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  1. 趣味英语题

  2. 下面是一道经典英语填空题,注意每个空格均为一个单词。下面是一道经典英语填空题,注意每个空格均为一个单词。 _____________is greater than God. _____________is more evil(邪恶的) than the Devil(恶魔). The poor have_______________. The rich need________________. If you eat___________________, you will die. nothing

  3. Choose the nicknames of the following cities ( ) 1.London A.the city of music ( ) 2.Washington B.the city of beer ( ) 3.Oxford C.the city of water ( ) 4.Venice D.the city of universities ( ) 5.Munich(慕尼黑) E.the city of snow ( ) 6.Vienna F.the city of fog F E D C B A

  4. Riddle I have cities, but there are not any houses in them. I have forests, but not any trees in them. I have rivers, but there is not any water in them. Who am I ?_______________ map

  5. What room has no walls, no doors, no windows and no one to live in? mushroom 2. Where does afternoon always come before morning? In the dictionary

  6. 3. What has two legs but can not walk? compass 4. What kind of dog can not bite? hotdog

  7. If you are facing east and take ten steps forward, then right and take three steps backward, then turn round and take five steps forward,and then turn left, and take two steps forward, which direction are you facing? west

  8. There are three men on a train. Mr A speaks Chinese and English. Mr B speaks English and French. Mr C can only talk with Mr A. what language does Mr C speak? chinese

  9. What’s the Chinese meaning for “six of one and half a dozen of the other? • A、六分之一 B.人云亦云 • C.半斤八两 D.见一面分一半 C

  10. 2. We don’t want it. It’s a “white elephant”. What is it? A、一件无用而累赘的东西 B、一头白象 C、白给的东西 D、白色陷阱 A

  11. 3. What’s too much for two but just right for one? A.Time B.Secret C.Friend D.A room B

  12. 4. What’s the Chinese for “talk big”? A、吹牛 B、说谎话 C、很大 D、骂人 A

  13. 5. I know from A to Z. A、从A到Z B、从头到尾 C、字母表 D、距离很远 B

  14. 6. What’s that? That’s a lily I like it very much. A. A girl’s name B.Flower C.Picture D.Cup B

  15. A candle burns out in sixty minutes, how many minutes will it take five candles burning together? A.300 minutes B.200 minutes C.100 minutes D.60 minutes D

  16. When is your uncle’s sister is not your aunt? When she is your mother

  17. Can you show that eight 8 is added together add up to 1000? 888+88+8+8+8 Who can stop a car with one hand only? Police

  18. A police officer had a brother, but the brother had no brother. How could that be? The police office was a lady How can you make a rope shorter without cutting or winding it? Take a longer rope and compare with it

  19. Why do giraffes have long necks? Because their heads are far from their bodies. Why does a cat look first to one side and then to the other side when it enters a room? Because it can’t see both sides at once.

  20. Mr Brown has five sons. They are Ted, Tom, Bob, Jack and John. John has no elder brother and he was four years old when his first younger brother was born. Tom is very lucky. The number of his elder brothers is the same as his younger brothers. Jack will be 21 next year, and he is five years older than Bob. Bob is two years younger than Tom. Ted has no younger brother. There is 12 years between him and John. How old are Mr Brown’s sons? 20 24 John _________ Jack ___________ Tom __________ Bob ____________ Ted ____________ 17 15 12

  21. 将;会 机器人 每件事物 纸 我自己 面试;面谈 较少的 声音 公司 树木 使人不愉快的 科学家 建筑物 早已;已经 工厂 太空 简单的 这样的 飞行 到处 人类 月亮 巨大的 外形;形状 落下 蛇 可能的 单独地 电的 像是;似乎 宠物 不可能的 家务 或许;大概 播放 争论 能;能够 错误的 可以;应该 穿衣 票 使惊奇 哪个 也 除。。。之外 甚至 失败 归还

