performance of conditionally admitted students. • Students who have earned a grade up to that point of 65 percent or higher for all coursework will be allowed to continue in their program and will only then be eligible for disbursement of any financial aid and to receive credit for the course. • The University will reverse the enrollment of any student not meeting these criteria, and such a student will not owe any financial obligation to the University except for the application fee, which is non-refundable. • Students whose enrollments are reversed in this manner may not reapply for admission for one year unless they qualify for a waiver as applied by the dean of their respective school. • If you have any questions, please contact your Academic Advisor.

  8. Seminar • My typing shows up in blue; everyone else in black • You can always go and see the archives from each seminar • Enter seminar like you did today and choose the date you want to review • I will try to run seminar using a format of discussion up front with time for questions at the end of the session. We will chat for the first 50 minutes and save the last 10 minutes for questions

  9. Tonight’s Seminar • In general, seminars will discuss information from the lesson, but this week we will be following a different format. • During this week's seminar we will be discussing the Course Syllabus and Policies and then get into material from the Unit. • I appreciate your patience as I go over required information for the course.

  10. Contact Information • As I mentioned above; At any time during the term, if you experience any technical problems, contact Technical Support • For all other course-related problems or concerns, you may always email me through Kaplan mail at • When emailing me please include in the subject line the course name and your name • You can also contact me on AIM. My AIM name is manockj. • You can also post questions to the course questions section on the course homepage. • Everyone can read and respond to these questions so if it is a personal question you may want to e-mail me. • You can also always contact your advisors.

  11. Syllabus • The syllabus covers Kaplan’s and my course policies, grading and expectations. • Be sure to read it thoroughly. • The syllabus is your guide to the class.

  12. AIM • My AIM name is manockj • We can make arrangements to set up an appointment on AIM- instant messaging if needed • You can set up a free AIM account • Use the link on my syllabus

  13. What if I don’t have my book yet? No worries! This class has an E-book and the chapters are posted in the Doc Sharing tab in our classroom. Microsoft Word is a Kaplan requirement All assignments and projects must be submitted using Word

  14. Announcements • I post weekly announcements throughout the term on the course homepage. • Please make sure to read all of them as important information for the term will be posted under these announcements. • They will also tell you what is due each week.

  15. Weekly Schedule • Our weeks run from Wednesday-Tuesday. • All work is due by Tuesday night at 11:59 PM EST • All deadlines are in EST. Please adjust your schedule so that you turn in work at the appropriate times. • Those of you on Pacific Time will have work due at 9 PM! Be careful of this. • Please give me a week to grade and post your projects. I try to get everything back to you as quickly as I can.

  16. Grading • You will be graded on the following: • Seminar- weekly • Attend a flex seminar or complete option 2 • Discussion Boards- weekly • Answer the discussion questions • Respond to other students • Quizzes- various units • Several units will have a quiz to review the information • Projects- various units • Several units will have a project due at the end of the unit

  17. Grading

  18. Seminar • You have one of two options: • Option 1. Attend seminar like you are now and participate in the discussion. • Respond with quality answers to the questions asked in seminar • Provide professional and respectful comments to other classmates • Keep in mind this is a classroom; not a online chat room setting, thanks  • You have several options for attending flex seminars during the week; choose which time works best for you.

  19. Seminar • Option 2. If you cannot attend seminar- you can answer the seminar discussion questions in the Unit under the seminar heading, type your answers in Word and submit your assignment in the dropbox in place of attending seminar. • Answer questions in a professional manner • Address each part of the question • Meet word requirements and double check your spelling and grammar

  20. Discussion Board • You are to post a response to every part of the discussion questions. • You also need to respond to at least two other students for the discussion question in the unit – this is the minimum. • Posting more will earn a higher grade • Not just “I agree”– tell why you agree • Your discussion board grade will be based on your quality responses to the questions for that lesson and your responses to other student’s posts as well as spelling and grammar. • Please post early to further and enhance the discussion each week

  21. Quizzes • You will have quizzes to take in several units. • The quizzes will consist of true/false and multiple choice questions. • They will review information from the unit readings and activities. • Please follow the directions for submitting your quiz in the units.

  22. Assignments and Projects • You have an assignment due in Unit 1 • You will have projects due in units 2 and 4. • The directions are listed in the course within the units. • I will also go over the directions in seminar. • The grading rubrics for each are on my syllabus and the directions are in the units in which they are due. • Use the templates given for the projects in the unit.

