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Sernia Puma Shoes! PowerPoint Presentation
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Sernia Puma Shoes!

Sernia Puma Shoes!

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Sernia Puma Shoes!

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  1. Sernia Puma Shoes! By: Jared, Jonathan and Anthony


  3. Introduction! • Welcome future costumers! Today we will be talking to you about the new latest Puma Shoe! It is called: The Sernia Puma Shoe! • We will be showing you the different designs for Boys and Girls! They are truly fantastic and we are sure you will want to buy them!! • Enjoy this presentation!!

  4. Sernia Girl Shoes! • This is the latest design for the Sernia Girl Shoe! Its price is $100.00 including the tax too. Buy it at the Puma Shoe Store or online at

  5. Sernia Boy Shoes!! • This is the latest design also for the Sernia Boy Shoes!! Its price is $105.00 including tax! You can buy it at the famous Puma Store or online at!

  6. Where to buy? • You can buy this product at the one and only Puma store!!! The puma store has these shoes at a low price for a limited time!!! The website is • Telephone number is: 450-999-9909. This is the phone number for people who have questions or have problems after purchasing the shoes at the famous Puma store, a worker or the boss will help you and give you a new pair of shoes if you need it. • The workers are very nice and they like to help people at any cost! • A good match for the store would of course be the Puma store, as they have everything originally made from their company. • Also it would be shoe stores like: Foot Locker, Sport Experts and other places where the store sells Puma shoes or other products in the puma category.

  7. Sernia Puma Shoes Facts • The shoe texture is smooth, but the inside it very comfortable and doesn't give you foot cramps while doing sports or exercise! • The main colours of the shoe is Black, Red and Green. It also has a smell of a Tropical Rain Forest!! The shoe will never smell bad at any costs! • Did you know that Dwayne Johnson wore these shoes and he loved them? Well he did and he recommended them to everyone! Isn't that just amazing?!

  8. Who are these shoes for? • These shoes are for Boys and Girls. Especially for active Children or Adults that do exercise or play sports as it is a Sportive Shoe. • These shoes are also for Women and Men. Adults that play in Soccer Teams or even Famous People!! Soccer players use these shoes to play soccer and they love wearing them! • A survey was made in percentage of how many people in Canada like these shoes! The results was 90% out of 100%!! Isn't that great?!

  9. Super Summer Sale! • This summer, the Sernia Puma Shoes will be on sale for 50% off!! You will be able to buy them at the sale in the two first weeks of July! • Hurry because this offer will end soon! So instead of the shoes being $100.00, they will be $50.00! Isn't that great?! If you buy these shoes you will also get a second pack of Sernia Puma Shoes absolutely FREE, that's right FREE! • Only during the two first weeks of July, and then the sale is over and there will not be refunds after the sale!

  10. Conclusion! • Thank you all future costumers for listening our presentation on the Sernia Puma Shoes! We really hope that you will buy or shoes very soon! • They are coming out in the summer while sports are played a lot! Once again Thank You and have a wonderful day!!