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McCrindle market and social research solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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McCrindle market and social research solutions

McCrindle market and social research solutions

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McCrindle market and social research solutions

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  1. How Alpha Works In a church building In people’s houses 49% 28% ‘000 4,488 4,375 2,207 1,995 1,283 623 433 429 324 301 291 208 186 182 149 124 115 100 93 88 87 86 82 76 71 69 55 52 50 49 # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 CITY SYDNEY MELBOURNE BRISBANE PERTH ADELAIDE Gold Coast Newcastle ACT/CANBERRA Central Coast Sunshine Coast Wollongong HOBART Geelong Townsville Cairns DARWIN Toowoomba Ballarat Bendigo Albury/Wodonga Mackay Launceston Rockhampton Bunbury Bundaberg Coffs Harbour Wagga Wagga Hervey Bay Mildura Shepparton All states & territories All size churches Interdenominational Engaging New Churches Alpha Australia seeks to give each of the 13,000 churches in Australia the opportunity to run Alpha as a means of evangelism, and to encourage every church in Australia to develop a culture of invitation. NT 0.25m (1.0%) How many years has your church been involved in running Alpha? 92% 94% 24% VIC 1.9% QLD 4.77m (20.1%) 20% 19% 17% 17% WA 2.59m (10.9%) likely to recommend to family or friend to attend likely to recommend to other churches to run Alpha QLD 1.8% By 2023 we are aiming to reach 1 million Alpha attendees... SA 1.71m (7.2%) 2% < 1 year 1-2 years 3-5 years 6-10 years 11-20 years 20+ years NSW 7.55m (31.9%) NT 1.8% Coaching emails Own in-house training Alpha YouTube Alpha training DVDs & videos Awareness Factors How churches hear about Alpha 11 76% ACT 1.6% ACT 0.43m (1.8%) Alpha website ...which means we expect to see more than 200,000 people come to faith by 2023 through Alpha Word of mouth Today: 23.7 million NSW 1.5% 79% 83% World Today: 1.1% Resources TAS 0.52m (2.2%) Births: 310,600 Natural increase: 164,400 Deaths: 146,200 9.1 million (2.6 people/household) % of churches running Alpha who use these support tools SA 0.9% Arrivals: 511,600 Net overseas migration: 241,000 Departures: 270,600 12 research & infographic 26% 67% say the free online Alpha resources are beneficial Other: • event • website • advertising TAS: 0.2% 17% Alpha Australia 1800 811 903 36% 39% Sources: ABS, McCrindle, Alpha Australia. AUSTRALIA STREET If Australia was a street of 100 households... POPULATION: 263 PEOPLE PARENT PLACE OF BIRTH NATIONAL POPULATION AS STREET LENGTH Rank AUSSIE SLANG by REGIONS CHINA ST. INDIA ST. AUSTRALIA ST. 1 11.6 km 2 ... 10.7 km Fastest growing street at 140m / yr. India St. will be the longest in 2030 51 200 m FESTY 54% Both Aus. born 34% None Aus. born 12% One Aus. born CURRENT TOP 5 BABY NAMES 22% 27% 27% 24% 3.6 Births per year Year 10 Year 11/12 VEHICLE OWNERSHIP GRANNY FLAT NUFF Oliver William Jack Noah Jackson 1 2 3 4 5 Charlotte Olivia Ava Emily Mia 9% None 37% 1 37% 2 17% 3 WRONG Dip. or Cert. NOT EVEN Degree or Post Grad. TOGS NUFFEST CHALET NERPY FERAL YOUR MUM 193 Vehicles avg. 14,000 km/yr 1.4 Marriages/yr 1.7 Deaths/yr RAD NIGEL DELI SCOTT ROCKMELON SWEET Brought to you by: More than 1 in 2 have used: G'day Arvo No worries You beauty! Less than 1 in 2 know the term: Joe Blake (snake) Captain Cook (look) Frog and toad (road) Harold Holt (bolt) COMMUTERS 1 in 10 catch public transport 2 in 3 travel by car 1 in 10 bus commuters also need a car CHEERIOS 14% | 31% MUNTED MILKBAR GUN CABANA BOGAN COSSIES BOONIE ANIMAL AFTIE CABANOSSI HOUSING TYPE Current | New approvals FULLY SICK 10% | 13% HOUSEHOLD TYPES AVG. HOUSE PRICE (SYDNEY) POLONY BARLEYS 33% 30% 23% 11% 3% ARVO 1975 5x avg. full-time annual income 1995 6x TODAY 10x HECTIC WESTIE PIECE 76% | 56% NOF FRITZ DEVON Couple & kids Couple only Lone person Single parent Group living Detached house Unit or apartment Terrace or townhouse MAD BOGUS Mortgage Fully own Renting NANGER HOUSEHOLD WEALTH BY QUINTILE 252 27 45 36% 8yrs 33% 18yrs 31% 1.8yrs CANTALOUPE $32k $17,992 $192k $30,212 $438k $41,184 $767k $54,964 $2.2m $94,328 BATHERS HOME OWNERSHIP KEY: avg. length tenure income (ex tax) BLOCKIE synonymous with = LUNCHEON Powered by © McCrindle 2015 | Source: ABS, McCrindle Annual Review 2013 Remote & Indigenous programmes Source: McCrindle Research AUSSIE TRADITIONS MERRY CHRISTMAS PROGRAMMES AUSTRALIA ST STEPHEN’S SCHOOL RATIO OF MEN TO WOMEN: No. PER 100 2013 was a year of building for us: building our staff, our resources, and our reputation. Highlights include our work in schools, the media and Indigenous Australia, as well as significant international projects in Rwanda, China, Papua New Guinea. Special praise to the intrepid Bike for Bibles team, whose longest ride ever (7000+ kms) raised bucket loads for our work. Thanks to all our wonderful supporters in our 197th year! all over The results of the Parent, Student, and Staff Surveys and the Perth Community Study From Australia’s Social Reearchers Dr Greg Clarke, CEO Bible Society Australia AUS 99.2 100,000 Backyard cricket NT 110.9 AUSTRALIA! MORE WOMEN abc Rwanda Rural literacy programme China Bible distribution / Rural literacy programme QLD 99.5 THAN MEN Relo shuffle (lunch at one place, dinner at the other) Youth & school programmes Engaging the Public Square WA 102.2 Supporting 23,331 people in learning basic literacy skills using Bible-based resources. There were 9750 graduates of the programme this year. Subsidised the production cost of over 1.7 million Bibles, and 44,000 Bibles were distributed free to those unable to pay. Supported rural literacy classes, medical vans delivering Scriptures and first aid, and an annual academic conference in Shanghai that explores the role of the Bible in modern China. Merge with CPX In January, we merged with the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX), a media and research company aiming to engage the Australian public with the Christian faith. Through the work of CPX Director, John Dickson, and his staff we have enhanced our work in advocating for the faith in an increasingly secular environment. CPX regularly contributes to public discussion in forums such as ABC TV’s ‘Q & A’ programme, mainstream radio, newspapers and internet sites, as well as numerous speaking engagements in schools, universities, corporations and churches. SA 98.2 Scipture grants have delivered over 70,000 items of Scripture into the hands of those in need across 2013. Our schools workers visited 250 schools in five states, and we continued to support the schools ministry of the Jesus Racing team. just AUSSIE FOODS Pav - not just plum pudding Seafood - not just a roast Cold drinks - not eggnog NSW 98.6 18% dreaming of a white Christmas 22% Carols by candlelight ACT 99.2 will spend less this Christmas than last more than VIC 98.0 39 INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES 92% say the religious traditions of Christmas should be encouraged 79% say Christmas is becoming too commercialised TAS 99.4 Barbie by the beach more than 23% would re-gift a dodgy present Financial Total donations & bequests: $7,797,921 BY CITY/SUBURB LEGEND Location No. > | % > Darwin 1137 | 11.7% Alice Springs 1537 | 2.3% Seeing the Christmas lights Mission Expenditure Mt Isa 1137 | 11.7% Cairns 1537 | 2.3% 38.4% 16.0% 15.7% 11.7% 7.6% 6.9% 3.7% International Youth & Schools Publishing, digital & content Church & community relations Campaigns, advocacy & CPX Remote & Indigenous community Scripture Grants WORST PRESENT CATEGORIES Fridge magnets Ornamental figurines Handkerchiefs Soap packs and loofahs Potpourri Location Spring Hill 678 | 27.4% Yeronga 131 | 4.7% No. > | % > A big thank you to our 2770+ volunteers all around Australia! Thank you! Local Australians raise the bar Sydney to Hobart Singleton 370 | 4.7% Wyong 4988 | 6.9% Midland 103 | 2.2% Stirling 1561 | 2.9% Papua New Guinea Bible translation Pyrmont 204 | 3.6% Balmain 407 | 8.7% Kalgoorlie 1422 | 9.7% Bunbury 436 | 1.3% Isaiah 55:11 60 cycling volunteers joined the challenging Broome WA to Sydney NSW (7,231Km) “Australian Big Ride”. Graeme Rapp, an example of the committed riders, worked hard at fundraising and individually achieved an impressive $8,500 for our work. Whyalla 241 | 2.2% West Lakes 534 | 7.9% SOAP Nth. Canberra 592 | 2.5% Sth. Canberra 530 | 4.5% After-Christmas sales Worked with local churches on two Bible translation projects, Gogodala and Motu. Together, these Bibles reach140,000 people. DONATIONS 4.1% Footscray 799 | 12.9% Sth. Melbourne 241 | 5.0% Central Hobart 35 | 0.9% West Hobart 254 | 9.2% MOBILITY TOP NAMES Global generation 2,000,000,000 COUNTRIES WITH LARGEST NUMBER EFFECTIVE ENGAGEMENT Oliver William Jack Noah Jackson 2,500,000 1 2 3 4 5 Charlotte Olivia Ava Emily Mia 2 BILLION GEN Zs Verbal Visual Try & see Facilitator Flexibility Collaborating Learner centric Open book world 17 5 15 Sit & listen Teacher Job security Commanding Curriculum centred Closed book exams α JOBS Careers Homes 1 2 3 IN A LIFETIME* Gen Alphas born globally each week Uni degrees 96%ofGenZhouseholdshaveinternet GENERATIONCONNECTED•iGEN•SCREENAGERS z ZED UPAGERS•Generationglass slanguage health 1 in 4 1 in 3 GEN GEN % likely to be obese/ overweight when all Gen Z have reached adulthood (2027)* α ALPHA Cray cray 1 in 2* EST. 1995 EST. 2010 Defs FOMO DIGITALINTEGRATORS•THEZEDS•DOTCOMKIDS Favourite takeaway food 1 YOLO GLOBALGEN•multi-modals PARENTS 21% 16% 10% 2 3 GEN Y OECD top sports Dance15% Swimming9% AFL15% Basketball10% 3 Soccer17% M TEENAGER TEENAGER Netball21% F Life expectancy:^ M77.3 F82.8 Age of first birth: 27.7 FUTURE OF FRESH Transforming the fresh food landscape over the next 20 years Pizza / Pasta Chips / fries Hamburgers Age of first marriage: 29.7 Total Fertility Rate: 1.7 1 2 1 2 3 REDEFINED LIFESTAGES 20th CENTURY TODAY WORKFORCE of 2025 CHILDHOOD CHILDHOOD ADULTHOOD CAREER-CHANGER Part of the Woolworths Trolley Trends Series TWEEN YOUNG ADULT KIPPERS Meme of the year Word of the year ADULTHOOD DOWNAGER Keep Calm & Carry On Double Rainbow Gangnam Style Harlem Shake Planking BB 13% X 29% Y 31% Z 27% Tweet App Cloud Hashtag Selfie 1,000,000,000 domain registered USB flash drives Wikipedia YouTube Twitter Facebook: 1 billion active users We’re Australia’s social researchers. We’re global trends analysts. We help organisations know the times. iPhone iPad Facebook opens to the public Dropbox Portable MP3 players Nokia 3310 MySpace Whatsapp Instagram Google glass 2000 2010 1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 1 T RO L L E Y T R E N D S *Future forecasts, ^OECD Life expectancy at birth Source: ABS, McCrindle | © McCrindle 2014 • T +61 2 8824 3422 E W

