five steps to make any origami owl l iving lockets n.
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Five Steps to Make Any Origami Owl Living Lockets PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Steps to Make Any Origami Owl Living Lockets

Five Steps to Make Any Origami Owl Living Lockets

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Five Steps to Make Any Origami Owl Living Lockets

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  1. Five Steps to Make Any Origami Owl Living Lockets

  2. Many people use their words to express their life stories. You can explain your hobbies, occupation, sports that you enjoy or any life event recently occurred. Using Origami, you go further one step and use lockets and jewelries to tell your story.

  3. Origami Owl was founded in 2011 by a 15-year-old young girl named Bella. She had the dream to buy a car on her 16th birthday and was searching for some way to earn money enough to purchase the car.

  4. Along with her family's support, she has introduced Origami Owl. Within two years her jewelry business blow down to a direct marketing jewelry company including thousands of designers. It inspired every woman to pursue their dreams.

  5. Are you interested in building your Origami Locket? Then here are some simple steps to creating own life locket.

  6. Charms The first thing to start with is charms; you browse through their large collections of charm and choose the one that will describe you as well as your journey. If you love traveling, then choose an airplane charm or suitcase charm.

  7. Or if you want to be a teacher then you can choose apple charm or book charm. Or if you become a mother recently, you must choose baby carriage charm and the fabulous Mom charms.

  8. You can find many varieties of charm out here which may certainly be made for you. Once you are decided with your charm, then it's time to choose the locket.

  9. Lockets Origami is offering three sizes lockets; mini, medium and large size. Each locket can able to fit many numbers of charms because of their sizes.

  10. A mini locket can hold 1 to 2 charms, medium size locket holds 3 to 5 charms approximately, and large lockets can hold mostly 5 to 9 charms.

  11. It depends on the number of charms you choose in the first step; it will impact on the size of a locket you need. Different color lockets are there to choose from like gold, silver, rose gold and black.

  12. Chains The next step is deciding the type of chain on which your locket will sit right. There are many varieties of chain lengthwise and choose the one from the smallest size 16" to longest 32".

  13. One of the popular chains of Origami Owl is ‘Over the Heart' that can hold maximum two lockets, it looks beautiful.

  14. Plates When you decided the locket and chain you want, choose the plate for giving a depth to the story.

  15. Three different sizes are available in plates also offering silver, rose gold and gold.

  16. These plates come with pre-stamped words that serve reminder of your dreams, family and beliefs.

  17. Dangles Now finally it is the time to add dazzling dangle or tag to that creation. Various options are there in choosing dangles;

  18. a colorful stone to express your piece or go for their pewter tags empowered with words such as Love, Beautiful or Hate written on them.

  19. Choose any types of Origami Owl jewelry check the online store and select your favorite one. Now shop with your better confidence. I have a lot of experience with BuildYourLocket shop. Best of luck. Thank You For Your Time