cherokee trail of tears n.
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Cherokee “Trail of Tears” PowerPoint Presentation
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Cherokee “Trail of Tears”

Cherokee “Trail of Tears”

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Cherokee “Trail of Tears”

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  1. Cherokee “Trail of Tears” • 1. Hand out Art Analysis Worksheet from “History Works” from the following web site. • Go over worksheet if students have never used in class before. You can leave out sections of the worksheet if not relevant to your class. • Objective: To have students realize different perspectives in history regarding treatment of the American Indian.

  2. Ask students to analyze the painting by Robert Lindneux. The painting may be used at the following website, which allows the user to zoom into the painting for greater detail. If the teacher is comfortable with students using technology, a student may zoom in specific parts. I have included a static painting in the next slide.

  3. After discussing the student analysis of the painting. Hand out the following document by John G. Burnett a Private involved with the Cherokee Indian Removal. • You may use the entire text, or underline specific portions of the text. • This document will provide contrasting information to the painting, so the student should still have access to the painting. • The document may be found at the following web site.

  4. Upon reading the document, ask students to point out various contradictions between the painting and the document. Ask students if there is any possible bias in both the painting and document. • Ask which primary source provides a “truer” picture of the removal. • If additional time is available, you may also wish to provide other documents such as: The Indian Removal Act, General Winfield Scott’s Address to the Cherokee Nation, and President Jackson’s Indian removal policy. You can access the removal act and policy at • Scott’s address is available here

  5. Assessment: Student may write an essay if the Federal Government’s removal policy was necessary for the development of the nation, or was it unfair to the American Indian tribes. To help students, you present how the Cherokee tried to assimilate into White society by creating an alphabet, and a newspaper. • Cherokee Phoenix newspaper. Old Present Day • Sequoyah alphabet

  6. For a government class, you may also access the Supreme Court ruling regarding the Cherokee and President Jackson’s unwillingness to enforce the ruling. The question being why Congress did not impeach Jackson? • For the ruling.