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Case Studies on E – Roll matters PowerPoint Presentation
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Case Studies on E – Roll matters

Case Studies on E – Roll matters

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Case Studies on E – Roll matters

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  1. S. B. JOSHI, Under Secretary, Election Commission of India Case Studies on E – Roll matters

  2. BLO PPT No. 44 What should be done if the name of a person, who is not ordinarily resident of that area, is included in the electoral roll and in case of the opposite situation?

  3. BLO PPT No. 44 • BLO – If name is included in the electoral roll, BLO should give verification report to the ERO • ERO – on report by BLO, ERO should initiate action as per prescribed procedure such as issuance of notice, hearing etc. before deletion of the name of that person

  4. BLO PPT No. 44 BLO – If name of that person is not in the electoral roll and he is above 18 years of age as on the qualifying date, the BLO should provide Form – 6 to him and get the form filled in all respect including photograph and report the facts to the ERO. • ERO – He will take action for inclusion of his name in the electoral roll following due procedure.

  5. BLO PPT No. 44 Where can an elector check-up whether his/her name is there or not in the electoral roll? Can he do it by sending a SMS?

  6. BLO PPT No. 44 In the web-site, polling station, designated locations, AERO’s office and ERO’s office. An elector can get information by sms if such facility has been extended by the CEO of that state.

  7. BLO PPT No. 141 In one family their daughter-in-law, Sarita being a family member was a part of the electoral roll for that household. But she has been driven out of the house by the in-laws. Now to establish proof that Sarita does not stay in the household any more, her in-laws submit Form-7 for her. Sarita has not been legally divorced with her husband, nor the family produce any such document. Even the family is reluctant to give any information of her present residence. What can the BLO do in such a situation?

  8. BLO PPT No. 141 • BLO – He will verify the status of her ordinary residence and report to ERO. He will serve notice to her and her in-laws for hearing in this regard.

  9. BLO PPT No. 141 • ERO – Intermittent absence is not a ground for deletion of name from the electoral roll. Since objection in Form – 7 has been received by ERO, he will issue a notice to Sarita asking her to present her case before him. ERO should see the intention of Sarita whether she desires to stay in her- in – laws house. It must be kept in mind that Commission has directed to include the name who sleep on pavements, under flyovers etc. therefore, before deciding the case such things should be kept in mind by the ERO.

  10. BLO PPT No. 142 A BLO visits an orphanage located in his Part, where orphans are brought up and looked after from infancy. He finds that ‘Ramesh' is eligible for enrolment as an elector. But ‘Ramesh' is not in a position to give the names of either his father or mother. ‘Chinmaya' too is eligible for enrolment as an elector and he reveals the true name of his biological mother. What shall BLO enter in the column meant for father's/ mother's/husband's name for ‘Ramesh’ and ‘Chinmaya ’? And what shall BLO enter in the relationship column in such cases.

  11. BLO PPT No. 142 BLO – in both the cases the name of the orphanage would be written against father's/ mother's/husband's name and others will be written in the column related to relationship

  12. BLO PPT No. 143 In one 'Ashram' or 'Akhada' a 'Sadhu' or 'Saint' is eligible to be an elector. He does not reveal his worldly name but insists to be enrolled in his rechristened name with suffix of his Guru's name instead of his father. What does BLO enter in the columns related to name of father/mother/husband and in column related to relationship?

  13. BLO PPT No. 143 BLO – Guru’s name would be written against the column of father's/ mother's/husband's name and word GURU would be written in the column related to relationship

  14. BLO PPT No. 144 An elector is enrolled in Part no. 35 of a particular AC. His name is in section-4, i.e. Satyam society. Now he has shifted to some other Part in the same constituency. What is required to be done by the BLO to update his entry in the electoral roll?

  15. BLO PPT No. 144 BLO – he will provide Form – 8A to the elector for carrying out transposition of entry from one part to another part.

  16. BLO PPT No. 145 Mr. Hemal applies under RTI to the BLO to provide him all the photo copies of Forms 6, 7, and 8. What should the BLO do?

  17. BLO PPT No. 145 BLO – he is not the custodian of the records. He shoul advise Mr. Hemlal to approach to CPIO/ ERO in this regard. ERO – Rule 33 of the Registration of Electors’ Rule, 1960 provides providing of attested copies to the applicant on deposit of prescribed fees as decided by the CEO. ERO should read the provision of RTI Act, on conjunction with the rule 33 of the RE Rules, 1960.

  18. BLO PPT No. 146 • The BLO reaches the house of Mr. Kantibhai. Unknown to the BLO the son of Mr Kantibhai, that is, Mr. Rameshbhai is wanted in a criminal case. Mr. Kantibhai fills Form-7 for the deletion of name of Mr Rameshbhai on the pretext that his son has shifted to another State. Next when the BLO visits the neighbour of Mr Kantibhai, the neighbour informs the BLO that Mr Rameshbhai still stays there and that he is hiding from the Police. Should the BLO delete the name of Mr. Rameshbhai on the basis of Form-7 filled by his father?