  2. Our forecasts identify trends. Our strategy informs decisions. Our research futureproofs organisations. At McCrindle we are engaged by some of the leading brands and most effective organisations across Australia and internationally to help them understand the ever-changing external environment in which they operate and to assist them in identifying and responding to the key trends. For us research is not a list of survey methods but a passion to find answers. It is more than a matter of questionnaires and focus groups – it is a quest to make the unknown known. The best research clarifies the complex and reveals insights in a way that can be seen and not just read. Only when the findings are visually displayed, engagingly presented and strategically workshopped can they have maximum impact – and be implemented effectively. WHAT WE DO FORECASTS Understanding the times, tracking the trends STRATEGY Engaging communities, advising organisations RESEARCH Insightful research, innovative communications 1 McCrindle •Research Pack

  3. Innovatively conducted, strategically directed, and effectively communicated research to help you know the times. Our expertise is analysing findings and effectively communicating insights and strategies. Our skills are in designing and deploying world class social and market research. Our purpose is advising organisations to respond strategically to the trends and so remain ever-relevant in changing times. As social researchers we help organisations, brands and communities know the times. TM RESEARCH IS Designing the best process by understanding client needs and expectations. D E S I G N I N G Listening to customers, clients and communities. L I ST E N I N G Observing behaviours, changes and interactions. O B S E RV I N G Analysing data to identify patterns, correlations and trends. A N A LYS I N G T 1800 TRENDS E W 2

  4. RESEARCH FOCUS From longitudinal tracking studies to industry wide consumer analysis, whether your objective is product, brand or communications focused, the McCrindle research and advisory process will help you uncover insights and shape strategy. CUSTOMER • segmentation • generational • B2B • behavioural PRODUCT • concept testing • pricing • packaging • advertising BRAND-TRACKING • competitor landscape • awareness • attitudinal COMMUNICATIONS • PR • thought leadership • launch events • compliance 3 McCrindle •Research Pack

  5. RESEARCH TOOLS From quick-turnaround online surveys to some of the largest national pen and paper surveys, from industry-wide studies to community forums, from phone surveys to focus groups, we deliver world class research and communicate the insights in innovative ways. QUALITATIVE • focus groups • in-depth interviews • phone interviews • community forums QUANTITATIVE • online surveys • pen & paper surveys • customer panels • polling DATA ANALYSIS • data sets • existing research • meta analysis • big data DIGITAL • tablet/smartphone questionnaires • survey apps • interactive tools T 1800 TRENDS E W 4

  6. RESEARCH OUTPUT Utilising the right tools and methods and analysing the data is just part of the research process. Because the goal is implementation, the findings need the skills of visualisation and communication. As researchers we understand the methods, but we’re also designers and communicators so we know how to present the findings in ways that will best engage. VISUALISATION • infographics • data animation • interactive platforms • video reports PRESENTATIONS • conference keynotes • strategic workshops • executive briefings • launch events STRATEGY REPORTS • corporate advisory • environmental scans • demographic forecasts • strategic planning • slide decks • splash pages • summary cards • comprehensive documents THE VOICE OF THE PARENTS THE VOICE OF THE STAFF THE VOICE OF THE STUDENTS PROPORTION OF PARENTS WHO AGREE Students are proud to be at St Stephen’s and say the School is a good fit for them Staff members come from a range of previous experiences and 3 in 4 have worked at other schools – both government and non-government – prior to working for St Stephen’s (76%). They are highly committed and half have been employed at St Stephen’s for 6 years or more (49%). 75% of students are proud they attend St Stephen’s School Students are encouraged to have respect for themselves and for others 87% 3 in 4 students agree that they are proud to be St Stephen’s students (75%) and 7 in 10 agree that the School has been just right for them (71%). It is evident that students feel strongly connected to the School. Students are encouraged to make a diference in the world 79% Staff strongly see the School as having a Christian focus with a strong commitment to pastoral care education, staff are most likely to describe it as having a ‘Christian focus’ (82%), ‘strong pastoral care’ (75%), and being a ‘friendly’ environment (69%). Staff commend the School for its caring and nurturing environment, and in thinking about the level of emphasis that the School places on various areas, feel that the School is most successful in its emphasis on ‘student care and support’ which is deemed ‘about right’ by 89% of staff members. Students are encouraged to be responsible when using technology 78% 77% The School lives up to its Christian values Staff express strong levels of Christian faith, acting as a key channel through which the School expresses its Christian values and care to its students. While parents are most likely to view St Stephen’s as having approachable staff, being friendly, and providing quality 74% The behaviour of students in public is positive ST STEPHEN’S IS A SCHOOL... My child(ren)'s world has been enhanced academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually 73% 76% 78% …about which I say good things The School takes a holistic approach to developing students 71% 71% 69% …which has been just right for my child/me The Christian values of the School are relevant in today's world 70% 70% …I feel I know a lot about My child(ren) have opportunities to participate in community service activities 63% 65% “St Stephen’s provides a blended education of academics and Christianity that is not overwhelming but very present and alive. This is also variable and is catered to all levels of the School, it tends to lend itself to everyone's level of growth within the School community.” My child(ren)'s experience at St. Stephen's School has equipped him/her with a strong sense of Christian values 58% Students who agree Parents who agree Staff are seen as a key part of the fabric and ethos of St Stephen’s School by parents 9 in 10 parents agree that their children’s teachers are friendly towards them (87% agree), generally responsive to communication (83% agree) and easily accessible to them as parents (82% agree). A significant proportion of parents agree that their children’s teachers serve as excellent role models for their children (72% agree). PROPORTION OF STAFF WHO SAY THAT THE SCHOOL’S EMPHASIS ACROSS THESE AREAS IS ‘ABOUT RIGHT’ “I am proud because I think we have a good reputation and the learning is good.” Year 5 student “I am happy to be at a school where everyone gets along and has a good time.” Year 7 student The staff and teachers at St Stephen’s School are a central element of the School community and are well regarded by parents. When parents were asked to respond to 10 statements that summarise the character of St Stephen’s School, ‘approachable staff’ was the response most selected. Parents express strong levels of satisfaction with the teachers and staff that interact with their children at the School, and 3 in 4 (75%) agree that staff pay attention to their child’s welfare. student care and support faith and Christianity building school community community service and mission learning and academics 89% 74% 70% 68% 67% When parents were asked to highlight the biggest strength of the School, many commended the quality of the teaching staff and the level of pastoral care provided to students. 6 ST ST E P H E N ’ S P U B L I C R E P O RT 12 12 ST ST E P H E N ’ S P U B L I C R E P O RT ST ST E P H E N ’ S P U B L I C R E P O RT 8 ST ST E P H E N ’ S P U B L I C R E P O RT 5 McCrindle •Research Pack

