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Colonial Women Clothing PowerPoint Presentation
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Colonial Women Clothing

Colonial Women Clothing

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Colonial Women Clothing

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  1. Colonial Women Clothing By: Makayla Graham 7A3-ID3

  2. The Cap and Cloak The Cap was worn by women and girls. It was suppose to dress their heads, so that they do not have the need to do their hair. The cap also kept hair from dust and dirt. This prevented their hair from being washed as often. The cap was made of linen,cotton, and sometimes all lace. You could even add ruffles, the style was changed often. The cloak was an outer garment, that covered the neck and shoulders. Some our hooded and made of a thick woolen fabric.

  3. The Gown • A womens dress was basically a petticoat and a skirt joined together. The skirt opens up in the front to reveal the petticoat on the inside. Women used a triangular like thing called a stomacher to hold the dress together.

  4. Mittens • When women wore mittens, they were about up to the length of the elbow and had no fingers. They usually had floral patterns. In the winter, the mittens were thick to keep their hands warm. In the summer the mittens were very light to protect their hands from the sun.

  5. The Petticoat • The petticoat was worn with a womensgown or jacket. The petticoat was used to fill in the empty spaces, where there was an opening. Quilted petticoats could be used for both style and warmth.

  6. The Shift and Shoes • The shift was the piece of clothing worn underneath everything. It was made of linen and had either a drawstring or plain neck. • Shoes were made of silk, worsteds, and even leathers. Depending on the fashion, some shoes had high heels. To close some had buckles, clasps, or ties.

  7. Sleeve Ruffles Ruffles were attached to the edges of the gown to cover the elbows. They were plain or had lace, and had numerous designs.

  8. Stays • Stays were used when women wanted curved bodies. The stays improved the looks of their bodies. It reminded the women of good posture. Children of high classes wore stays as well, to learn proper posture.

  9. Muffs • Muffs were accessories used to keep the hands warm. They came in various sizes and could be covered with fur, cloth, or feathers. They were occasionally padded.

  10. Sources • Photos • • Information • • Clothes in Colonial America by: Mark Thomas