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Hitachi Data Systems Network Storage Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Hitachi Data Systems Network Storage Systems

Hitachi Data Systems Network Storage Systems

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Hitachi Data Systems Network Storage Systems

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  1. Hitachi Data Systems Network Storage Systems John Harker Sr. Product Marketing Manager Hitachi Data Systems September 21, 2004

  2. Storage Systems and the SAN Food Chain • Computers connect to storage systems via Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FICON, ESCON links • Direct attach or through SAN • Storage system firmware takes physical drives and presents RAID-grouped logical devices out of which storage is allocated • Example Switch Vendors: Brocade, McDATA, CNT, Cisco • Example Array Vendors: HDS, EMC, IBM, HP, Sun, generic JBOD Storage Area Network Application Server Switch Storage System Application Database File System / Volume HBA Switch Port Switch Switch Port StoragePort RAID Group CHIP, CA, CSW, DKA LDEV

  3. Enterprise StorageHitachi Lightning 9900™ V Series

  4. Hitachi Lightning 9900™ V Series • Connectivity • 48/64 host channel ports • 8192 virtual ports • Fibre Channel/ESCON/FICON • Host Storage Domains • Availability • No single point of failure • Non-disruptive everything • 100% data availability • Availability enhancing software • Performance • 15GB/s aggregate bandwidth • Hi-Star™ Crossbar Switch Architecture • End-to-end Fibre • Performance Maximizer tools • Scalability • 8192 logical addresses • 18TB/148TB raw capacity • 146GB 10K drives • 73GB 10K & 15K drives • 36GB 15K drives

  5. Separate Front End / Back End cards • Front-end – Channel Adapters • 64-bit processors • One port, one processor for all LUNs • All ports are fast and share no port resources Connected via Silicon Switch Architecture to: • Backend – Array Control Processors (ACP) • 64-bit processors • 1Gbps FC-AL to the physical disks • 4 paths per ACP, 8 paths per ACP Pair • 32 total physical disk loops for a total of 32 GB/s

  6. Hi-Star™ Crossbar Switch Architecture

  7. Lightning 9970V™ Up to 48 channels (16 w 2nd ACP) 8192 logical addresses 1 or 2 Array Control Processors (ACP) Up to 3GB Control Memory Up to 64GB cache Up to 63 Array groups 128 HDD 36GB/73GB/146GB 18TB raw Raid 5 3+1, 7+1 Raid 1+ 2+2, 4+4 1-4 Spare disks Min one per rpm type Optional 2nd Service Processor (SVP) Lightning 9980V™ Up to 64 channels 8192 logical addresses 1 std, 2,3 or 4 ACPs Up to 6GB Control Memory Up to 128GB cache Up to 254 Array groups 1024 HDD 36GB/73GB/146GB 148TB raw Raid 5 3+1, 7+1 Raid 1+ 2+2, 4+4 1-16 Spare disks Min one per rpm type Optional 2nd Service Processor (SVP) Lightning 9900 V Series Hardware Summary

  8. Firmware Assists • Host Storage Domains (HSD) • Allows sharing of physical ports • Each HSD has its own logical (virtual) FC port • FC port “mode set” applies to logical FC port in each HSD • Each HSD has its own set of LUNs • Hosts matched to their assigned HSD based upon WWN • Hosts can only “see” their own HSD • Priority Access • Allocates bandwidth based on QoS requirements • At physical port level, or Host Group level within Port • Enables consolidation of mixed workloads • Disk-based Virtual WORM • Storage System and Storage Area Management Products • CIM- and SMI-S-based strategy • Business Continuity Products • Local/Remote, mirrors or shadows, sync or async All of the items listed on this page, except priority access, and on both Lighting and Thunder. Priority access is Lightning only

  9. Midrange StorageHitachi Thunder 9500™ V Series

  10. 1 Operational Data 2 Fixed Content 3 Backup Data Hitachi Thunder 9500™ V SeriesTiered Storage “in a box” Data Characteristics Fibre Channel high- performance, higher-cost storage (Dynamic online data, rich media, large data bases, etc.) • High-speed transactions • High-speed data access • Data integrity a must • Data retained “forever” • Redundancy desired • Data integrity over long haul • Response time in seconds • Can employ WORM SATA-based high- capacity, lower-cost storage (Fixed content: Old e-mail, X-rays, Regulatory data, etc.) • From 3U Rack system to up to 107 Terabytes • Dual controller, 2, 4 or 8 data-path design • Fully fault tolerant and fault self-correcting • Shares business continuity and management products with Lighting line • Examples: D2D2T • Data stays until next backup – provides rapid restore of last backup. Restore performance is key SATA-based high- capacity, lower-cost storage (Backup data: Any data that is going to get backed up to tape.) Tape is not eliminated, but its usage is confined to offsite ARCHIVAL only Tape