  7. We not only conduct world’s-best research but we implement the findings strategically and communicate the insights innovatively. RESEARCH PROCESS At McCrindle, our Strategic Research Model is a holistic approach to market and social research which ensures that the findings are actionable and the insights have strategic impacts. R E S E A R C H M E T H O D S BRIEFING PLANNING SCOPING RESEARCHING ST R AT E G I C R E S E A R C H M O D E L T M IMPLEMENTING COMMUNICATING ANALYSING REVIEWING B U S I N E S S P L A N N I N G The McCrindle approach combines the input of a research agency with the output forms of a design agency and importantly assists in the form of an advisory consultancy in facilitating key insights into strategy. It is strategic research, visually presented and effectively facilitated so that it can be organisationally implemented. T 1800 TRENDS E W 6

  8. We are living in times of unprecedented change – technologically, demographically, economically and socially. RESEARCH SOLUTIONS Industry wide studies Product & market research Consumer segmentation Stakeholder engagement research Demographic analysis Brand tracking & engagement Trends forecasting Strategic planning research Consumer ratings instruments 7 McCrindle •Research Pack

  9. For great organisations, innovation is the oxygen of success. To innovate effectively, organisations need to understand the times and track the trends. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS T 1800 TRENDS E W 8

  10. Our passion is empowering organisations to thrive in changing times. CORPORATE ADVISORY To increase sales, a deeper understanding of customers is imperative; to develop product innovations, an understanding of the changing trends and expectations is required; and to drive productivity, analysis of staff and their motivations is essential. Environmental scans Boardroom briefings Strategic planning Demographic forecasts McCrindle’s advisory service provides environmental scans, boardroom briefings, input into strategic planning processes and delivers research-based forecasts and strategy on a retainer or professional fee basis. Client round tables Research consulting 9 McCrindle •Research Pack

  11. At McCrindle we are research communicators. Our profession is designing and deploying best practice research. Our expertise is analysing findings to communicate insights and strategies. PRESENTATIONS Whether you are looking for a keynote address at a national conference, an onsite professional development workshop, or a strategy briefing for senior leaders, our presenters have the experience to ensure your event is a success. Conference keynotes Training workshops PD sessions Our presenters not only deliver keynote addresses at national conferences but specialise in the delivery of executive level briefings, strategic retreats, planning days, and in-house PD sessions that provide top- level industry scans to equip teams with the latest strategies to succeed. Executive briefings Launch events Research presentations Market analysis briefings guide decision-makers on the latest consumer segments while industry future forums outline the current trends, implications, outcomes, and recommendations of a product or service offering. T 1800 TRENDS E W 10

  12. Research is at its best when it brings about not only strategic outcomes but positions organisations as thought leaders through public communications and social media. MEDIA COMMENTARY As Australia’s leading social researchers, the senior research team at McCrindle are actively involved in media commentary. From demographic analysis and future forecasts, to communication of key research findings and the identification of social trends, at McCrindle we are passionate about communicating insights in clear, accessible and useable ways. We assist our clients in identifying newsworthy media angles in their research to assist them in communicating the insights effectively with the broader public. 11 McCrindle •Research Pack

  13. As researchers, we understand the methods but we’re also designers and we know what will communicate, and how to best engage. RESEARCH VISUALISATION At McCrindle, we’re visual translators, we’re information designers, we’re research communicators. To get cut through in these message saturated times, it’s essential that messages are presented in engaging and visual ways. T +61 2 8824 3422 E W 12

  14. Mars Hellas (Greece) Animated video entitled ‘Greek Street’ adapting our Australia Street concept. Mirvac Animated video on Australia’s population growth and demographic projections. Fully scripted, animated, designed, and produced by McCrindle. Australasian Wealth Investments Visualised PowerPoint deck with infographics highlighting Australia’s wealth landscape and the portfolio of Australian self-directed investors. 13 McCrindle •Research Pack

