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Movie Poster (re)Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Movie Poster (re)Design

Movie Poster (re)Design

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Movie Poster (re)Design

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  1. Movie Poster (re)Design Using adobe indesign, Recreate a movie poster from an existing movie you have seen or a made up movie. You may also create a movie poster based on a book you have read.

  2. Movie Poster (re)Design Australia-based graphic designer peter majarich challenged himself to create a movie poster every day for a year, and they’re pretty amazing. Check them out by copy/pasting the link below into your browser.

  3. Movie Poster (re)Design For this project you will recreate a movie poster from an existing movie you have seen, a made-up movie, or a movie poster based on a book you have read.

  4. 5 things that make an effective poster: 1. Attention Capture the viewer’s attention. It is important for you to create a focal point/main element in your poster, to grab the attention of passers-by and encourage them to look at the poster. In this “Get Out” poster, our attention is grabbed by the fear in the actor’s eyes, how tightly the photo is cropped, and an abundance of white space drawing our attention to the eyes.

  5. 5 things that make an effective poster: 2. Iconography (graphic, art, image) You want to tell a visual story without words, so creating an icon based image gives meaning to the poster. In this poster for “The Birds” the iconography of a woman dressed to the nines on a boat pier with a caged bird tells a story. It grabs your attention because the elements of the image do not seem to go together, and it makes you wonder what the story is all about. “The Birds” is a masterpiece of a film by the great director, Alfred Hitchcock - check it out sometime!

  6. 5 things that make an effective poster: 3. style The poster needs to have a stylistic look and feeling. This style or look should be consistent with the theme of the film. This action thriller movie takes place in NYC and involves a man meeting a mysterious woman on the NYC subway. The letters of the films title imitate the style of the NYC subway system maps and trains which each have an initial; for example the “C” train, the “E” train. The stark black and white image of the actor gives you a feeling that something dark is coming.

  7. 5 things that make an effective poster: 4. interest Creating interest keeps the viewer looking for longer than just a glance. You have captured their attention and provided a story, now you want to make sure there is an interest in the information on the poster. You want to create a sense of intrigue and curiosity from the viewer. The image itself creates interest because the actor is obviously holding someone or something but it has been intentionally removed from the photo. The name of the film also creates interest because it makes you wonder what a lobster has to do with the image.

  8. 5 things that make an effective poster: 5. action All posters have a purpose - to promote an event, idea, or product. But the main purpose is to get the viewer/audience to take action. For a movie poster, you want them to go see the movie. Getting people to take action is not telling them what to do, but rather creating an interest and then giving them information to follow through on that action. This poster makes you want to go see the film out of curiosity created by the tagline (“One way in. No way out.”) The viewer is also curious because the iconography is an image of a woman with parts of her face collaged with elements of nature as if something is happening to her physically. The title “Annihilation” also piques your curiosity.

  9. Project Specs: Software:assemble poster using adobe inDesign (using art imported from photoshop and/or illustrator) Size:8” wide x 10” high Iconography (Art): must be original, not copy/pasted from internet Text: refer to template at right for information that must be on your poster besides your graphic(s). Text does not have to be in the same order on your art. Also you do not need to use as many critiques as they have on the example. Remember: use design principles and elements in your poster. All of the examples here use them and that is why they are successful.

  10. Examples: The iconography of this Oscar nominated film uses the triangle which represents a strong foundation, stability, and a solid base. the family in this movie is struggling with emotional issues, but staying strong together as a family.

  11. Examples: The black panther iconography in this poster shows use of the design principals of scale and contrast. The character of the black panther is small in scale compared to the great cat he is standing on, and the contrast with scale of the city below him represents one person faced with saving an entire nation of people.

  12. Examples: This poster is an example of “minimalist” design, where the iconography tells most of the story of the film about a famous boxer with a lot of rage. With minimal text used in the design, The iconography of the boxing glove put together with the horns represents a bull. “Raging bull: my story” was the title of a memoir written by the boxer in this story, Jake La motta.

  13. Examples: This poster was done for a film about a young woman’s Coming of age story set in 2002 in California. The film’s main character attends a religious high school, so the designer chose a font for the title that felt somewhat biblical. The border surrounding the poster resembles stained glass, like the beautiful work you see in many churches.

  14. Examples: The iconography on this poster is very strong and compelling. the blades attached to the actors hands capture your attention, as does the contrast of the strong but aged adult hand with the child’s hand. The child appears to be helping the adult and the stronger of the two. The typography is simple and minimal, as the imagery tells the story without words.

  15. Examples: The iconography here tells the story without needing words. The image is a composite of four elements of the story; the super pig, the young girl who owns it, and the big city where the pig is being taken to after having been sold by her grandfather. The images have been put together using high contrast and silhouette, much more effective than a realistic image about a mythical creature.

  16. Examples: This poster was created for a psychological horror film based on a serial killer. The photography and special effects use high contrast lighting and photoshop retouching to the characters eye, which draws your attention to the fact that he is a crazy monster of a human being. The use of red in the film’s name Hannibal represents the blood of his victims, as well as the red in his eyes.

  17. Examples: This poster uses the motif of the joker playing card to make up the image of the dark knight. It has a broken, choppy effect in the way the elements were composed. There is also a knife blade and suggestions of dripping blood as well as batman’s arch enemy the joker’s red smile superimposed over batman’s mouth. All of these elements and how they were put together give you a disconcerting feeling.