  22. 足球 到…为止 适合;适应 包括;包含 推 派遣 他们自己 自由 浴室 卧室 厨房 着陆 当…时候 经历 想象 奇怪的 跟随 令人惊异的 攀登 跳跃 呼喊 任何地方 发生 事故 飞机 现代的 杀死 谋杀 明亮的 操场 铃 关闭 寂静 意思 地球 英雄

  23. 一、选择题 1.His parents want him____at home every night. A.stay B.stays stay D.staying 2.You should give him a ticket_____the concert. B.with C.of D.about 3.Everyone else in my class_____Mr Green,our PE teacher now. B.likes C.liked D.liking 4.We should_____each other. A.learning B.learn from learn from D.learning from 5.My clothes_____out of style. B.are C.was 6.I want to buy a new computer, but I don’t have_______. A.some money B.a money C.enough money enough

  24. 7. I think there will be______building in the future. A.few B.less C.more D.much 8. Will there be more trees in 100 years?-----_______________. A.Yes, it will B.Yes,there will C.No,it won’t D.No,there will 9. Alexis will live not far away from school. She______use subway to go to her class. A.aren’t B. shan’t C.won’t D.don’t 10. They will_____rockets to the moon and Mars. A.sent B.put C.take 11. Will the kids study at home on computers?------______________. A.Yes,they’ll B.No,they shan’t C.No,they will D.Yes,they will 12. She______the train to school last month. A.will take B.takes C.take D.took

  25. 13.I would like to call him______to invite him to my birthday party. B.on C.up D.down 14.He often argued_______his brother when they were young. A.with C.about D.on 15.Let’s enter the singing competition.------Good idea. It sounds_______. A.boring B.terrible C.disappointing D.interesting 16.Why are you____your DVD so loud? It’s very late now.----Oh, I am sorry. A.singing B.dancing C.playing D.talking 17.They don’t like him. He often argues_____others. A.on B.from C.with 18.Could you give me_____advice?-----Sure. A.some B.any C.many D.a lot 19.My friend is angry with me. What should I_____to him? A.say B.speak C.argue

  26. 20.______carefully he writes in his notebook! A.What B.What a C.How D.How a 21.When will the plane______?---I think it will leave in an hour. A.take away B.take over C.take down D.take off 22.Did you notice him come in?-----No, I _______a football game. B.watched watching D.was watching 23.I tried my best to _____bed in the morning. I stayed up last night. A.go to B.get on C.get out of D.get up 24.The students had great fun________on the playground. A.playing B.plays C.were playing D.played 25.Mr Black arrived in Beijing _______the morning of September 27th. B.on D.from

  27. 26.Next time you see Jeff, he______sixteen years old. A.will be C.was D.will 27.Alice went to look after her grandma in the hospital_____. A.before three days B.two days ago C.ago two days two days 28.In ten years, Jahnson____an astronaut. B.will be C.was D.will 29.How many people____there in China fifty years ago? A.will B.were C.are D.will be 30.There is_____meat but____cakes on the plate, please have one. A.a little;a few B.a few;a little C.few;little D.little;a few 31.I think that China will win the World Cup one day.----I____. The Chinese team is becoming stronger and stronger. A.agree B.disagree C.don’t agree D.think

  28. 32.The students were having fun______at that time yesterday. A.sing B.singing sing D.sang 33.September11,2001 has meaning________most Americans. 34.There are many people over there. What’s_________? A.taking place B.happening C.take place D.happen 35.Mom asked me_______too late. A.didn’t sleep B.doesn’t sleep not sleep D.not to sleep 36.________the night of October1, the square was beautiful. A.On B.In C.At D.To

  29. 37.He was shopping when______alien came into the shop. A.a C.these D./ 38.When Mom opened the door, John______TV. watching D.was watching 39.When will he finish writing the book?----I’m not sure, but he_____it last night. A.write B.wrote writing D.was writing 40.The Greens are rich now. Last Sunday they_______a nice car. B.have C.borrowed D.bought 41.______he_____his homework when you visited him last night? A.Is;doing B.Was;doing C.Does;do D.Did;do 42.You’re wearing too much clothes,why not______some? A.put on B.take C.wear D.take off