  11. Hitachi Thunder 9500 V SeriesFamily Specifications FEATURE Thunder 9530V™ Thunder 9570V™ Thunder 9585V™ Raw capacity 2TB 32TB fibre, 54 TB SATA mix 64TB fibre, 107TB SATA mix Drives 14 Fibre Channel 224 Fibre, 210 SATA 449 Fibre, 420 SATA Dual Controller, bus Dual Controller, bus Dual Controller, bus Architecture 4.2GB/second 7.5GB/second 2.1/4.2GB/second Bandwidth 4 FC @ 2Gb/s 8 FC @ 2Gb/s Front-end connectivity 2 FC @ 2Gb/s 4 FC/AL @ 2Gb/s 8 FC/AL @ 2Gb/s Back-end connectivity 4 FC/AL @ 2Gb/s 2-4GB 2-8GB 1-4GB Mirrored cache 1,024 Virtual Storage Ports 512 256 HDD Types ( GB ) 36/72/146 fibre 36/72/146 fibre, 250 SATA 36/72/146 fibre, 250 SATA 512 2,048 MAX LUNs 512 RAID Groups 90 45 7

  12. Desktop Enterprise 1 Major Differences PATA SATA Fibre/SCSI Fibre/SCSI 2 Performance Spin rate RPM 5400, becoming 7200 7,200 10,000 15,000 Latency ms 5.5 4 3 2 3 Seek time ms 13 9.3 5 4 Command Queuing N Y Y Y RPS no no yes yes Dual port no no yes yes 4 Max transfer MB/s 100/133 150 200 200 Future max transfer MB/s 133 300, then 600 400, then 1000 400, then 1000 Sustained transfer MB/s 46 59 69 75 Reliability Typical MTBF 300,000 - 600,000 600,000 1,200,000 1,200,000 8 by 5, not continual high 8 by 5, not continual high 24 by 7 by 365 continual 24 by 7 by 365 continual access use access use high access high access Duty cycle Rotational vibration 5 rads / sec / sec 21 rads / sec / sec 21 rads / sec / sec Interactive error management no no yes yes Internal data integrity checks no no yes yes Price ratio 1 1.1 2 to 3 2 to 3 Notes 1. All figures in this table are typical numbers for the technology listed 2. PATA HDDs with 7200 RPM are beginning to appear. However, most vendors are using SATA instead of PATA 3. Seek times of 10 ms for PATA are beginning to appear. However, most vendors are using SATA instead of PATA 4. Theoretical max for PATA is 133. Only one PATA drive transferring at 133 was found. The rest were 100. Summary of Major SATA ( PC ) and Fibre Channel (Enterprise) Differences

  13. Fig. Write & Compare ④ ③Read ①Write ②Seek Thunder 9500 V Series Serial ATA Data Protection Mechanisms • #1 Read-after-write function • Protect against progressive head misalignment • Utilise existing compare circuits • Overcome ATA-interface lack of Byte Check Command (Verify)

  14. A B C D E C’ Thunder 9500 V Series Serial ATA Data Protection Mechanisms • #2 Recommend Increase Sparing • Protect against potential higher failure rate of drives • Dynamic Global Hot Sparing • Fast Rich Correction Copy ( faster uCode ) • User can set rebuild priority, and change it “on the fly” • Recommend user prioritise rebuild over Host I/O • Automatically schedule maintenance call when 2xspares used (via Hi-Track®) • Threshold for sparing uses S.M.A.R.T information SMART ( Self-monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology ) is an open standard for monitoring and reporting the health of the disk drive. It is intended to help detect problems with a drive before it has a hardfail. Direct copy sparing will be performed if SMART information indicates softfail thresholds are exceeded. If the disk drive hard fails, parity information will be used to rebuild the disk drive on a global hot spare The disk drive softfail error threshold has been exceeded. Disk is spared out via copy function I/O is accepted Controller Global hot spare (can be anywhere in Thunder)