  15. St Stephen’s School Infographics and visualised reports summarising comprehensive school satisfaction and community engagement research. Moove Media Canberra and Newcastle region specific infographics featuring demographic and social trends analysis. St Stephen’s School Fast Facts The Indian Ocean Rim POPULATION AUSTRALIA’S 14% 75% Both Aus. born 14% None Aus. born 11% One Aus. born 433,000 7TH LARGEST Founded in 1797, Newcastle is the 2nd oldest city in Australia and the second largest in NSW 14% of Novocastrians have both parents born overseas compared to 34% Australia wide There are 433,000 people living in Newcastle / Maitland. CITY! 48 48 countries on the Indian Ocean rim Ff is for LARGER THAN THE ACT 2x POP. OF HOBART 3.5x POP. OF DARWIN FROG & TOAD The road. MAITLAND Maitland is growing by more people each year than any other regional city in NSW Mm is for Population of almost 2.6 billion, 39% of the world’s population JOBS UTE The Aussie car of choice. To call it a “pickup truck” would be, well, un-Australian. BUSINESS HUB How have we innovated? Uu is for 21% professionals 16% technicians & trades workers 15% clerical & admin workers Newcastle has produced more dancers 1 � Established St Stephen’s Institute: the research, training and development arm � Virtual space learning � Many2One � Device Agnostic � Virtual world � 24/7 teaching and learning � Learn anywhere, learn anytime � Cadet and mentoring program � Certificates of international education � Established St Stephen’s Global than any other city in Australia for the Global middle class will grow from 1.8 to 4.9 billion by 2030 2 2.5 people /household Australian Ballet Company! There is 1 business for every 5 families 3 NOVOCASTRIAN Someone who lives in Newcastle. And there are more of them than there are Canberrans or Northern Territorians Population growth in Africa could average 2.2% : Nn is for St Stephen’s School Dd is for DINKI DI True blue, patriotic. 51:49 TOP 10 POPULATION: 11% BORN: before 1946 % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 1% | 2025: 0% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 10 Lonely Planet has named Newcastle one of its top 10 places to visit 7 in 10 households own (or are paying off) their home, which is above the national average Post school destinations Senior secondary outcomes Median ATAR St Stephen’s School SERVE GOD SERVE ONE ANOTHER VET 2% 3% 2% University 147 144 POPULATION: 24% BORN: 1946 - 1964 % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 27% | 2025: 13% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 5 SPORT St Stephen’s School WA Padbury K - Year 2 Year 3 - Year 12 6% 78.75 TAFE Duncraig Carramar K - Year 12 9% Gap year 147students completed VET courses in Year 12 144of those achieved Certificate IIs or above Number graduating / Working full time 245 POPULATION: 20% BORN: 1965 - 1979 % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 35% | 2025: 29% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 4 59% Exchange 79% N E W C A S T L E The Newcastle Knights have 16,700 members and these are considered among the most die-hard in the NRL. The Knights won the Premiership in 1997 & 2001 98.8% 248 59% of students completed a VET qualification This includes both embedded and stand alone qualifications Other POPULATION: 20% BORN: 1980 - 1994 % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 31% | 2025: 31% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 3 Qq is for QUID Money. “It’ll cost you a few quid”. St Stephen’s School Fast Facts Fast Facts Contextual information 2727 students POPULATION: 19% BORN: 1995 - 2009 % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 6% | 2025: 27% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 2 ANCESTRY 3 locations Founded in 1983 Contextual information about the school Key Message 1 2 3 St Stephen’s School is an independent co-educational Christian school of the Uniting Church for Kindergarten to Year 12 with an enrolment of 2727 students. Our campuses are located in Perth’s northern suburbs of Duncraig and Carramar. St Stephen’s School welcomes and supports the Federal Government’s commitment to being ‘Open for Business’ and encouraging Australian business to explore, innovate and realise global market opportunities in their industry/market. With this in mind, St Stephen’s School is seeking to move from the 1950-60’s model of education, that has, and continues to, limit productivity and market growth, to a global education model in partnership with industry and countries of the Indian Ocean Rim, the most densely populated region of the world. We are seeking Government support to: Teacher standards & qualifications 33% 31% 8.3% Newcastle Port is the world’s largest coal exporting port POPULATION: 6% BORN: 2010 - 100% of teaching staff meet professional teaching requirements LANGUAGES ARVO The time after midday and before evening. Aa is for 72% have reached Step 14 (8 years plus teaching experience) Step 14 16% of Newcastle’s population volunteer regularly CIAO Providing a school where children can learn and grow into people of Christian character and integrity was at the heart of the founders’ intent, when the first brick of St Stephen’s School was laid in 1983. SINGLETON Singleton is living up to its name with not only almost 5% more males than females, but with a median age of just 33 (well below the national average age of 38), many of these males are indeed single ЗДРАВО Ss is for Workforce composition Only 9.1% of Novocastrians speak a language other than English at home. The most commonly spoken languages other than English are Macedonian and Italian 407 staff 297 staff directly involved in student learning BEACHES Today, the School’s founding vision remains core and is embedded in the fabric of the School as it strives to fulfil its mission of ‘growing people, growing faith’ for our ever-changing world – a world that needs people who aspire to live with purpose. 3 in 4 people in Newcastle travel to work by car - well above the national average *We had no staff who identified themselves as indigenous for 2013. And Newcastle is still the heartland of traditional Aussie slang MEDIAN AGE HOUSEHOLD INCOME Student attendance avg. K PP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 94.92% 90% 92% $1165 95.03% 97.18% 93.98% 95.12% 95.71% 96.06% 95.18% 94.73% 95.21% 94.99% 95.04% 93.82% 94.60% 93.81% 6 beaches in Newcastle are within a 5 minute drive of Newcastle CBD. That’s more beach access than any other of Australia’s top 10 cities - including the Gold Coast! To this end, St Stephen’s School teachers strive to make every student’s learning an adventure. Enlivened by Christian purpose, they provide a caring and challenging environment with innovative education and community service programs which engage students in the adventure of learning and serving. As the School enters its fourth decade, it is committed to ‘changing the world one mind at a time’ by ensuring the adventure of learning begins at St Stephen’s School – an adventure where students aspire to live with purpose. MISS UNIVERSE $1733/mth 38 The median weekly household income in Newcastle is $1165 Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004, hails from Newcastle and was the first Australian to win the beauty pageant in 32 years � Remove red tape and barriers to trade � Address Federal and State fragmentation � Address departmental fragmentation The median monthly mortgage repayments in Newcastle are $1733 compared to Australia wide monthly repayments of $1800 JOE BLAKE Snake. As in, “I just saw a Joe Blake on the Frog & Toad so do the Harold Holt!” Jj is for MEDIAN HOUSE PRICE $445,000 HELLO EST. 1816 220 FAMILY Mr Tony George Principal = 108,184 families 1.8 kids/family DENSITY Newcastle East Public School is the oldest continuously running school in Australia This is 6 times Australia’s average income, while for Sydney it is almost 11 times 82% of Canberra’s households speak English only at home. The most commonly spoken languages other than English are Mandarin, Vietnamese and Italian. 94% 96% 98% 100% 8.48 people per hectare 2013 Funding sources 2013 Payments 3% 1% 6% School satisfaction 2013 AVERAGE RENT 6% 3% Cwlth Gov. grants Employee payroll costs 91% 86% 81% Staff $260 pw 1 in every 50 Canberran workers 53% of Canberrans eat enough fruit (2+ serves a day) compared to the national average of 58% The population density of Newcastle is 8.48 people per hectare. The population density of Sydney is 372.4 people per hectare Canberra is home to Australia’s 6 spy agencies which employ Parents Students 35% State Gov. grants Payments to suppliers 15% Fees from parents Interest paid 45% 70% Camps/tours Loan repayments St Stephen’s School SERVE GOD SERVE ONE ANOTHER 16% 1 in 3 Canberrans rode their bicycle in the last month, compared to 1 in 4 Australians Interest Capital purchases JOBS AUSTRALIA’S + + 1 29% professionals 19% clerical & admin workers 16% managers 8TH LARGEST THE VOICE OF THE STAFF THE VOICE OF THE COMMUNITY Canberrans generally earn more, have bigger houses and are more likely to own their own home than other Aussies! 2 CITY! Founded in 1913, Canberra is Australia’s largest inland city In some Canberra suburbs you have more chance of living next door to a spy than anywhere else on earth PERSPECTIVES ON EDUCATION 80% 68% of staf say the School allows them to grow professionally 3 DESIRES FOR INDEPENDENT EDUCATION % of the community who indicate ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ important AVERAGE INCOME of staf say that training and career development opportunities are better at St Stephen’s School $1689 $1517 HOUSEHOLD INCOME 97% 84% 80% 80% Quality of the teaching staf than elsewhere VS. Strong academic results $1891 The school's reputation in the community Integration of technology in teaching and learning 87% of the community say that schools need to change their approach to teaching vocational and people skills EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS AND CONDITIONS Proportion of staf who think this is better at St Stephen’s School than at other schools The average full time working Canberran earns 11% more per week than the average Australian The median weekly household income in Canberra is $1891 compared to an Australia wide median weekly household income of $1234 PERSPECTIVES ON ST STEPHEN’S SCHOOL Broad and interesting job description Workplace community Empowering leadership and management styles Support provided to teachers Training and career development opportunities 89% “St Stephen’s provides a blended education of academics and Christianity that is not overwhelming but very present and alive” St Stephen’s teacher 83% 81% 80% 80% POPULATION: 7% % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 1% | 2025: 0% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 10 ST STEPHEN’S SCHOOL... Proportion of the community who agree 8 x 4 = 3232% 95% 90% 90% 82% a school that is well regarded by the general community C A N B E R R A ...achieves good and solid academic results POPULATION: 21% % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 27% | 2025: 13% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 5 32% of Canberrans are currently attending an educational institution ...provides a well-rounded, holistic, and balanced approach to education cutting-edge in its integration of technology 87% of staf are proud to be a staf member of St Stephen’s School 86% of staf find their work satisfying and fulfilling $ $ THE ST STEPHEN’S SCHOOL STUDENT % of the community who agree POPULATION: 22% % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 35% | 2025: 29% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 4 = $3112 Of families with two incomes and children the average weekly earning is $3112 compared with the Australia wide average of $2310 POPULATION: 24% % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 31% | 2025: 31% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 3 4+ “St Stephen’s provides balanced education and care of students and their families. They are developing exceptional human beings and assisting their way into the workforce and future.” Community member ST STEPHEN’S SCHOOL... Proportion of staf who agree characterised by hard- working and committed staf 94% 93% 90% 89% Hard-working and studious Friendly and well-mannered Successful and academically strong MATE A friend, or stranger - anyone. Used at the end of most sentences. Mm is for POPULATION: 19% % OF WORKFORCE: Today: 6% | 2025: 27% UNI DEGREE: 1 in 2 65% of people go to work by car compared to 60% Australia wide 91% a successful school highly regarded in the general community a responsive/adaptive school, accepting of change ...accepts individual needs/diferences moving forward in the right direction 89% 36% of Canberra’s private dwellings have 4 bedrooms or more, compared to 30% Australia wide 22% in the proportion of staf who agree that the School is moving in the right direction from 52% to 74% St Stephen’s School SERVE GOD SERVE ONE ANOTHER CANBERRAN And there are more of them than there are Northern Territorians increase since November 2013 Cc is for Visit 79% Research and infographic design by DWELLING APPROVALS 78% POPULATION: 7% For more information about the St Stephen’s School 2014 Research please contact St Stephen’s Institute: P (08) 9243 2435 E 61% of residential approvals in the last 12 months have been for medium / high- density housing for more results and to read the summary report 74% 32% 39% 61% MEDIAN AGE Canberrans are for more likely to be in tertiary education than the national average. Of all full-time students 32% are in university or vocational institutions compared to 22% nationally. The median age is 34, which is 3 years below the national average 32% Less current smokers in the ACT – 86% are non- smokers compared to 82% nationally 32% of Canberrans have both parents born overseas compared to 34% Australia wide 39% T 1800 TRENDS E W 14

