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  1. BE BEAC ACONS ONS AND THE AND THEIR I I IN N MUS MUSEUMS IR IMPORT MPORTANC EUMS ANCE E A museum can be defined as an establishment that assembles and preserves various artifacts, historical, cultural, and scientific pieces of stuff. Museums have a lot of visitors on a daily basis and since a long time museums have been looking for an innovative or creative method to make the visits of people more interesting and interactive. Ibeacon technology has made it possible for the museums to make their trips appealing to visitors, gather information concerning their previous and recent visitors, and also deliver them the information they need and that too at the right place and at the right time. Museums are known for their artistic values so while installing beacons in any museum the fact which should be given utmost importance is to maintain its ‘sense of aesthetic’. The location, size, and color are the main points that must be kept in mind while placing beacons in the museum.

  2. When it comes to size and color one should look for a variety of manufacturers for purchasing beacons as not every manufacturer has beacons for every shape and size. While placing beacons one should consider the color and size that matches the specific site of the artifacts already placed in the museum. This will make beacons less noticeable thus not causing any harm to the beauty of the place and at the same time providing visitors with engaging and interesting experience in the museum. ibeacons offer the following advantages to the museums(Ibeacon App Development Company): 1) Provides Engaging Experience to Visitors: In today’s scenario, it is very essential to keep your customers engaged and museums are no exception. iBeacon technology made it possible for big museums to locate their visitors who pass nearby and then the site-specific card can be seen by the visitor on his smartphone or mobile application. The card gives some particular information about the site near which the visitor is. This facilitates him with not only the learning opportunity about the specific site but he also gets points on the card through the app. Those who got the card and earned points can later get rewards for the same. 2) Facilitates Personalized Experience for Visitors and Cost Saving: With the use of ibeacon technology museums can provide their visitor’s alluring experience at a specific location. The videos, audios, detailed descriptions about that particular place where the visitor is up to or nearby are automatically displayed on the mobile app. Thus, it reduces the need of a guide and at the same time, visitors enjoy a self-guided tour and can get rid of the time and cost that they have to spend in the process of hiring a guide. Also, the visitors can select the language of their choice in which they want to see or listen. Also, the number of beacon devices installed in the museum is in large number, which shows the shortest distance from one site to another site within the museum and also visitors can get the directions and reach the public utilities within a short time without facing any hurdle. 3) Gives Essential Information: Ibeacons are also beneficial for making your visitors aware of some special discounts or if any new exhibition or shows are organized in the museum on special occasions. This course of action takes place in the following manner. As soon as the visitor with a Smartphone is close to or passes nearby museum, an application inbuilt on his smartphone sees for beacon and after finding the beacon it activates the action to send notifications on the visitor’s Smartphone. Now the visitor is aware of the events going on in the museum. Not only this beacons also furnish information concerning the number of people present or visiting at a particular day or time so that visitors can make a choice to choose their favorite time slot and day for the visit. For More Details Visit:-