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Skills for life

Skills for life

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Skills for life

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  1. Skills for life Making sentences How to make our writing more interesting!

  2. There are three types of sentences • A simple sentence • A compound sentence • A complex sentence

  3. Simple sentences • A simple sentence is one complete thought or idea. • It ends with a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark I like curry.

  4. Compound sentences • A compound sentence has two simple sentences joined together with a joining word (conjunction) • The main joining words are: and, but, because, as, if, so, although I like curry but I really like Thai food.

  5. Complex sentences • A complex sentence has at least two Clauses. • A clause is a group of words that can be a sentence but sometimes is not. • In a complex sentence one of these clauses cannot stand on its own. I like curry, when it is from the curry house.

  6. Making sentences interesting • If you only use simple sentences, your writing can sound boring. • Basic facts are not very interesting to read. • Sentences need to be filled out to catch the reader’s attention.

  7. Read this example! Kevin and Paula went shopping. This is a basic sentence but it is a bit boring! It does not tell you very much.

  8. Adding more information Kevin andhisgirlfriend, Paula, went shopping. In this example I told the reader what the relationship is between Kevin and Paula.

  9. Adding more information Kevin Shuttleworth and his girlfriend,Paula Grimes, went shopping. Now, I have told the reader more about Jack (his surname).

  10. Adding adjectives Kevin Shuttleworth, adark, handsomeman, and his girlfriend, Paula, aprettyblonde, went shopping. This time, some adjectives about Carmen and Jack have been added. The adjectives tell us what they look like.

  11. Adding detail Late one afternoon, KevinShuttleworth, a dark, handsome man, and his girlfriend, Paula, a pretty blonde, went shopping. This time I have told the reader when they went.

  12. Finally! Late one afternoon in January, Kevin Shuttleworth, a dark, handsome man, and his girlfriend, Paula, a pretty blonde, went shopping for a new television. Lastly, I have given the reader some specific detail.

  13. Have a go at making some sentences. E3 – L1 BBC - Skillswise Words - Making sentences games BBC - Skillswise Words - putting sentences together to make longer sentences quiz. L1 / L2 BBC - Skillswise Words - Commas quiz

  14. Have a go at making sentences more interesting! Adjectives E3 – L2 BBC - Skillswise Words - Read all about it! A game to practise adjectives. Adverbs E3 – L2 BBC - Skillswise Words - Adverbs quiz