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All About the Saints

All About the Saints

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All About the Saints

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  1. All About the Saints

  2. St Bernadette • Poor girl who saw Blessed Mother in a grotto on Lourdes France. • Later became a nun. • Body in incorrupt

  3. St. Sebastian • Roman solder and guard to the Emperor • Shot with arrows when it was found out he was a Christian - but survived • Recovered preached about Jesus until he was arrested and put to death again • Patron of athletes

  4. Catherine of Siena • Worked hard for peace • Great writer • Doctor of the Church • Cut off her beautiful hair to show that appearance aren’t everything • Patron of Italy

  5. Anthony of Padua • Franciscan monk and Doctor of the Church • Finder of lost things • Great preacher • Canonized 1 year after his death

  6. St. Padre Pio • First priest to get the Stigmata (wounds of Christ) • Heard confession for 12 hours a day – knew just what to say • Had gift of bilocation – could be in 2 places at once • 100,000 people came to his funeral

  7. St. Joan of Arc • Shepardess in France, St. Michael told her to GO SAVE FRANCE • She led the French to victory over England. • Captured by the British and burned at the stake when she was 19.

  8. St. Francis of Assisi • Grew up very rich but gave away all he owned to the poor • Started the Franciscan Order of Monks who help the poor, preach and live simply • Had the Stigmata (wounds of Christ)

  9. St. Therese Liesuex • Youngest child of 5 • Became a Carmalite nun with her sisters • Wrote a book called the Story of a Soul – where she shares her “little way” to follow Christ

  10. Blessed Louis Martin • Father of St. Therese • Showed tremendous faith in God throughout the struggles in his life • He and his wife Zellie are going to be canonized saints soon.

  11. St. Martin de Porres • Dominican Friar • Could bilocate to heal people • He took care of sick animals too

  12. St. Maria Goretti • Beautiful girl from a poor family, lived on a farm • Was attacked by one of the farm workers and died at age 14 • Before she died she forgave her murderer Alessandro and later appeared to him in jail which cause him to repent and convert.

  13. St. Dominic Savio • Ordinary boy with an extraordinary love for God • Student of St. John Bosco • Good example to everyone around him

  14. St. Katherine Drexel • Wealthy girl from Philadelphia, PA • Very generous with her money and started schools poor. • Started the order of sisters known as Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament

  15. St. John Neumann • Tried to become a priest but there were too many priests in Europe so he moved to New York to be ordained. • Became Bishop of Philadelphia – opened many Catholic Schools

  16. St. Peter • Fisherman, brother of the Apostle Andrew • 1st Pope • One of Jesus closest friends • Martyred – crucified upside-down

  17. St. Joseph • Foster Father of Jesus • Spent his life providing and caring for Mary and Jesus • He has 2 feast days March 19 and May 1

  18. St. Philomena • Princess from Greece. • Refused to marry the emperor so he tried to kill her – she miraculously survived several times • Called Wonder Worker for all the miracles she has performed

  19. St. Paul • “Apostles of Gentiles” • Roman Solder known as Saul who converted to Christianity when he was knocked off his horse heard the voice of Jesus • He was baptized and changed his name to Paul

  20. St. Patrick • Born in Scotland but captured by pirates at 14 and taken to Ireland • Grew up to be a bishop • Converted pagans to Christianity all over Ireland • Use the Shamrock to teach about the Holy Trinity

  21. St. Catherine Laboure • Blessed Mother appeared to her 3 times and told her to have a medal made in her image – this is known as the Miraculous Medal • Worn by millions of people around the world

  22. The Miraculous Medal

  23. St. Maximillion Kolbe • Franciscan priest arrested by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp. • Sacrificed himself so another prisoner with a family could live.

  24. Elizabeth of Hungary • Princess of Hungary • Spent her time caring for the poor and sick

  25. Damien of Molokai • The Leper Priest • Moved to the Island of Molokai to build churches and hospitals for people who had leprosy – a terrible contagious disease.

  26. Steven of Hungary • King of Hungary • Would disguise himself and sneak out of the castle to help the poor • Built many churches all over his country • Had a strong devotion to Mary, Mother of God

  27. Thomas More • Stood up to his friend the King of England when he wanted to divorce his wife • Stayed faithful to God even after he was imprisoned and put to death

  28. Elizabeth Ann Seton • From New York wealthy family • Converted to Catholism when her husband died in Italy • Started many Catholic schools and a few orphanages • Began the Sisters of Charity

  29. St. Francis Xavier • Jesuit priest who traveled to Asia to baptize thousand of people • With his gentle, polite way and prayers he convinced many bad living Christians to repent