  16. FREEDOM FOODS CASE STUDY Australia’s Good Food Karma Index Creating a national food index to support a product launch What is Australia’s relationship with food? Freedom Foods commissioned McCrindle to research what Australians are eating and to determine the nation’s everyday relationship with food. Based on a national study of Australians, analysis of national data sources, and integration of social data, McCrindle developed the Good Food Karma Index, a 20 dimensional algorithm that allows Australians to calculate their individual Good Food Karma score. 15 McCrindle •Research Pack

  17. The visualised, media-ready report with the Good Food Karma results showed how attitudes to food compared across states, generations and occupations. State by State AUSTRALIA’S FOOD KARMA PERSONALITIES Four Australian food personalities emerge from the Good Food Karma Index. These personalities define how Australians interact with food on the measures of perspective versus context. Perspective determines whether an individual makes choices motivated by immediacy or for long-term benefit, and context establishes whether food is consumed in a more social or personal setting. Friendly Foodies make up 21% of the Australian population. You’re about the social side of food – your meals go hand in hand with friends’ events and you keep up to date with the wider food community. A social glass of wine would never go astray whether you’re dining out or hosting, and your choices are made for the good of the group. When it comes to the menu, you’ll always try to choose the healthier option, regardless of price, and you’ll always choose Yum Cha if it means a social outing. Oh, and you’re pretty likely to upload #foodporn. Men versus Women Overachieversmake up 28% of the Australian population. When it comes to food and nutrition, you’re chasing goals. You’re the one who will cut up carrot sticks at midnight if it means you’ll have healthy snacks for tomorrow. You won’t show up to the grocery store without a list, and you know exactly what you need in your diet. There’s little chance you’ll skip your kale energy salad even for the sake of a social meal, and you’re unfazed by the price or time it takes to make a healthy option. 8 10 12 Our research team’s thought leadership input, media commentary, and presentation at a launch event assisted Freedom Foods in attracting national media attention to gain print, radio, and television coverage across major Australian news outlets in preparation for a major product launch. T 1800 TRENDS E W 16

  18. WOOLWORTHS CASE STUDY The Future of Fresh Thought leadership research and visualised report to support national advertising campaign Woolworths commissioned McCrindle to forecast Australian life in 20 years through a national survey of 2,000 Australian grocery buyers, analysis of market data containing the purchasing behaviours of 2.5 million Australians, trend mapping of Australian Bureau of Statistics data, and collaboration with industry experts. The Future of Fresh report reveals the way Australians will shop in 2034 and the predicted purchasing habits of emerging households, particularly Generation Alpha. FUTURE OF FRESH Transforming the fresh food landscape over the next 20 years Part of the Woolworths Trolley Trends Series 1 T RO L L E Y T R E N D S Future of Fresh generated significant media coverage through print, online, radio, and television interviews to assist Woolworths as an innovator in supermarket shopping. 17 McCrindle •Research Pack

  19. In addition to conducting primary research and analysing datasets, McCrindle’s research visualisation team produced a series of infographics and a visualised research report. GENERATION ALPHA The Face of the Future Shopper AUSTRALIA A Future Facing Nation THE EVOLUTION OF FRESH 1984 2014 2034 50 YEARS OF CHANGE THE GENERATIONS TODAY Costa and Vitamin D Mushrooms stimulating Vitamin D production and resulting in a mushroom that provides 100% of the recommended dietary intake of Vitamin D. The mushrooms were produced exclusively for Woolworths in conjunction with Costa in response to a growing incidence of Vitamin D deficiency amongst Australians. GENERATION ALPHA AGED UNDER 5 Based in Victoria, Costa is Australia’s largest private producer, marketer and exporter of premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables. With over 4,000ha of land across Australia, 20ha protected glasshouse production, more than 40 farming, wholesale market and distribution operations nationally, Costa supply and service to retail, wholesale and export customers and provide employment for over 7,000 people during peak seasonal periods. 54% 36% BABY BOOMERS AGED 50 - 68 GENERATION X AGED 35 - 49 GENERATION Y AGED 20 - 34 GENERATION Z AGED 5 - 19 BUILDERS 15.4 million people 23.7 million people 33.3 million people NATIONAL POPULATION AGED 69+ α Vitamin D enhanced mushrooms are now sold in over 700 stores across NSW, VIC, WA, SA and TAS. 69% 31% Fast facts Gen Alpha Shopping habits Gen Alpha in 2034 The grocery buyers of tomorrow GLOBAL AGE IN 2034 10 - 24 YEARS OLD 5.4 million households 9.1 million households 11.9 million households TOTAL HOUSEHOLDS Generation Alpha will look for a truly multicultural range of favours in their shopping experience. In the last year, Woolworths has worked closely with Costa to develop a unique line of Vitamin D enhanced mushrooms. The mushrooms are exposed to UV light pulses during the growing process, naturally MOBILE +6.8yrs +2.8yrs TOTAL NUMBER IN 2034 Gen Alpha will be even busier than previous generations.  In-store cafés featuring fresh, ready-made items and home deliveries for commonplace groceries will be attractive options for this next-generation consumer. MEDIAN AGE 30.5 years old 37.3 years old 40.1 years old 6.5 MILLION α % OF POPULATION IN 2034 SOCIAL +6.3yrs +6.0yrs Fresh, in-store sushi a hit with customers 19% Gen Alpha will team up with neighbours, friends, and nearby shoppers to make shopping a social experience in which the supermarket becomes a hub for real world living. 75.8 years 82.1 years 88.1 years LIFE EXPECTANCY AT BIRTH In response to demand for more range and choice when it comes to healthy, fresh, on the go options Woolies has introduced in-store sushi bars where fresh sushi is made daily in-store by experts. Recently, Woolworths opened its 100th Sushi Izu in-store outlet at Currambine in WA, making Woolworths the largest sushi retailer in Australia. Providing quick and healthy meal options prepared on-site daily, the latest opening continues the trend for fresh, in- store food innovation spearheaded by Woolies over the past few years. LIKELY TO HAVE JUST 1.7 CHILDREN VISUAL 33% 4% Gen Alpha will focus their shopping on the enjoyable experience of browsing selected fresh and local foods presented through in-store farmers’ markets. 234,034 births 310,600 births 324,288 births DOWN FROM 1.9 TODAY ANNUAL BIRTHS 9 IN 10 WILL COMPLETE YEAR 12 HSC DIGITAL MALE +2.8yrs +1.2yrs The Family of 2034 30.2 years old 33.0 years old 34.2 years old Mobile devices and personalised shopping apps will guide Gen Alpha’s supermarket choices based on what they like to eat, what fts their lifestyle and what matches their dietary requirements. UP FROM 8 IN 10 TODAY FEMALE MEDIAN AGE OF PARENTS (NEW BIRTHS) +3.6yrs +0.6yrs 30.7 years old 31.3 years old 27.1 years old Gen Y Shopping traits MORE THAN HALF WILL COMPLETE A UNI DEGREE α Buying fresh is important to 99% Gen Ys Y 81% 55% RATIO OF WORKERS:RETIREES – 3:1 Buying local is important to 94% Gen Ys : 6.4 million people 11.6 million people 18.0 million people TOTAL EMPLOYED DOWN FROM 5:1 TODAY 78% want nutrient-enriched foods introduced $ $ $ $ Gen Alpha’s parents, Gen Y, will be sophisticated, conscientious, empowered, future-driven, health-cognate, fresh-focused, and locally engaged supermarket shoppers. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 290% 58% 18 JOBS 6 15 $ $ It is likely these traits will be passed on to Gen Alpha as the emerging grocery buyers CAREERS HOMES $18,990 $73,980 $116,620 18 JOBS, 6 CAREERS, 15 HOMES IN A LIFETIME FULL-TIME ANNUAL EARNINGS F U T U R E O F F R E S H 8 Source: McCrindle Research Demographics based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with future forecasts for 2034 fgures. Sources: Social analysis by Mark McCrindle; ABS;McCrindle Research Survey, July 2014; QUT Leaders in Local Research, July 2013. COMMUNITY RE-DEFINED MODERN VALUES NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND DIGITAL REALITIES The new village green: Australians defne the most important gathering place in their community 39% Delivering Exceptional Value The shopping experience will become a hybrid of online shopping through mobile devices and personalised shopping apps, and real world fresh food shopping in-store. In 2034 our in-store shopping will be guided not only by our shopping list but also by applications which facilitate our shopping experience. They will be able to detect when and where a customer is in store and provide recommendations and discounts in real-time based on our lifestyle, our eating habits and our shopping trolley as we fill it. Over the next two decades, technology will become an integral part of the shopping experience, both in-store and at home. Between 2013 and 2014 Woolworths helped save its customers over $400 million dollars through deep discounting across a number of national brands and home brand grocery items. A consistent focus on price campaigns has helped deliver real savings to consumers, with the average household saving an average of $455 a year, the equivalent of two big weekly shops. 19% 11% DISCOUNT! save $400,000,000 2 weekly shops $455 household savings per year Just as our private lives are being transformed through technology, both individually and socially, we will see a profound shift in the way that we think about and experience shopping in the next twenty years. Already we have greater access to more information than ever before. The power of information technology is changing how we source information and how we relate to each other. It is also changing how we eat, what we eat, and how we experience shopping. = = A local pub or club (RSL, local hotal, etc.) The local community centre 16% At home, intelligent appliances and digital homes will monitor our consumption of common basic grocery items, automatically detecting items we are running low on based on our own past consumption, our social networks and clever predictions. 6% Adding Value – Sustainable Seafood with Taronga, Woolies developed Fish For Good, a program for marine conservation in Australia aimed at empowering customers to make informed choices when they buy seafood for their family so they not only enjoy a nutritious meal but help protect our oceans at the same time. As a major supplier of seafood to customers, Woolworths recognises its role in safeguarding oceans in a sustainable way. Seafood is an integral part of our fresh food offer so healthy oceans, sustainable fish stocks and a thriving fishing industry are all-essential to our business. The way we pay will also shift, with the majority of all check-outs being cash-less in 2034 and some retail outlets going completely cash-less and more payments made via chips embedded in mobile phones than stand-alone credit cards. Australians will be quick to respond to these innovations, with 4 in 5 Australians (83%) having adopted self-scanners regularly since their inception across Australian supermarkets in 2008. A community park or sports ground The local school Growing awareness of food provenance and sustainability amongst our customers has led to initiatives like Fish For Good, a sustainability program aimed at empowering shoppers to make more informed decisions when buying seafood. Australians are shifting towards doing their supermarket shopping online, with 1.2% of all supermarket spend taking place online, up from 0.9% two years ago. New families especially are moving towards online shopping and are 2.6 times more likely to shop online than the average Australian. The local shopping centre 5% 4% Our everyday seafood choices, from shopping at the supermarket to eating out – are important not just for today but for tomorrow. Woolworths is committed to making a positive difference to our oceans and marine life to help ensure an ocean friendly future. A local church The facility of a local community group (Scouts, CWA, PCYC, etc.) The Online Shopper Profle Woolworths is currently the largest retailer of MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified seafood and Pole & Line caught tuna, ensuring shoppers can make informed decisions when buying their seafood in-store. - THEN - - NOW - % Australians who say this is extremely or very important to them I like to buy foods that are locally sourced and know where my food comes from 10% P O I N TS In 2012, Woolworths partnered with Taronga Zoo to help Australians learn more about their oceans and make sustainable seafood choices. In partnership % Australians who say this was extremely or very important to them 3-5 years ago 45% Individuals Businesses 55% 6.4% Top business customers TOP REASONS TO BUY LOCAL 2.6x more likely to be a new family 1. Supporting local farms and local businesses 2. Growing local economic development and investment 91% see as a beneft Online Shopping Customers 89% percieve as true in buying local food Top foods Australians want to see locally sourced Most likely 25-44 years old Ofces Schools Child Care Meat, poultry & eggs Fruit & vegetables Bread and grain Seafood & fsh 100% HOME GROWN 87% 86% 84% 82% More likely to be premium than budget shoppers $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 93.6% $ 13 F U T U R E O F F R E S H Source: McCrindle Research Survey, July 2014; Market Blueprint (electronic spend) data with 34% cash adjustment for ofine spend provided by Quantium; Woolworths Online Shopper Profle & Database; and future projections from Professor Jan Recker, QUT. Sources: McCrindle Research Survey, July 2014; QUT Leaders in Local Research, July 2013. T 1800 TRENDS E W 18

