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What Needs Changing? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Needs Changing?

What Needs Changing?

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What Needs Changing?

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  1. What Needs Changing? Four Common Mistakes

  2. Bored With Order • Seek more “spontaneity” or disorder • But, Corinth did not know how to control the disorder of spontaneity itself – 1 Cor.14 • Modern Pentecostalism shows the fallacy of loving spontaneity above content or divine restriction • Order was never a problem • Disorder and spontaneity always puts a church on the decline • People become enamored with spontaneity itself and less concerned with content and order

  3. Bored With Sameness • Seek for difference for difference’ sake • Nadab and Abihu apparently became bored with the sameness of their order of ritual – Lev.10 • There is danger in expecting a change of externals or order to change the heart • The gospel itself can NEVER be boring • The riches of His grace can never be boring • The excitement of transformation of heart and life can never leave us the same

  4. Bored With Settings • Seek for different settings for settings’ sake • Again, the setting does not add one thing to the spirit of faith in Jesus • In a cave or a house or by a river or in synagogue or temple porch • What I bring in my heart and what I do with it from my heart determines what I will carry away from any scriptural, orderly setting • The oratory skill or lack thereof in others can never diminish the glory of Christ in my heart nor add to it • Come with boredom in your heart and all new settings eventually become boring again

  5. Bored With Arrangements • Seek for different arrangements for arrangements’ sake • Just proving that we can re-arrange things does not prove that our hearts have been better arranged to exemplify God’s Holiness • Did you arrange your heart to sing from it as if the song reflects your own true thoughts? • Did you arrange your mind around the cross? • Did you arrange your heart to meet God in the throne-room of His grace?

  6. What Needs Changing? • More order to how we prepare our hearts for worship • More difference in how we draw near to God in our hearts • Setting our hearts on things above and entering that setting in The Throne-room of God • Arranging our focus to be concerned about what God sees in us individually

  7. Who Goes Away Justified? • The critic of others? • The critic of structure, order, or arrangements? • The bored who come with no personal vision of the Greatness of God? • And who therefore leave as empty as they came? • Or, the worshipers of God in spirit and truth? • And who sense their own lowly condition as one who knows their own weakness and failings • And who sense their own desperate need of forgiving grace?

  8. Who goes from here filled?