how to get thicker hair with prp treatment n.
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How to Get Thicker Hair with PRP Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Get Thicker Hair with PRP Treatment

How to Get Thicker Hair with PRP Treatment

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How to Get Thicker Hair with PRP Treatment

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  1. How to Get Thicker Hair with PRP Treatment How to Get Thicker Hair with PRP Treatment Have you started losing hair strands at the age of 20 and actually having no idea of how this bad incident is happening with you. There are multiple reasons of why your hairs are falling, it can be temporary or permanent. If it's permanent then PRP hair loss treatment PRP hair loss treatment could be a kind of perfect solution for you and can help you achieve thicker hair growth. Reasons of Your Hair Thinning Reasons of Your Hair Thinning There are multiple reasons which can cause thinning and hair fall such as Alopecia disease(Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic Alopecia), certain medications, physical and emotional stress, pregnancy in women, lack of nutrients, physical or emotional trauma etc. Some of them can cause temporary hair loss and some permanent. These issues affect the growth of hair in men and women and hair may start thinning and falling at very earlier age. If a person doesn’t prevent this issue, it might take an extreme phase and in few years most part of the head will go bald. But, you can sort it out, PRP treatment is the solution. What is PRP Treatment & How it Works? What is PRP Treatment & How it Works? So, what is exactly PRP? It stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelets, which are found in your body loaded with proteins called growth factors help in tissue regeneration and healing. As our hair is also made of protein (Keratin), platelets also play a role in hair growth of a person and help in fighting hair loss. When hair growth is blocked or stopped by certain issues, PRP hair loss treatment treatment can boost it and help in growing longer and thicker hair. PRP hair loss

  2. Procedure Procedure In the procedure first the blood is taken from patient’s body and kept in a glass tube, it is then spun in a special centrifuge for 15-30 minutes. This process separates the components: red blood cells, plasma and platelet rich plasma. Collected PRP is injected to the patient’s scalp wherever the targeted areas are. PRP starts working in few weeks and stimulating hair growth. In a year and half a person can expect complete hair growth. Outpatient Procedure: Outpatient Procedure: The procedure takes around 30-45 minutes and performed in a single session. It is considered safe and secure with no side effects. A person might average require 6-8 sessions for gaining back complete ticker hair growth. Marmm Klinik is an ideal place for taking hair treatments as they have all the facilities and a prominent team of hair doctors. PRP hair loss treatment is one of their services and they have provided successful results to patients. PRP hair loss treatment

  3. For any other information about PRP treatment or hair loss book your consultation. Break the leg.