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  1. Chosen Employment Satisfaction Survey – August 2013

  2. What is your position at Chosen?

  3. AGENCY Your Agency - Give us your opinion of Chosen...

  4. This is a friendly place to work

  5. This is a fun agency to work in

  6. The agency delivers on its promises

  7. I enjoy coming to work

  8. People here are treated fairly

  9. There is no blame culture in the agency

  10. People avoid politics and backstabbing

  11. The agency is interested in me as a person

  12. I am proud to tell people that I work here

  13. All in all I would say this is a great place to work


  15. Choose 3 words that describe the CURRENT culture at Chosen

  16. Choose 3 words that describe what YOU would like the Chosen culture to be

  17. Please enter any further opinions you may have about Chosen: • Difficult business conditions lead to more stress and less fun. • Agency not aware of my skills and capabilities. • The studio seems to get overlooked for promotion and treated as second class citizens. • Recently a few valued and experienced people have left. • The culture and many of the people in the agency lack passion and drive. • We don’t have the right types of clients - need new and fresh ones. • We struggle to get on pitches and to win new work. • The work we are doing currently, is mundane.

  18. Please enter any further opinions you may have about Chosen: • Promise a lot but never really deliver on the promises. Things are meant to change but they never do. • We never actually have anything to work towards to reward ourselves, i.ebonuses/pay rise. • Some people will always help others in any task others regard it as 'not my job'! • I love my job and working at Chosen. I think it is a caring, friendly agency and I feel that the board care about me and my development. • Huge gap between creative/studio and client services – causing frustrations and complications.

  19. Please enter any further opinions you may have about Chosen: • People will go out of their way to help. • Opportunity for personal growth / development is very good. • Senior Management are always on hand if required with any difficult client request. • Work social balance could be improved. We could do more fun things together as an agency. • We need to invest more in training.

  20. STRATEGY Strategy - What do you think about Chosen's strategy?

  21. The agency keeps me informed about important issues and changes

  22. The Agency has clearly communicated what it stands for

  23. The Agency has clearly communicated where it is going

  24. The Agency has clearly communicated how it is going to get there

  25. Please enter any further opinions you may have about Chosen's strategy and direction: • We set out a clear path at the re-launch and made some progress. The strategy is right but we are not executing it successfully. • We need to try and get work outside of our usual sectors. Focus on new business and show how creative we can ALL be. • We do not seem to believe that values we sell to our client hold true to us. • Chosen feels a bit directionless recently. • The work we carry out does not always live up to what the agency wants to be, the work is pushed back by projects that aren't really activation or creative.

  26. Please enter any further opinions you may have about Chosen's strategy and direction: • The plans are and feedback on how we are doing could be done in a more open manner. • I don't feel the board are genuinely open to feedback and I hope this surveys results are taken on board. • I feel in the dark about new business plans. • More commitment to being a 'big brand' agency. • Less inclination to take anything we can get. • Be firmer with clients.

  27. MATERIALS Materials - How do you feel about the resources you have access to?

  28. I am given the resources and equipment I need to do my job

  29. The agency invests in the best resources to support us

  30. Our working environment is stimulating to work in

  31. The agency is constantly striving to improve the way we work

  32. The agency makes best use of my skills, talents and experience

  33. Please enter any further opinions you may have about the materials you are given in order to do your job: • We are told we take too long to do our work, but our computers are slow and need upgrading. • We do not know what the best solution or equipment is. We struggle to find the right resource in terms of people. It can take too long to make the decisions to improve. • Investment in equipment/technology has been needed for some time. • Software should be kept current - issues with compatibility. • Understand there isn't a huge pot of money but feel there is constant resistance to improve anything if it costs money and we are always trying to do things on the cheap. • The studio and downstairs areas are quite nice but the rest of the place is very uninspiring.

  34. MANAGEMENT Management - How do you feel about the management at Chosen?

  35. The management team are visible

  36. The management team here are easy to talk to

  37. The management team here are always willing to give you time

  38. I am trusted to get on and do a good job

  39. The hours I am expected to work to get the job done are reasonable

  40. The agency involves me in decisions that effect my job and my environment

  41. I am given equal opportunity without favouritism

  42. I am given regular feedback on my performance

  43. The management team are competent at running the agency

  44. I believe the agency management will act on the results of this survey

  45. Please enter any further opinions you may have about the management at Chosen: • Too nice on occasion - not decisive enough. • They are very friendly and approachable although not sure they know us individually – both on a personal and professional level. • While accessible staff are not willing to always share thoughts with the management team. • Budgets, workloads and practicalities are more likely to stop actions being taken. • Some are better than others.

  46. Please enter any further opinions you may have about the management at Chosen: • Some people don’t feel they can speak to the management team and are concerned about saying how they feel. • Hope that people are honest in the survey and that the results are acted upon.

  47. TEAM Your Team - Your thoughts on your team (creative, production, planning etc)...

  48. I feel proud of what we accomplish as a team

  49. People in our team treat each other with respect

  50. People in our team are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done