  20. SCOUTS AUSTRALIA CASE STUDY National Youth Program Review Engaging stakeholders for strategic organisational change Scouts is Australia’s largest youth development organisation with a membership of 52,000 youth members. For the first time in over three decades, Scouts reviewed its youth program and commissioned McCrindle to undertake a three phase project to understand the perspectives and needs among Scouting and non-Scouting Australian families. PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 Exploratory research with Scouts members and their parents in a series of focus groups. A national study of 1,078 Australian parents with children 6-18 comparing their views with 1,858 Scouts parents. Demographic and social trends analysis on Generation Z and Generation Alpha as relevant to Scouting. The McCrindle team visualised and presented the results of all three phases at national and state executive meetings to assist key stakeholders in understanding the strategic changes required to shape the new Scouts program. research snapshot values / / top 7 source countries interaction Hours per day of face-to-face social interaction declines as use of electronic media increases. gen z slang 1,078 gender top values parents want instilled Top values that Scouting and non-Scouting parents combined want instilled in their children YOLO FOMO Cray cray Defs Foshizz Chillax STABO You only live once National 8 Non-Scouting parents with children aged 6-18 surveyed 1,858 Fear of missing out Face-to-face interaction Electronic media 42% 58% % of permanant arrivals 7 Crazy HOURS/DAY 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 UK New Zealand China India Italy Vietnam Phillipines 19.9% 9.1% 6.3% 5.7% 3.6% 3.5% 3.5% Definitely Scouts 5 For sure 1997 29% 71% Scouting parents with children aged 6-18 in Scouts surveyed 4 Chilled & relaxed 3 Source: Sigman 2009 Subject to a better offer the scouting community 1990 1995 2000 2005 To develop life skills, independence, resourcefulness and leadership, working with others to have fun and learn diverse skills. These skills and abilities remain highly relevant, and needed by the youth of today. Due to the increased screen time and sedentary lifestyles of young people, parents and educators have a strong desire for children to be active and outdoors. 52,276 71% 29% Australia is increasingly culturally diverse and there is a challenge for Scouts Australia to reflect this rich diversity. globaldigital 52,276 young people aged 6-25were involved in the Scouts Australia youth program in 2013 71% of Scout members are male; 29% are female AGED 6 - 13 health globalgendigitalintegrators religious values How important is it to you that the values instilled by a children’s or youth development program / Scouts are founded on religious values? 89% % likely to be obese/overweight when all Gen Z have reached adulthood (2027)* 70% heritage 79% 89%*of Scouting parents are of Anglo-Celtic ancestry compared to 70%†of Australians *As per national study of 1,858 Scouting parents †As per 2011 census GEN National 10% 15% 25% 17% 32% 79% of Scouts members are aged 6 to 13 z ZED 46% have 1 or both parents born overseas Scouts6% 22% 12% 17% 42% Extremely important Very important Somewhat important Slightly important Not at all important perspectives of scouts EST. 1995 interests & motivations / 19% Non-Scouting parents are most interested in the elements of “outdoor experiences” (70%) and “learning by doing” (70%) in the Scouting program. 77.9% 61.8% “ of non-Scouting parents have not heard of Scouts Australia why join scouts or a program like it % of parents who say this is extremely or very influential for their kids National what parents want What would / do parents want from Scouts or a program like it? generationconnected social leadership styles While leadership necessarily involves positional structures, it needs to connect through relational styles. Only through this collaborative leadership style will both outcomes and engagement result. Scouts What it is supposed to be and what it actually is, is largely dependent on who is running it. l 1. Seeing kids grow By 2025, more than half of the workforce will be comprised of Generations Y and Z. Over this next decade Australia will experience its biggest intergenerational leadership transfer ever. 70% 70% Outdoor experiences learning by doing 71% 71% 88% 78% 2. Keeping kids active Fun Having friends who are involved Fun Being involved in new things what scouts offers % who know that Scouts offers this most known redefined lifestages Command & Control Collaboration & Contribution activities that interest young people % who indicate their kids are extremely/very interested, ranked by non-Scouting parents least known 20TH CENTURY TODAY CHILDHOOD CHILDHOOD TEENAGER TEENAGER ADULTHOOD Outdoor experiences Certificate II VET accreditation 84% 16% TWEEN YOUNG ADULT KIPPERS ADULTHOOD CAREER-CHANGER DOWNAGER 59% 90% 45% 49% 44% 42% Performing arts Personal progressive scheme with badges Outdoor adventures Art or music instruction & performances Sporting competitions 78% 27% Generation Alpha are the Scouts of tomorrow - born since 2010, the first year they were born coincided with the launch of the iPad. Following in the footsteps of Generation Z, not only will Gen Alpha be the most digitally integrated, globally connected, formally educated generation we have seen, they will also be the largest, with 2.5 million Gen Alpha's born around the globe each week. GEN α ALPHA 42% 85% 40% 47% 37% 61% Teamwork development Spiritual awareness EST. 2010 76% 28% The Generations: Builders »Baby Boomers »Generation X »Generation Y »Generation Z »Generation α Weekend camps Academic learning Large child/youth events 19 “ One chief commissioner suggested this is the best research we have ever completed. - SCOUTS McCrindle •Research Pack

