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The meaning behind funeral flowers

When a family member dies, then sending the flowers is a way of expressing the empathy to remaining family. Before, flowers where being used to anoint the dead and they adorn a casket and burial site.

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The meaning behind funeral flowers

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  1. The meaning behind funeral flowers

  2. The flowers are also used in comforting the people who are grieving and it serves as the remainder of the spirit of the life. Sending of the flowers is the best way that you can show that you are mourning with the family that was left. Flowers that you decide to send, they help in celebrating the life, to offer comfort and to lift the spirit of the relatives of the person who died.

  3. You should keep in mind that funeral flowers Pittsburgh should reflect the relationship you have with the family of the person who died or the dead one. You will be sending different types of flowers, depending if the person who died was your lover, a family member, a friend or a colleague.

  4. Lilies The lilies are known to be an important part of the funeral and this is because there is the meaning found behind such aromatic blossom.

  5. They are meant to show that a soul of the person, who died, had returned to the innocence state. Christians consider this flower as the symbol of virginity and purity. The tomb of the Virgin Mary is believed that it had been covered in such flower.

  6. Peace Lily Plant The flower is the same as the lily and it is meant to symbolize the rebirth and innocence of the person who died from this world to enter into a new physical world. When you send this flower to the deceased family, you are aware that it can last for some time.

  7. Roses As lilies, the roses are common and they can easily fit as a funeral flower and every colour has its own meaning. The white roses are meant to show innocence, purity and spirituality.

  8. At a funeral, the red rose is meant to show grief and love. Yellow roses can be given by friends in a symbol of a close bond you share. The dark pink rose which is also rare is meant to show thankfulness towards the deceased person. The roses may be mixed with different followers to use on the wreath, standing spray and casket spray.

  9. Orchids Regardless of the colour given, orchids always have a universal meaning which says I will love you always. Contrary to giving arrangement of orchid, then you can send an orchid plant.

  10. Chrysanthemums Different people give a different meaning to this flower. In Europe and America, it may show the honour and sympathy.

  11. Its colour is playing important meaning also since the red means love and white means innocence. In Asia, the flower is a symbol of rebirth and it is likely to be given at the baby shower and not at the funeral

  12. Carnation Carnation is a common flower to be put in the standing sprays and wreaths. Like with other flowers, each one has its own meaning. Red is to show affection while white shows innocence.

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