2nd grade coffee talk n.
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2nd Grade Coffee Talk PowerPoint Presentation
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2nd Grade Coffee Talk

2nd Grade Coffee Talk

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2nd Grade Coffee Talk

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  1. 2nd GradeCoffee Talk 2013-2014

  2. Attendance • Being in school everyday is a priority! • As soon as the 8:35 bell rings, our day begins. If a student comes in after 8:35, they must report to the office for a tardy pass. • Make sure your child is present and in school on time so they are not left out of any activities. • If your child is absent, please make sure to send a note the following school day. • Please try to schedule appointments after school.

  3. School Security • Students are to report to their designated area beginning at 8:05 • After the 8:35 bell rings, all school doors will be locked except for the main school entrance. • All visitors must report to the main office to get a pass. • Your child’s safety is our priority!

  4. SAT for Parents What should you know about the SAT?

  5. What is the SAT? • STANDARD ACHIEVEMENT TEST • SAT is a test given to students in Kindergarten through Second grade to assess their knowledge in Reading and Mathematics. • Multiple choice questions • 2 days of testing • (one reading session & one math session)

  6. The Week of: April 7th – 11th When is the SAT?

  7. How to prepare your child for the SAT’s • Make sure your child completes their SAT Math and Reading Home Learning packets daily. • Make sure they work on it independently. Your job is to review and check it. • Remind your child to go back in the story and underline where they found the answer. • Make sure your child works out the problem in Math.

  8. What to do on test days? • Make sure your child: • Arrives to school on time • Gets a good night’s sleep • Eats a healthy breakfast • Be positive and encourage your child to do their best!

  9. How can technology help in Reading and Math? • Make sure your child: • Read for a minimum of 30 minutes daily • 3Ticket to Read sessions per week • Explore THINK CENTRAL to strengthen weak skills. • Computer lab opens from 8:00am – 8:30 am Mon.- Fri. • Students will be supervised by a teacher at all times

  10. Test Taking Strategies • Make sure to carefully read each question (Reread if necessary) • Do not spend too much time on any one question (If the question is too difficult, skip it and come back to it later) • Eliminate the answers that you know are wrong, then select the best answer

  11. More Test Taking Strategies • Do NOT leave ANY questions unanswered (They will be marked wrong) • Go back and look for the answer • In math make sure to show ALL your work (Do NOT do the work in your head) • If finished before time is up, go back and check each answer • Fill in the answer bubble completely. Do NOT leave any stray marks .

  12. Any Questions?

  13. Thank you for coming!