  19. BLO PPT No. 146 • BLO – he is not the authority to delete the name of any elector nor can he recommend such action. He will report the facts to the ERO. ERO – he will issue a notice in the name of Rameshbhai to appear before him to present his case. Before deciding the notice has to be served to the respondent i.e. Rameshbhai. If he does not turn up and objection will sustain. The name of Rameshbhai will be deleted from the electoral roll. (Intermittent presence is not a ground for retaining a name in the electoral roll)

  20. BLO PPT No. 148 Mr. Ajay is a school teacher in village Fatehpur. Instead of teaching during school hours, he goes to distribute the EPIC cards. After 15 days he receives show cause notice from his Head Office that why he should not be suspended for being absent during the teaching hours.

  21. BLO PPT No. 148 As per instructions of ECI, the BLO should do such activities during non-teaching hours and on holidays.

  22. BLO PPT No. 149 • Najma has filled Form-6 for addition of her name. Her name is entered in the rolls and EPIC card prepared accordingly and handed over to the BLO for distribution. When BLO tries to hand over the EPIC to Najma, she outrightly refuses to take the EPIC from the BLO on the grounds that the spelling of her name in the card is incorrect. Instead of 'Najma' with a ‘j' in between, it has been written as NAZMA with a ‘z' in between. Najma wants her EPIC to be corrected and argues that she will not fill up any more Forms again.

  23. BLO PPT No. 149 BLO – If error on the part of the issuing authority i.e. ERO, the BLO should note down the correct spellings and report to ERO who will correct it and re-issue corrected EPIC. However, if the error is on the part of the elector, then the BLO should explain to her the matter and obtain duly filled in Form – 8 for correction and issue fresh EPIC on receiving prescribed fee (Rs. 25/- for duplicate EPIC) from NAJMA.

  24. BLO PPT No. 150 Mr. Naresh has rented a portion of his house to Mr. Bhatt. Mr. Bhatt fills Form-6 for inclusion of his name in the voters list. His landlord Mr. Naresh writes an application to the ERO that Bhatt's EPIC card should not be prepared at this address. Now the ERO forwards the application to the BLO for enquiry, what should the BLO do?

  25. BLO PPT No. 150 BLO – he should report the facts of he ordinary residence in that house. ERO – On receipt of factual report from the BLO, he should take necessary action for inclusion of his name in the electoral roll.

  26. BLO PPT No. 151 A BLO visits a house in his Part. At the time of his visit, the following members are present: Trivedi Rameshbhai Ramesh bhai M-48 Trivedi Kamlaben Rameshbhai F-45 Trivedi Satish Rameshbhai M-23 Trivedi Sudha Rameshbhai F-19

  27. BLO PPT No. 151 As per the BLO's existing Photo Electoral Roll record, against the name of Rameshbhai and of Kamlaben EPIC No GJ/07/125/583120 and EPIC No. GJ/07/123/583121 respectively is shown. While against the name of Satish EPIC no. HCX/0058398 is shown, Sudhaben has not been enrolled yet. At the time of verification Rameshbhai produces his EPIC no. LJM/4853394, his wife produces EPIC No. LJM/485353584 and Satish produces EPIC No. HCX/0058398. Their EPICs are original and entries are correct in all respects. Upon inquiry Rameshbhai reveals that initially EPICs were issued to them during the year 2000 and the EPIC available with him and his wife is that one. They were later issued another EPIC at the new address where they shifted in 2004. They have lost those EPIC cards. The EPIC numbers entry shown against him and his wife are as per the EPICs issued in 2004. They shifted to the present address in 2007. Now they want fresh EPICs for all the four members of the family updated with age and address. Should the BLO recommend new EPICs for them and do the needful?

  28. BLO PPT No. 151 BLO – EPIC is a document to establish identity of an elector at the time of election. EPIC issued once at a place is valid for identification in entire country. If they want to issue fresh EPIC, necessary fee may be collected and new EPIC may be issued after taking back previously issued EPICs.

  29. BLO PPT No. 152 During revision of electoral rolls a BLO visits a Mohalla/society. • Few voters don't have their names in roll at the new residence • Few have been enrolled in the roll but without photo image. Further, against the names of each of them, EPIC numbers are reflected but EPICs are not available for verification. • All are demanding latest EPICs. What should the BLO do?

  30. BLO PPT No. 152 BLO – (a) If persons are eligible, they may be supplied with Form – 6 and obtain duly filled in form with photograph and submit to ERO for taking decision. (b) Obtain photograph and ask them to fill Form – 8 and submit duly filled in forms to the ERO for taking action. EPIC will be issued with the same number that is existing in the electoral roll.

  31. BLO PPT No. 153 A BLO wants to resign from his services as a BLO. Should an ERO accept his resignation? What should the ERO do?

  32. BLO PPT No. 153 BLO can not resign from the duties. However, ERO should look into the genuineness of the request and decide accordingly.