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Ride Along Guidelines

Senior Explorer Advisor Sergeant Trey Ball. Ride Along Guidelines. PURPOSE STATEMENT. To provide Explorers with the unique opportunity to observe and gain practical experience with regard to the methods and techniques used in patrol operations and police services.

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Ride Along Guidelines

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  1. Senior Explorer Advisor Sergeant Trey Ball Ride Along Guidelines

  2. PURPOSE STATEMENT • To provide Explorers with the unique opportunity to observe and gain practical experience with regard to the methods and techniques used in patrol operations and police services. • To supplement basic and in-service classroom training in patrol operations and related police services. • To provide Explorers with a greater appreciation of the challenges, benefits and importance of law enforcement services within the community.

  3. Agency Policy & SOP • Explorer Post 209 has a written policy related to its Ride-Along Program and is outlined through this presentation. The following areas will be covered: • Explorer/Advisor Training • Permissible/Prohibited activities • Record Keeping/Limitations on Participation • Emergency Protocols • Insurance • Driving Policy • Blood-borne Pathogens Policy/Hep B Statement • Covert Activity

  4. Ride-Along Application • Explorers complete a Ride-Along application annually • Application • Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement • Hold Harmless & Release Form • Parental Consent Form • Applications are • approved by the Operations Major • filed and maintained by the Post

  5. General Guidelines • Explorers must be a member in good standing with Post 209 • Explorers may ride ONLY with Officers who have been certified as “Advisors” by completing the required training listed later in this presentation • Explorers may be reassigned to another Advisor (at the discretion of the Shift Supervisor) if their originally assigned Advisor is off-duty due to vacation, sickness, training, etc. on the day of their requested Ride-Along. • Explorers must report a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ride-along • Explorers should be provided with a ballistic vest, if available. • Explorers must follow all instructions given by the Ride-Along Advisor or Shift Supervisor

  6. Explorers are required to wear their Dress Blue Uniform for their Ride-Along Their Uniform sets the Explorer apart from the Officer. Authorized Equipment Pen, notepad Whistle, handcuffs (in approved carrier) Flashlight Traffic Vest Raincoat Authorized Uniform & Equipment

  7. Assisting the Officer Explorers are an extra set of eyes and ears for you. Let the Explorer know what you expect and how you handle your car and zone while patrolling. Explorers will follow your orders and directives and have been instructed to ask any questions they like, but for that to be done in the privacy of the patrol car and not in public.

  8. Assignment of Ride-Alongs • Explorers must • contact requested officer for permission to ride • Submit a request form to the Senior Explorer Advisor • Senior Advisor will submit the approved request for to the appropriate shift supervisor

  9. Record Keeping • Explorers must complete a log of calls they respond to while riding • Advisors may elect to have the Explorer maintain their activity log • Explorers may make a copy of this log to submit to the Post following their Ride-Along • Hold Harmless ReleaseandMedical Authorizations are available to Shift Supervisors and Ride-Along Advisors in case of emergency (Red Binder located on the bookshelf in the De-Briefing Room)

  10. General Guidelines Patrol/Radio Procedures Traffic/Crowd Control Emergency Procedures On-View Situations Drop-Off Procedures Permitted/Prohibited activities Youth Protection for youth participants Youth Protection – Exploring Version for adult leaders. Exploring Ride-Along Safety Orientation to Explorer Post 209’s Ride-Along Program Guidelines Ride-Along Advisors will be provided with a written copy of the Explorer Ride-Along Policy Explorer- TRAINING -Advisor

  11. Assist w/ communications (radio) Traffic/Crowd Control Traffic Crash/Crime Scene Security Completion of routine forms (stored vehicle, found property, etc) Assist Motorists Render First Aid Translate Other low-risk “routine” activities under the supervision of Ride-Along Advisor Interview/Interrogate witnesses Be left in control of prisoners Assist in any possible crime in-progress Ride with or assist any Vice, Narcotics or Organized Crime unit Be used in dangerous or undercover activities High-Speed pursuits Any other high risk or legally precarious situation Permitted Activities Prohibited Activities


  13. Policy Statement on Driving Law Enforcement Explorers driving patrol cars may potentially put them in harm’s way. A Law Enforcement Explorer should never be placed in a situation that would present the appearance of him/her being a legal/certified law enforcement officer. "NO LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPLORER,WHETHER IN UNIFORM OR NOT,SHOULD DRIVE ANY PATROL VEHICLE." The only exception to this policy is in authorized competitions in which an adult law enforcement official shall ride in the front passenger seat.

  14. Policy Statement on Blood-borne Pathogens • Explorers are provided with training regarding the proper procedure to follow when dealing with blood-borne pathogens. • Care should be taken to avoid exposing Explorers situations involving blood-borne pathogens • Provide Explorers with appropriate PPE, if necessary • Explorers are encouraged to obtain a Hepatitis B vaccination • Post 209 nor Learning for Life will provide the vaccination.

  15. Emergency Protocols • Dangerous Situations & Emergency Drop-Off • with enough advanced notice the Officer should • drop Explorer off at safe, public location; • IE: fire station, PD, open/safe convenient store or restaurant, • Ensure the Explorer is picked up by another Officer or • Explorer may contact a responsible adult to pick them up • Advisor shall be notified of this • Spontaneous, On-Scene Emergency • Explorer shall remain in police vehicle and take cover

  16. Emergency Protocols • Ride-Along Emergencies & Officer Assistance • Explorer calls for help of additional police units, EMS • Provides Communications with • Location, Officer’s unit number, Nature of the Problem • Seek safe position • Stays in the patrol vehicle or • Seeks safety elsewhere • Explorers are not required to go to the aid of downed Officer *The Senior Explorer Advisor should be notified immediately regarding any emergency involving an Explorer.

  17. Explorers are not permitted to carry offensive or defensive weapons. • Firearms • Tasers, Electrical shock devices • Nightsticks, Batons (collapsible or otherwise) • Saps or sap gloves • Tactical Flashlights (ie large metal or other heavy duty material flashlights that may be used as a nightstick or baton) • Knives (w/blades in excess of 4inches) Prohibited Weapons

  18. Termination of Ride-Along • Ride-Alongs may be terminated at any time by: • Shift Supervisor • Ride-Along Advisor • Explorer • Senior Explorer Advisor should be notified as soon as possible of a terminated Ride-Along by the person terminating it.

  19. THANK YOU Explorer Post 209 greatly appreciates you for taking your valuable time to complete this training. The Explorers are grateful for the opportunity to ride with you while you are on-duty! Please print the certificate on the next slide. Fill in your name and the date and submit it to Sgt. Ball.

  20. Certificate of Completion This is to certify that _____________________ has successfully completed Goldsboro Police Department Law Enforcement Explorer Post 209 Ride-Along Guidelines Training Date:_____________

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