miner mall assets n.
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Miner Mall Assets PowerPoint Presentation
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Miner Mall Assets

Miner Mall Assets

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Miner Mall Assets

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  1. Miner Mall Assets

  2. Welcome to Training! • Why PeopleSoft? • PeopleSoft will help UTEP to grow. • What’s Your Part? • We need your skills and expertise in order to utilize PeopleSoft. It’s a vehicle and you’re the driver! • Over time you will build your own history with PeopleSoft. • What to Know About Training? • Training is an investment in your professional growth. • Be open to change

  3. What Can You Do? • Feel free to ask questions and take notes. • Contact the Help Desk if you encounter a glitch or forget how to complete a transaction. • Revisit the training webpage to review training materials and videos. • Become your office’s “Go-To” person. Be willing to offer your help. • Attend our Go-Live Work Sessions—open lab time you can use to process live documents/transactions.

  4. Terminology • Asset – An Asset is an owned item of value. An asset is determined by its cost and physical properties. • Asset Profile ID – An asset profile is a way to categorize assets.

  5. What is an Asset Profile ID? • Simply a “shortcut” to add required information each time you add an asset. • The profile ID is made up of three separate categories that make up one asset profile ID. • Class code • Asset Definition • Category

  6. What is an Asset Profile ID? • Class code – A table of codes that is used statewide to standardize personal and real property reporting. It is 3 digits in length and has a specific description. • Asset Definition – Identifies if the asset is capitalized or controlled. CAP or CTL • Category - One or two digit numerical or alphanumerical category assignment with a description under that category.

  7. What is an Asset Profile ID? • Capital - Capitalized assets are assets that have a value equal to or greater than the $5000 • Control - A controlled asset is an asset that has a value less than $5000, but is considered of a high-risk nature. • Computers • TVs • Cameras

  8. What is an Asset Profile ID? Class code Category Example Asset Profile ID= 204CTL41

  9. What is NOT changing? • Miner Mall will remain our PR/PO system of record. • The overall functionality in Miner Mall will not change.

  10. What is changing? • Assets will now be coded at the purchase requisition level in Miner Mall. • The accounting codes section of Miner Mall has been modified to reflect the PeopleSoft chart field set-up which includes the Profile ID.

  11. Adding a Profile ID • Profile ID’s can be selected at either the header or line levels of a PR document.

  12. Adding a Profile ID • At the header or line level click on Select from all values to access the search window.

  13. Adding a Profile ID • Enter a brief description and click Search.

  14. Things to keep in mind…. • Not all items are considered assets and will not require a Profile ID.

  15. References • Additional information and resources can be found on the PeopleSoft website. • Job Aids • Power Point slides • Quick Guides • Crosswalk • UPKs

  16. Classroom Summary • Topic summary. • Web page location. ( • Training materials and UPK’s available. • Help Desk support available. • Drop in sessions available May 5th. • FAQ’s will be posted on the web site.

  17. Questions

  18. Thank You!