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Welcome Secretaries! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Secretaries!

Welcome Secretaries!

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Welcome Secretaries!

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  1. Welcome Secretaries!

    August Training 2012
  2. The Sport Club Council Is a resource for all 45 club sport teams Decision making body for sport clubs Acts as a disciplinary advisory board Works behind the scenes in order to provide your team with a successful season!
  3. SCC President Meredith Gilmer Facilitates and plans president and exec council meetings Chair of sport club EOYP Spotlights one club weekly on our FB page Supportive Funds Requests
  4. SCC Vice Presidents Brett Woodward Sport club marketing Spotlight one team each week for Facebook page Develop bulletin board on first floor of UREC calendar sport club of the month Maintain UREC display cases Maintain website with UREC marketing staff Control of sport club inventory, weekend equipment check in and check out Newsletter: to club participants
  5. SCC Secretary Cassie Stergar Maintains all club files housed in the SLO and communicates with club liaison any deficiencies Meeting attendance and minutes Compiling points for point system Participation numbers Responsible for communication of deadlines and information to clubs
  6. SCC Treasurer Erin Henning Maintains all financial records for the SCC Preparing and facilitating Treasurers Orientation Tracking expenditures of all sport clubs, maintaining budget Administration of appropriate paperwork for travel, expenditures and deposits Report Supportive Funds Awards to budget coordinator
  7. Assistant Director of Sport Clubs Chris Jones (540)568-8723 Coordinates the sport club program In charge of all practice requests Oversees the Sport Club Council
  8. Graduate Assistant MEGAN FLOSDORF Assists with the overall administration of the program Holds 15 office hours per week
  9. What You are Responsible For
  10. Forms Forms can be found on the SCC website along with instructions and due dates
  11. UREC’s 7 Charges UREC’s 7 charges are the requirements and expectations for each clubs executive officers.  The club’s advisor is required to sign this form It is important that all officers read and understand the form before signing They will be responsible for upholding all guidelines listed in the document This includes information that the officers should be sharing with their club membership DUE DATE: SEPTEMBER 7th, 2012
  12. Informed Consent and Travel Agreement Must be read and signed by every player who is participating in any club activity This includes everyone who tries out as well! Must be turned into the SCC Secretary’s mailbox before they can participate in any sport club activity DUE DATE: BEFORE THE INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATES IN ANY CLUB ACTIVITY
  13. SCC Manual Confirmation Every officer is responsible for reading and understanding the sport club manual You are responsible for the information Officers must sign the form saying that they have read the manual and will resort to the manual throughout the year before contacting the SCC Exec with questions DUE DATE: September 3rd, 2012
  14. TEAM ROSTER The roster must be submitted each semester and updated as needed Team rosters have pertinent information to contacting all Sport Club participants It is used to determine community service hour requirements No paper copies will be accepted It must be emailed to the SCC Secretary once it is completed DUE DATE: SEPTEMBER 24th, 2012
  15. Team Constitution Every team is required to have a team constitution If your club no longer has access to the document contact the SCC Secretary Every member should be aware and understand what is in the constitution Constitution should be updated on a need be basis Email updated constitution to the SCC Secretary DUE DATE: September 28th, 2012
  16. Participation Numbers Used to track practices, games, community service, fundraising and general club activity Information helps determine funding and practice/game space for the sport club program Forms need to be filled out even if no activity has been done (just put zeros) Needs to be emailed to the SCC Secretary DUE DATE: THE 20th of EVERY MONTH
  17. Officer Update Must be completed yearly in the spring semester The officer update communicates who each clubs new Executive Officers are for the next year (2013-2014) Must be signed by club officers as well as the club advisor DUE DATE: March 1st, 2013
  18. SCC Point System The point system is used to merit each club’s various activities throughout the year The amount of points you have at the end of the year results in the amount of funding you receive in the beginning of next year You receive points for: Community Service* and Fundraising Attendance at meetings and required events Handing in your paperwork by the deadline Participation Numbers
  19. Points System = $$ Each point is worth an assigned dollar amount that will be determined at the end of the year One point ≈ $30+ for your club $2,000-$200: range of point-earned money last year How to get points: 2 points awarded for turning forms in on time 1 point awarded if the form is turned within 48 hours of the deadline
  20. Community Service Clubs are REQUIRED to complete 5 hours of community service per active club member each school year Lose points for NOT DOING community service (-10 points)
  21. Community Service Example If you have 30 club members, then you have to do 30 * 5 = 150 hours of community service during the academic year
  22. Donations We will now allow each team to complete 8% of their required hours by donation Every 10 ITEMS = 1 HOUR Ex. A team of 20 will have a 100 hour requirement (5 hrs x 20 people). This team will only be allowed to donate up to 80 items for community service credit, which equals 8 hours. (100 * 8%)
  23. Community Service Verification Used to communicate completion of a community service project Allow for points to be awarded ONE form must be turned in per team Not one per person Must have the signature of the community service coordinator DUE DATE within ONE WEEK of THE COMMUNITY SERVICE EVENT
  24. Weekend highlights Form Online Enter information about an event you had: tournaments, games, fundraising, etc. 10pm the Monday following the event: worth 1 point
  25. CPR/first aid Need 2 first responders on team Copy of CPR/First Aid cards First Aid and CPR: September 5th 6:00 Godwin room 344
  26. Supportive Funds Proposal Form Online under Community Service and Supportive Funds Completed and submitted to SCC president Opportunity to receive funding any time throughout the year October 1st- April 1st Present Team’s Budget, accomplishments, goals, and etc. Submit personal club, and UREC, accounts
  27. Mailboxes Located on the 3rd floor of UREC in SLO Every team has their own mailbox as well as every SCC Exec Member All forms should be turned in here Make sure to check your mailbox regularly for mail and bank statements Do NOT put forms you are turning in to your own mailbox!!
  28. Copy Codes Each team has a copy code to use Codes will be handed out during the first week of school Find your code in your mailbox Copier is located by the administrative offices (where Chris Jones’ office is) Ask the administrative assistant for help
  29. Dates Recap 7 Charge’s : September 7th, 2011 Informed Consent/Travel Authorization: Before the individual participates in any club activity SCC Manual Confirmation: September 3nd, 2012 First Aid and CPR: September 5th (Training) Team Roster: September 24th, 2012 Team Constitution: September 28th, 2012 Participation Numbers: The 20th of every month Officer Update: March 1st, 2013 * new officers*
  30. QUESTIONS???
  31. Ice Breaker… HUMAN TREASURE HUNT.
  32. BINGO!!! Please write down the following on your bingo card…. Team Roster Team Constitution Community Service Forms Officer Updates 7 Charges SCC Manual Confirmation Participation Numbers Informed Consent/Travel Agreement
  33. Do you know your due dates???