  21. PARRAMATTA CITY COUNCIL CASE STUDY Longitudinal Perception Tracking Testing public perceptions of brand and place Parramatta City Council commissioned McCrindle to conduct a perception tracking study among Sydneysiders, gauging their connection with and assessment of Parramatta. An online survey was conducted among 1,259 Sydneysiders living in six distinct geographic areas followed by 6 focus groups with a total of 55 participants working in three major CBDs across Sydney. PENRITH CITY COUNCIL CASE STUDY Penrith Progression Fact Sheets Conducting economic and demographic analysis Penrith City Council undertook a collaborative process to engage government, community, and business leaders with the economic and social drivers that will shape Penrith’s urban renewal. McCrindle was commissioned to research and design a series of infographics and factsheets summarising economic, demographic, and social trends in comparison to neighbouring population centres Liverpool and Blacktown. PENRITH: A CITY OF OPPORTUNITY PENRITH: A CITY OF OPPORTUNITY BUSINESS AND THE LOCAL ECONOMY HOUSING AND COMMUNITY PENRITH: A GROWTH CITY PENRITH COMPARISON 10% NUMBER OF DWELLINGS 2004 2014 2024 MEDIAN AGE THEN 2004 NOW 2014 NEXT 2024 SYDNEY POPULATION: 4,028,524 POP. GROWTH: 2.3% AREA: 4,063.7 km2 S PERSONAL INCOME MEDIAN INCOME (WEEKLY) OF WESTERN SYDNEY LIVES IN PENRITH GROSS REGIONAL PRODUCT Penrith’s Gross Regional Product (GRP) was $6.8 billion for the 2012 financial year. NUMBER OF DWELLINGS Sydneysiders in the same position) and 63% have not moved house in the last 5 years (compared to 57% of Sydneysiders who have not moved in the same period of time). 56,000 34 36 69,000 79,000 S $632 B POPULATION SYDNEY P L PENRITH $623 PENRITH POPULATION: 190,428 POP. GROWTH: 1.9% AREA: 404.9 km2 P $510 P PEOPLE PER HOUSEHOLD 2004 2014 % UNDER 20 POP. 172,000 190,000 212,000 BIG AND DETACHED HOMES Residents living in Penrith live in bigger homes and more stand-alone houses than most Sydneysiders, with 81% living in a detached home (compared to 59% of Sydneysiders), and 36% residing in 4+ bedroom properties (compared to 29% of Sydneysiders). B $565 2024 2004 2014 2024 LOCAL WORKFORCE % OF WORKFORCE COMPRISED OF LOCAL RESIDENTS 29% 25% BUILDING APPROVALS IN PENRITH CITY WERE $477m IN THE 2012/2013 FINANCIAL YEAR - 2.34% OF THE TOTAL VALUE IN NSW LIVERPOOL POPULATION: 195,355 POP. GROWTH: 2.1% AREA: 305.5 km2 L L AFFORDABLE HOUSING GREATER LIKELIHOOD TO PURCHASE The median mortgage repayment in Penrith is $1,983 compared to Sydney’s median mortgage repayment of $2,169. Rent payments are also significantly lower with residents paying a median price of $300 per week in rent, compared to $365 across Sydney. SYDNEY PENRITH 2.93 2.82 2.74 THE PENRITH LIFESTYLE TOP NEW BUSINESS FORMATIONS, 2009- 2012, PENRITH L P B BLACKTOWN POPULATION: 325,185 POP. GROWTH: 2.2% AREA: 246.9 km2 B EMPLOYMENT BY OCCUPATION TOP 3 - DIVERSITY OF EMPLOYMENT 1 2 MOVING HAVE NOT MOVED IN LAST 5 YEARS HOMES DETACHED HOMES LOCAL BUSINESS AND NEW BUSINESS FORMATIONS There are 12,957 local businesses operating in Penrith City. 23.6% of these were in construction, 10.4% in transport, postal and warehousing, and 10.3% in rental, hiring, and real estate services. New Rank Industry 56% 38% 44% formations 3 Industry not classified LOCAL ECONOMY GROSS REGIONAL PRODUCT ($, BILLION) +176 MORTGAGE/RENT MEDIAN MORTGAGE PAYMENT (MONTHLY) 63% PENRITH LANGUAGE TOP 5 GROWING LANGUAGES 1 2 3 4 5 Samoan 57% SYDNEY 81% 59% Financial and Insurance Services PENRITH SYDNEY 1. +100 P L $6.83 EDUCATION HIGHEST TERTIARY QUALIFICATION VOCATIONAL CERTIFICATE P L 17.3% 17.1% Clerical & admin Trades & technical Professional P L $1,983 4+ BEDROOM HOMES $7.47 CAR OWNERSHIP OWNERSHIP OF 2 + VEHICLES 55% Education and Training 2. +49 $2,167 B 36% 29% $11.91 22.0% Filipino Punjabi Hindi Arabic B 44% $2,100 LEADING SKILLS CITY Accommodation and Food Services Between 2009 and 2012, 483 new businesses were registered in Penrith. During the same time, 216 businesses were lost, resulting in a net gain of 267. NUMBER OF LOCAL JOBS 3. +42 PENRITH SYDNEY MEDIAN RENT (WEEKLY) P L 71,474 B $360 $330 UNITS/TOWNHOUSES 19% Health Care and Social Assistance P PENRITH SYDNEY 4. +27 72,246 BACHELOR OR HIGHER DEGREE P L 12.6% 17.2% 41% QUALIFIED, EDUCATED Finance and insurance led all other sectors with 100 new businesses formed, followed by education and training with 49. B $400 111,251 10.6% L BUT GROWTH REQUIRED IN UNIVERSITY DEGREES Public Administration and Safety 1,692 MORE WOMEN THAN MEN HAVE A BACHELOR OR HIGHER DEGREE QUALIFICATION IN PENRITH $338 2 in 5 have a post school qualification 5. +27 Penrith residents spend less on mortgage payments than the average Sydneysider, with just under a third (32.7%) of their total income attributed to repayments, compared with 33.6% of the average Sydneysider’s income that is spent on mortgage repayments. NO. OF RESIDENTS FOR EVERY LOCAL JOB : : : $390 $370 B B PENRITH SYDNEY 2.7 P L House Unit ECONOMIC COMPARISON ACROSS THE REGION THE LOCAL ECONOMY IN ALL NSW NGAA CITIES, 2012 TENURE % OF RESIDENT HOME OWNERSHIP 2.7 PENRITH ECONOMIC GROWTH HOUSE PRICES MEDIAN HOUSE AND UNIT PRICES 2.9 B 26% 23% 23% 42% 40% 43% 26% 26% 26% P L Penrith Liverpool Blacktown Campbelltown Camden GROSS REGIONAL PRODUCT (GRP) % ANNUAL CHANGE IN GRP FROM PREVIOUS YEAR PERSONAL INCOME AVERAGE INCOME PER PERSON $395,000 P Rental payments are also more affordable in Penrith, with residents spending just 21.5% of their weekly income on rent (compared with 24.5% of Sydney residents). GRP in 2012 ($, billion) $281,000 $6.83 $7.47 $11.91 $4.92 $2.7 OVER 5000 FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT JOBS WERE CREATED IN PENRITH CITY DURING THE 5 YEARS BETWEEN THE 2006 AND 2011 CENSUS B $489,000 5 Penrith Sydney NSW Australia 60000 L Penrith Blacktown Liverpool $295,000 % of NSW’s Gross State Product own outright own with mortgage rent 4 1.6% 1.7% 2.7% 1.1% 0.5% $460,300 B 55000 $340,000 Actual data Projected data 3 Local businesses 12,957 13,505 18,069 8,647 4,999 House Unit 50000 2 Local jobs 71,474 72,246 111,251 45,612 22,441 The average number of persons per bedroom is 1.1 in Penrith and 1.2 in Sydney. Sources: ABS, RP Data, Penrith City Council THE PENRITH OPPORTUNITY 45000 Employed residents 97,366 87,044 150,647 73,257 32,222 1 STABILITY OF RESIDENCE AND LESS MOVING Penrith residents are more stable in the location where they live and move less than most Sydney residents. 84% live in the same residence as a year ago (compared to 81% of Job to person ratio 2.7 2.7 2.9 3.4 2.8 OVER THE NEXT 20 YEARS, PENRITH IS PROJECTED TO GROW AT 1.9% ANNUALLY FOR A TOTAL POPULATION INCREASE OF 46.9% FROM 185,000 271,000 40000 0 PENRITH IS THE 11TH FASTEST GROWING LGA IN THE SYDNEY REGION 33,000 NEW RETIREES WILL CALL PENRITH HOME IN THE NEXT 20 YEARS 11th 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 THE POPULATION OF THOSE UNDER 15 WILL GROW BY 42% BY 2031 Business to person ratio +42% 14.7 14.5 18.0 17.8 12.7 GROWING INDUSTRIES TOP 3 INCREASE IN JOBS 2006-2011 1,633 GROWING OCCUPATIONS TOP 3 INCREASE OF PERSONS WORKING 2006-2011 1,089 1,070 BUSINESS FORMATION TOP 3 NEW BUSINESS FORMATIONS 2009-2012 100 THE POPULATION OF THOSE OVER 65 WILL GROW BY 187% BY 2031 Unemployment Rate (Dec 2013) +187% 6.39% 7.29% 7.94 7.24% 3.26% IN 2011 TO IN 2031 686 49 761 42 PENRITH’S GROWTH TRAJECTORY POSITIONS THE ECONOMY WELL FOR THE FOLLOWING FUTURE WAVES INDUSTRIES IDENTIFIED BY DELOITTE Reskilling an ageing workforce Information & communications technology Community care & residential aged care Private schooling 418 Health Care and Social Assistance Transport, Postal and Warehousing Education and Training Machinery Operators and Drivers Professionals Community and Personal Service Workers Financial and Insurance Services Education and Training Accommodation and Food Services T 1800 TRENDS E W 20

