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Registration for ext ended warranty on tools and batteries. PowerPoint Presentation
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Registration for ext ended warranty on tools and batteries.

Registration for ext ended warranty on tools and batteries.

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Registration for ext ended warranty on tools and batteries.

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  1. Registration for extended warranty on tools and batteries.

  2. Registration procedure end user version. To register tool or battery go to , on the start page click on the symbol for registering. On new page select appropriate country flag.Already registered customers can use either customer number 0031-xxxxxx for Dutch customers, or 0032-xxxxxx for Belgian customers and password to log in. Alternatively thee-mail address used during registering can be used as log in in combination with password. If forgotten click on appropriate message and a box wil appear and e-mail address can be entered. Please notice that the e-mail address to be entered should match the one used originally during registering as a customer. After logging in the following screen appears:

  3. Registration procedure end user version. After logging in the customer has access to his registered tools, his profile and contact data. The customer can modify his profile by clicking on the appropriate button, he can view registered tools, modify serial number (after exchange under warranty) or delete tools and after every action receives e-mail confirmation. Customer can never modify date of purchase, this is fixed. So even if he receives a new tool under warranty, the warranty period is never longer than the remainder of the original three year warranty period. When customer clicks on “Details” details like date of purchase, date of registering, model number and serial number appear, when the customer needs to claim warranty he can download a PDF containing all necessary data that together with proof of purchase are needed to register a claim. In this view the customer can select register tool or register accessory. The registering as such is easy enough, click on register tool and a page appears in which the customer needs to enter data required to register a tool or accessory for extended warranty.

  4. Registration procedure end user version. Select appropriate tool from drop down box. Select ID number from list. Enter serial number. Enter date of purchase by clicking on calendar. Enter country of purchase. Enter city where dealer is located Enter dealer name. Enter comment if desired. Click register

  5. Registration procedure end user version. • When all data is entered, this is what a registration form should look like. You will notice that I left out Production number (3) since this is not a required field. If everything is as it should be registering takes place by clicking “Register” after which a new page will appear. Click Register.

  6. Registration procedure end user version. The new page shows the tool and data entered, the customer is asked to check and if a mistake is made can click “Modify” to return to the previous page where a possible mistake can be corrected. If the customer is convinced that all data entered are correct, he can click “Validate” after which the tool is registered. Click validate and the registration is done.

  7. Registration procedure end user version. After registering the customer sees a message, thanking him for registering his tool and offering him the possibility to return to the list of tools, or to register a new tool.

  8. Registration procedure end user version. The customer also receives e-mail confirmation of the tool registered, this is received almost instantly after registering a tool.

  9. Registration procedure end user version. Registering of RED Li-Ion batteries can be done in two ways, either the battery registration form appear automatically after tool is selected and ID number is selected, like below the HD18PD/32C. The customer is cautioned to register two batteries, since this particular tool comes with two batteries. Customer has to enter the code which is stamped into the housing and serial number at the bottom of the battery. After entering this data the same procedure as registering a tool is followed Enter code in this example FOHCU Enter serialnumber from rating plate on underside of battery. Repeat process for second battery.

  10. Registration procedure end user version. After registering the HD18PD from the example and the two batteries, the customer receives multiple confirmation e-mails, one for the tool and separate mails for the batteries. The batteries, although registered together with the tool appear separately in the list of registered tools. With some tools for instance C12PD32C, although equipped with RED Li-Ion batteries, the batteries do not appear automatically upon registering the tool. RED Li-Ion batteries that are not automatically shown can still be registered for extended warranty but have to be selected from a list that is shown when the choice “Register Accessories” is made. The registration process remains the same. New accessories. List from which appropriate battery can be selected.