  15. Thunder 9500 V Series Serial ATA Data Protection Mechanisms • #3To reduce SATA drives higher failure rate, the following functions are performed: Unique microcode in Thunder 9500 V Series enhances HDD functionalities to give superior reliability • During periods of no I/O activity, idle seeks are performed to prevent the heads from remaining in one place. If I/O is constant, every 10 minutes drive access momentarily halts for 5 seconds and a disk sweep is performed • If a drive has been inactive for 2 hours, a Head Unload operation is performed, retracting heads from disk surface until the drive is again accessed • For every record, even on SATA HDDs, an 8 byte LA/LRC check is added. This ensures data consistency

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  17. TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform

  18. New HDS TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform – System Characteristics • Universal Star Network™ Architecture • New generation “non blocking” switching architecture • Faster switch components mean enhanced data and control bandwidth • 8x EMC real internal bandwidth • Helps consolidations and fast transactions applications • Separate Control Memory region for increased reliability and serviceability • Expanded Cache Memory and flexible Front-End/Back-end configuration • Faster and increased number of RISC processors across the system • Conform better to the applications needs • Improved Fibre Channel and FICON design • Additional reliability: reduces outages, increases productivity • Faster back-end design • 2Gbps disk interface • Ease performance bottlenecks, helps with applications consolidation and QoS • Enhanced RAID-1+ and RAID-5 • Later release of RAID-6 for increased reliability, recovery and security

  19. 64 switched data paths = 68GB/s Cached Bandwidth a 541% Increase in Cached Bandwidth Separate 64 control paths connect to cache memory = 13GB/s Control Bandwidth a 145% Increase in Control Bandwidth 300% more active paths in/out of cache memory than EMC Symmetrix DMX 3000-2 a 50% Increase over the Industry Dominating Hitachi Lightning 9980V™ and EMC DMX-2 128 concurrent cache memory operations 128GB of Cache Memory plus 6GB of Control Memory Up to 192 FC connections Three times as many as our closest competitor 96 ESCON or 48 FICON ports 50% more than anyone else Over 2GB/s sequential throughput 400% improvement over DMX Almost 2Million IOPS cache hit operations 4 times the competition Up to 64 Back-end FC loops All active-active, twice as many as the competition RAID-1+ and RAID-5 4 disk or 8 disk groups beyond the same Director Universal Storage Platform – Specifications

  20. Universal Storage Platform – New Functionality • Universal Volume Manager • Externally (FC) connects different storage systems • Transparent use of different technologies beyond a single point of control • Match applications with storage characteristics • Cost effective solutions for open systems and S/390® and z/OS® environments • External capacity • Manages up to 32PB of total storage • Up to 165TB/330TB internal storage • Virtualizes/Simplifies management of multiple tiers of storage • Simplified configuration and management • Advanced functions within multiple tiers of storage (Hitachi and other OEM) • DLM data movement engine • Universal replication between unlike storage vendors, simplify business continuity management, lower costs ERP Email Order System Data Mining FC/IP SAN File Service Print Service Universal Storage Platform Physical Storage Pool 100% General Purpose Backup Archive High Perf. 99.99% Thunder 9500V Lightning 9900V Thunder 9500 SATA Lightning 9900 7700E Competitors Storage Partners Storage

  21. External Storage – Implementation ELUN is a LUN which is mapped to a LUN in an external storage device

  22. Virtual Private Storage 8 FC Storage Ports Multiple LUN 0’s 16GB Cache 100GB HP Disk 20GB 100% Avail Disk 50GB Archive Disk Virtual Private Storage 2 IP Storage Ports Multiple LUN 0’s 8GB Cache 20GB HP Disk 20GB 100% Avail Disk 100GB Archive Disk Virtual Private Storage 8 FC Storage Ports Multiple LUN 0’s 32GB Cache 500GB HP Disk 60GB 100% Avail Disk 2TB Archive Disk Virtual Private Storage 2 FC Storage Ports Multiple LUN 0’s 24GB Cache 200GB HP Disk 80GB 100% Avail Disk 20GB Archive Disk FC/IP SAN Universal Storage Platform Physical Storage Pool 100% General Purpose Backup Archive High Perf. 99.99% Thunder 9500V Lightning 9900V Thunder 9500 SATA Universal Storage Platform – Virtual Partition Manager • Virtual Partition Manager • Creates up to 32 different virtual storage units • Unique cache, channels, back-end resources aggregation • Host Storage Domains further extend connectivity • Allows to consolidate heterogeneous environment • Provide better QoS control • Ease consolidation and assets management • Dynamically allocated, statically used • Assign the resources between partitions if not required or used • Maintain separation and security between partitions • Benefits • Better resource usage • Users and applications aggregation not possible before = lower operational costs