  30. 43.Most young people find_____exciting to watch a football match. B.this C.that D. one 44.It’s a serious problem. We can’t decide ________Mr Harris comes back. A.while C.until 45.People everywhere celebrate the New Year. ________is time to say goodbye to the past and to think about new beginnings. A. That B.It C.This D.Such 46.I don’t want to have a fight ______with cousin. A.with B.for D.about 47.I tried the sweater, but it didn’t ________ me. A.match B.get D.keep 48.When the football fans saw Beckham, they got________excited______they cried out.;that B.such;that C.very;that D.too;to

  31. 二、单词填空

  32. Relax have event mean in win turn into murder terrorist 1.Liu Xiang_______the gold medal at the 2004Olympics. 2.This was one of the most important___________ in modern history. 3.Some people may not remember who_______ him, but they remember what they were doing then. 4.The old man looked at me _________silence. 5.The World Trade Center in New York was destroyed by________. 6.The date has_________ to most Japanese. 7.Yang Liwei went_______space on October 15 th,2003. 8.When they heard the news, they______fun in the playground. 9.Please remember ________ off the lights when you leave the room. 10.You are too tired. Please stop____________yourself.

  33. 11.Don’t make any noise. Grandma ____________________(sleep) 12.It_____(take)you half an hour to finish your homework last night. 13.________it_______(rain) tomorrow? 14.What_______you_______(do) tomorrow?----We______(play) basketball. 15.The students will go to the Summer Palace if it_________(not rain) tomorrow. 16.There_________(be) an English film next Sunday. 17.Jim has______(few) friends than his twin brother Jack. 18.It’s a fine day today. What about_______(play) football?

  34. 19.Would you like_________(have) a glass of milk? 20.There are more_________(build) in the town now. 21.Last term I_______(be) in Grade1. Now I______(be) in Grade 2. Next year I_______(be) in Grade 3. 22.What______you_____(do) yesterday? I_____(go) to school playground and_____(play) football. 23.What’s the m_______ of his long sentence? I don’t understand. 24.The boys were playing soccer happily on the p__________. 25.When he returned, he b_________a national hero in China.

  35. Dear Baobao, I need your_______(帮助). My _______(堂弟) is the same________(年龄) as me. He is really handsome,and we get on________(好). But something unhappy happened. It was my birthday. Everyone else in our family________(买) gifts for me________(除) him. I was very angry. I plan to have an________(吵架) with him. But he is my best friend. I can’t think what I did_________(错误). I am very_________(沮丧的) and don’t know what to do. Could you please give me some___________(建议)? write to me soon. Beibei

  36. 26.The famous national hero was m________ one day. That made people very sad. 27.After they heard the bad news, they all sat there in s_________. 28.He was ill, so he went to the d_______ room. 29.Did you have an unusual e__________ during your holiday? 30.Don’t f_________ me. Please do what you like to do. 31.I met my friend o________ the train station. 32.You can’t i___________ how scared I was at that time when I saw the alien.

  37. 33.My flight to London t__________ off from Beijing International Airport. 34.I was too s_________ to say a word when I saw a thief coming into my home. 35.Please don’t s________ at him. He is just a little boy. 36.The soliders _____________(登陆) the island and began the attack. 37.The thief stole a bag and ___________(逃跑) quickly. 38.When you began the work, you must___________(考虑) the matter. 39.When I came in, he was ___________(制造) a milk shake. 40.We can’t discuss the problem ____________(在电话里).

  38. 41.The Greens will __________(飞往) London. 42.He _________(碰到) his teacher in the street yesterday. 43.Boys like to ___________(骑车) bikes to school. 44. “Don’t _________(叫喊). The baby is sleeping now,” she said. 45.Look! A little dog is ___________(爬) a tree. Land crowd find happen take call 46.I think my dog_______ your dog in the street. 47.Please talk about what______at this time yesterday. 48.Who_____the police just now? 49.When will the plane_____at the airport? 50.The station is too_____before Spring Festival. 51.My father enjoys_______photos.