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Role of Women in Mesopotamia PowerPoint Presentation
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Role of Women in Mesopotamia

Role of Women in Mesopotamia

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Role of Women in Mesopotamia

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  2. Role of Women in Mesopotamia • Considered to be the “property” of either their father or husband. • If a woman had neither, another male relative would own her. • Usually banned from positions of power and influence. • They could go to the Marketplace, own property, and start their own businesses.

  3. Innana (seated) drinks with Enki (far left) and Nanna-Sin (centre)

  4. Queen Shub-Ad (Puabi) of Ur

  5. "Gracious Ishtar, who rules over the universe,Heroic Ishtar, who creates humankind,who walks before the cattle, who loves the shepherd...Without you the river will not openthe river which brings us life will not be closed,without you the canal will not open,the canal from which the scattered drinkwill not be closed...Where you cast your glance, the dead awaken, the sick arise;The bewildered, beholding your face, find the right way..."