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  23. Our best-selling books, award winning research and renowned infographics are widely distributed resources and we apply the same passion in assisting our clients to make an impact. BOOKS Available at all good bookstores or online at THE ABC OF XYZ WORD UP THE POWER OF GOOD /the-power-of-good A5 INFOGRAPHICS AU ST R A L I A’ S P O P U L AT I O N M A P AUSTRALIA STREET If Australia was a street of 100 households... POPULATION: 263 PEOPLE PARENT PLACE OF BIRTH NATIONAL POPULATION AS STREET LENGTH Rank TOP NAMES EFFECTIVE ENGAGEMENT Uni degrees X MOBILITY CHINA ST. INDIA ST. AUSTRALIA ST. 1 11.6 km 1 2 3 4 5 Oliver William Jack Noah Jackson 2,500,000 Charlotte Olivia Ava Emily Mia Verbal Visual Try & see Facilitator Flexibility Collaborating Learner centric Open book world Glass & devices Y Z 1 in 2* 1 in 4 1 in 3 2 ... 10.7 km Sit & listen Teacher Job security Commanding Curriculum centred Closed book exams Books & paper 17 5 15 Fastest growing street at 140m / yr. India St. will be the longest in 2030 α α 51 200 m α ‘000 4,488 4,375 2,207 1,995 1,283 623 433 429 324 301 291 208 186 182 149 124 115 100 93 88 87 86 82 76 71 69 55 52 50 49 # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 CITY SYDNEY MELBOURNE BRISBANE PERTH ADELAIDE Gold Coast Newcastle ACT/CANBERRA Central Coast Sunshine Coast Wollongong HOBART Geelong Townsville Cairns DARWIN Toowoomba Ballarat Bendigo Albury/Wodonga Mackay Launceston Rockhampton Bunbury Bundaberg Coffs Harbour Wagga Wagga Hervey Bay Mildura Shepparton screenagers 8 16 JOBS Careers Homes 54% Both Aus. born 34% None Aus. born 12% One Aus. born CURRENT TOP 5 BABY NAMES 22% 27% 27% 24% Gen Alphas born globally each week 3.6 Births per year Year 10 Year 11/12 VEHICLE OWNERSHIP Today: 5.8% IN A LIFETIME* Oliver William Jack Noah Jackson 1 2 3 4 5 Charlotte Olivia Ava Emily Mia Face-to-face interaction Electronic media WA 3.1% 7 9% None 37% 1 37% 2 17% 3 HOURS/DAY UPAGERS•Generationglass 15 GENERATIONCONNECTED•iGEN•SCREENAGERS z ZED 6 Today: 0.72 million Dip. or Cert. slanguage health 5 NT 0.25m (1.0%) Degree or Post Grad. GEN α GEN 1997 % likely to be obese/ overweight when all Gen Z have reached adulthood (2027)* 4 3 Cray cray Source: Sigman 2009 EST. 2010 VIC 1.9% QLD 4.77m (20.1%) EST. 1995 Defs 1990 1995 2000 2005 193 Vehicles avg. 14,000 km/yr 1.4 Marriages/yr 1.7 Deaths/yr WA 2.59m (10.9%) DIGITALINTEGRATORS•THEZEDS•DOTCOMKIDS FOMO ALPHA leadership styles YOLO GLOBALGEN•multi-modals QLD 1.8% Brought to you by: More than 1 in 2 have used: G'day Arvo No worries You beauty! Less than 1 in 2 know the term: Joe Blake (snake) Captain Cook (look) Frog and toad (road) Harold Holt (bolt) COMMUTERS 1 in 10 catch public transport 2 in 3 travel by car 1 in 10 bus commuters also need a car l GEN Y PARENTS OECD SA 1.71m (7.2%) 14% | 31% GLOBAL Age at first birth: 27.7 Life expectancy:^ M 77.3 F 82.8 NSW 7.55m (31.9%) COUNTRIES WITH LARGEST NUMBER 2,000,000,000 2 BILLION GEN Zs NT 1.8% Command & Control Collaboration & Contribution 1 2 3 Age at first marriage: 29.7 Total Fertility Rate: 1.7 HOUSING TYPE Current | New approvals 10% | 13% REDEFINED LIFESTAGES HOUSEHOLD TYPES AVG. HOUSE PRICE (SYDNEY) 11 ACT 1.6% 20th CENTURY TODAY CHILDHOOD CHILDHOOD TEENAGER TEENAGER ADULTHOOD CAREER-CHANGER 33% 30% 23% 11% 3% ACT 0.43m (1.8%) 1975 5x avg. full-time annual income 1995 6x TODAY 10x TWEEN YOUNG ADULT KIPPERS ADULTHOOD DOWNAGER 76% | 56% WORKFORCE of 2025 Meme of the year Word of the year Photo- bombing Gangnam Style Harlem Shake Icebucket Challenge Planking Today: 23.7 million NSW 1.5% World Today: 1.1% Couple & kids Couple only Lone person Single parent Group living Detached house Unit or apartment Terrace or townhouse BB 13% X 29% Y 31% Z 27% TAS 0.52m (2.2%) App Cloud Hashtag Selfie Slacktivism Births: 310,600 Natural increase: 164,400 Deaths: 146,200 Mortgage Fully own Renting 9.1 million (2.6 people/household) SA 0.9% HOUSEHOLD WEALTH BY QUINTILE 252 27 Arrivals: 511,600 Net overseas migration: 241,000 Departures: 270,600 12 1,000,000,000 Facebook opens to the public 45 3D printers Facebook: 1 billion active users 36% 8yrs 33% 18yrs 31% 1.8yrs Instagram domain registered $32k $17,992 $192k $30,212 $438k $41,184 $767k $54,964 $2.2m $94,328 Whatsapp USB flash drives HOME OWNERSHIP Dropbox TAS: 0.2% Wikipedia iPad Twitter Nokia 3310 Portable MP3 players GoPro Google glass iPhone Siri avg. length tenure income (ex tax) 2000 2010 1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 *Future forecasts, ^Life expectancy of Gen Alpha at birth Source: ABS, McCrindle | © McCrindle 2015 • Powered by © McCrindle 2015 | Source: ABS, McCrindle POPULATION MAP & GENERATIONAL PROFILE AUSTRALIA STREET GEN Z & GEN ALPHA Visit to view these resources as well as our other infographics, videos, reports and summaries. T 1800 TRENDS E W 22

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