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Pros and Cons of Clinicient PowerPoint Presentation
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Pros and Cons of Clinicient

Pros and Cons of Clinicient

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Pros and Cons of Clinicient

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  1. Pros and Cons of Clinicient

  2. Appointment Management • Appointment management is arguably one of the most important aspects of running a medical practice since this component of the practice requires direct interaction with patients who basically finance and keep your practice in business. • If you patients are happy then you are more likely to succeed. • With Clinicient EMR you are able to set appointments appropriately and make sure that your clients are satisfied with how efficiently they are set and how convenient it is for everyone involved. 02

  3. Billing and Invoice • A lot of physicians complain about the fact that as doctors they have to keep track of billing and invoicing in their line of business which is not exactly their area of expertise. • Another option is hiring someone to take care of it but that can cost a lot. • A great solution to this is getting a software like Clinicient EMR to do the work for you. The software can take care of all your billing related needs which will help you in spending your time on other tasks instead of having to worry about billing and invoicing. 03

  4. Treatment Plans • Of course as a doctor, you will spend a considerable amount of time coming up with a treatment plan for your patient. • It is hence important that you have this treatment plan available for referral at all times. Having an easy to access treatment plan which is well recorded helps in treating the patient better as well. • A lot of Clinicient reviews talk about how this particular feature alone is worth the Clinicient pricing. 04

  5. No Patient Portal • One downside of this EMR which a lot of Clinicient reviews talk about is that it has no patient facing portal which a lot of EMRs these days have. • This is a downside for this EMR since it means that patients cannot have access to their records and have a means of communication with their doctor. • These days patient portals are very important since they help patients in having a more involved hand in their own treatment. 05

  6. Should you Invest in Clinicient? If reading this slide has not given you more clarity as to whether this software would be appropriate for you then you should do some more research. 06

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