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Livio AI: Revolutionising The Hearing Aid Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Livio AI: Revolutionising The Hearing Aid Industry

Livio AI: Revolutionising The Hearing Aid Industry

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Livio AI: Revolutionising The Hearing Aid Industry

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  2. Livio AI: The Latest in The List Of Hearing Aid Technologies And Trends Technology, today, is evolving at a pace faster than ever, transforming diverse sectors for the better. The hearing aid industry is no different. Every now and then, new cutting-edge technologies designed to improve the listening and communication experience of the hearing impaired, are making their way to the market. The latest in the list of hearing aid technologies and trends is Livio AI. The Starkey device is the world’s first hearing aid integrated with artificial intelligence and sensors.

  3. Livio AI helps users to live their life in a healthiest way possible. Here are some other things you sure want to know about Livio AI. Built on the company’s robust Thrive platform, Livio AI not only provides superior sound quality but also has the ability to track body and brain health. With its unique features and capabilities, Livio AI marks the beginning of a new hearing revolution.

  4. The Next-Generation Hearing Aid The high-performance hearing aid device uses the best sound processing from Starkey till date to address hearing issues. Due to its sensor-driven features, it has become the most innovative hearing technology of the era. The device uses a dual-radio technology for clean and energy efficient transmission of wireless streamed audio.

  5. Language Translator for Ear This ear-worn language translator can translate upto 27 languages with the help of cloud-based information. This multipurpose feature allows you to use your hearing aid as an acoustic sensor, the phone as a gateway transmitter and the cloud as the language processor to decode and interpret each word with the help of this device.

  6. Command of The Hearing Aid By Tapping on The Device The human-machine interface has evolved from keyboards, to the mouse and now to simple touch. Livio AI device is designed to simplify users’ life in the best way possible. Integrated with touch commands, Livio AI hearing aid allows users to turn on/off the remote mic/tv listening accessories by simply tapping the side of the device.

  7. Health And Wellness Tracking App The thrive health and wellness tracking app let you easily connect to your Livio AI device to monitor physical activity. Meanwhile, by noting the amount of time user spends in conversations and in various acoustic environments, it keeps a tab on brain-health. The Thrive hearing mobile app offers complete control over your hearing health and hearing experience. Two big features that make this app stand out among others are: • REMOTE PROGRAMMING • LANGUAGE TRANSLATION

  8. Remote Programming This app is deemed a boon for users who feel annoyed when it comes to booking in-office appointments with their hearing professional. With the remote programming feature, you can simply request a hearing aid change from your professional. Once the change is made by the expert, it is sent back to you for approval.

  9. Language Translation This feature of Livio AI makes communication a little more exciting amongst hearing aid users. You can translate any language via the app built-in tool.

  10. Final Words With the-mentioned features and functionalities, LIVIO AI certainly presents itself as the game changer in the hearing industry. Connect with one of the leading Adelaide hearing clinics for finest hearing assessments and find out if Starkey Livio AI is an ideal solution of your hearing condition.

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