  23. Syllabus • Please make sure to read over the syllabus. • It has all of my grading and policies listed. • Late policies are also listed • No late work is accepted for unit 5 • In other some late work may be accepted • Some points are much better than no points.

  24. Because of the new conditional admittance policy– LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED DURING UNIT 5 NO EXCEPTIONS!

  25. All other units: A late submission deduction of 5 percentage points each week up to a maximum of 20 points will be applied to late assignments and projects. Quizzes cannot be made up ***Prior notification does not automatically result in a waiver of the late penalties. ****

  26. UNITS 1-4, 6-10 (Discussion): All posts are due by Tuesday night at 11:59 PM EST. If posting late: Only answers to the original Discussion Board questions will be considered; participation credit will not be given for replies to classmates' postings. This does not further the discussion. All late Discussion Board work should be posted to the appropriate unit on the Discussion Board.  Late posts will be accepted through the end of Unit 9. Please remember to email me at when late discussion work is posted so that I may review this previous unit.

  27. Thank you! • Thank you so much for your patience tonight as I went over several things that will hopefully help you. • Please know you can always e-mail me any questions, post them under general questions or ask them at the end of seminar.

  28. What are your personal reasons for pursuing your education?

  29. What is netiquette? Why is it important to learn the rules? 

  30. What are some examples of "poor netiquette”?

  31. How does your communication style impact the way you communicate?

  32. Is there a difference in how you communicate online vs. in person? • If so, how? If not, what is the same?

  33. Just so you know...we talked about netiquette tonight. I do not mind if you put a smile : ) or lol (laugh out loud) in your posts. • Especially in seminar, we are typing quickly and these can help others understand your meaning or intent or that you thought they were funny : ) • Other things besides that become hard for some people to understand and you spend just as much time explaining it than if you would have just typed it out.

  34. Why is your attitude so important to your success?

  35. 24 Hour Challenge • We discussed how communication is very important in all aspects of life. Being positive is also very important… I have all of my classes try this…I have a challenge for you…

  36. 24 Hour Challenge • For the next 24 hours you can be nothing but positive to everyone. Your family (kids and significant others), friends, strangers, co-workers, even fellow drivers on the road : ) Only positive thoughts and comments, even to yourself! • Please try this and see how well you do, sometimes it is not as easy as it seems. See if it affects you or others around you. I will ask you how it went at our next seminar.

  37. Remember that communication is vital in all aspects of life and you need to be aware of who your audience is when communicating to be effective and come across in a positive manner.

  38. Unit 1 Assignment - Questionnaire • For this assignment, you will complete a questionnaire about your experience and plans for the future. This questionnaire does not have right or wrong answers, so no pressure! What is important is that you answer all of the questions honestly and completely. To complete this assignment, please do the following: • Open the questionnaire by clicking the Web Resources icon on the directions page in Unit 1 for the assignment. The questionnaire will open in another window, where you will be able to type your answers to the questions directly into the questionnaire form. Note: Before you move on to the next step, double check that you have entered your email address correctly. You may use the email address of your choice, but it must be accurate or you will not receive the system email that is required to complete your assignment. • When you have completed all of the questions, click Submit at the bottom of the form. After you have submitted your questionnaire, you will receive an email with all of the questions and your answers.

  39. Unit 1 Assignment - Questionnaire • Open the email and copy all of the questions and answers. • Open the assignment template available by clicking the Template icon on the directions page in Unit 1 for the assignment. • Paste the questions and answers that you just copied from your email into the assignment template. • Save your assignment and submit in the dropbox – Unit 1 Assignment

  40. Unit 1 Quiz Please follow the directions in the unit to answer the questions over information about the class and unit 1. Questions will be true/false or multiple choice. You may use all notes that you have to complete the quiz. You will do great!

  41. Unit 1 work due Tuesday • Seminar • Attend flex seminar or complete option 2 • Discussion • Answer to the discussion questions in the unit and respond to at least 2 other classmates with substantial posts • Complete Questionnaire assignment • Complete Unit 1 quiz

  42. Have a great week! • I will end our discussion here. I will stay on for another 10 minutes if you have additional questions. • Remember to post to the discussion questions. • Have a great week and please let me know if I can help you in any way. • Thanks for a great first seminar!