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Elephant Tapestry Wall Hangings | Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry PowerPoint Presentation
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Elephant Tapestry Wall Hangings | Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry

Elephant Tapestry Wall Hangings | Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry

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Elephant Tapestry Wall Hangings | Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry

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  1. Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry An Elephant Tapestry Wall Hanging looks really beautiful in any space, bringing in an elegant and ethnic feel. You can find elephant designs on hippie tapestries that look absolutely vibrant and bright. Available in various colours such as pink, green, purple, blue and white, these tapestries can be matched with any theme or décor. If you want an even more colourful elephant tapestry you can go for something that has a multi-colour finish. Apart from using elephant tapestries as wall hangings, you can also use them as curtains, bedspreads, beach blankets, picnic blankets, couch covers and table cloths. They also make excellent festival, wedding or restaurant decorations. Most college goers love to use elephant tapestries as dorm decorations. Not only do they look elegant, they also bring a warm, welcoming and homely feeling to their dorm space. You can also give an Elephant Hippie Tapestry as a gift to any of your loved ones, irrespective of the occasion or their age. There are different types of elephant tapestries you can choose from: Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry This is the most popular type of elephant tapestry across the world. This kind of tapestry will have a huge circle in the middle of it. This circle is filled with concentric circles that have elephant designs in

  2. them. Some may even include other designs such as peacocks, camels, creepers or flowers, apart from the elephants. Outside the circle, the tapestry will be filled with hippie designs. The tapestry immediately catches the attention of your visitor as soon as he enters into your space. Elephant tapestry black and white is one of the best in this category, although they are available in many different colours. Psychedelic Elephant Tapestry Psychedelic originally means mind-manifesting. Psychedelic Elephant tapestry generally comes with a big beautifully decorated elephant right in the middle of the tapestry, surrounded by psychedelic designs that tend to have a hallucinating effect on your mind if you focus on it for too long. This could actually be an excellent way to unwind and relieve yourself from the mental stress that you go through, throughout the day. While psychedelic tapestries have a beauty of their own, an Elephant Tapestry with psychedelic designs may make it even more special. Elephant Bohemian Tapestry You may not find any empty space in a bohemian tapestry. It is full of intricate designs, which is why Bohemian tapestries are so popular worldwide. If you want to go for an elephant bohemiantapestry you can either go for one with a single intricately designed elephant or an Elephant Mandala Tapestry with Bohemian designs. Either way you get a beautiful tapestry that will make your space look absolutely classy. Elephant Tie Dye Tapestry One of the most colourful and fascinating of tapestries is probably the tie dye tapestries. Different colours in different shades are blended together to bring in an elegant effect. If you are looking for an Elephant Tie Dye Tapestry, you are sure to find a few in mandala or tree of life designs. You can go for the right colours depending upon your décor and theme.

  3. Tree of Life Elephant Tapestry In almost all religions, the tree of life holds a lot of mythological significance. It represents evolution and connects all creations of the world. In the Tree of life Elephant Tapestry you will find a beautiful elephant at the base of the tree as if it is the basis of evolution. Such a tapestry might come with psychedelic designs or any other designs such as stars, flowers, leaves or even tie and dye. At Bless Store we offer a variety of elephant tapestries to cater to every requirement and budget. We use 100% high-quality cotton fabrics to produce these. Apart from being elegant, they are also very much skin-friendly. So, you can easily go for an Indian Elephant Wall Tapestry if you want to decorate your bedroom space. Each and every elephant tapestry that you can see on our website is unique in its own way. It takes about a week or so for the screen printing to be done on each tapestry. We take up the next tapestry production only after it is completed. We do not go for mass production for the

  4. fact that it might reduce the quality. We want to give you a beautiful piece every time you order a tapestry from us. All our tapestries are hand-made by skilled artisans and craftsmen who use tight power looms to construct them. Each piece is thin as sheet and comes with hemmed edges for additional protection. Want to bring in elegance into your space without wasting too much of money or time? Order your favourite Elephant Tapestry for Sale from Bless eStore right away! Contact US We are a fast growing company, supplying tapestries for over 2 years. We started in this market purely by chance, and it continues to give us great satisfaction. We strive to offer the best products at competitive prices, to a discerning market. We deal in both retail and wholesale business and bulk order and importing inquiries are welcomed. We have the export license and can be the trusted source for all your importing requirements. Bless International 5748 sw beaverton hillsdale Hwy Portland Oregon, US 97221 Tel: +16465862960 P: +91 9414311240 Email - Email - For More Information Visit: - BLESSESTORE