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Best Way Deep Conditioner For Curly Hair PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Way Deep Conditioner For Curly Hair

Best Way Deep Conditioner For Curly Hair

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Best Way Deep Conditioner For Curly Hair

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  1. Deep Conditioning For Curly Hair – What, When, How If there is one tip stressed often in the natural hair world, it is this – Deep Conditioning curly hair. In the hair world, Deep Conditioning Curly hair is one of the most important thing, stressed upon. WHAT IS IT? It makes your hair softer and healthier with lots of important ingredients, thought as a hydration boost. In order to get rid of frizz, roughness and dryness, consistent deep conditioning of hair once in a week or two weeks’ time. It will also help restore your hair health. If you get to know what a hair Spa does in the salon, its nothing but deep conditioning. You can do it yourself at a minimal cost at your home if you get to know what goes into it. DO YOU NEED IT? I cannot emphasize more about the importance of this step for curly hair, especially when they already have heat and chemical damaged hair. It is the first and the foremost thing to add in their routine what I normally ask my readers. Deep conditioning is also very important for regular swimmers and out-going people. Pay attention to your hair in order to see if your hair need deep conditioning. If you have drier than normal hair and they get tangled or break easily then go for conditioning straight away. No need to opt for it if you have already moisturized hair. Don’t overdo as there is no such thing like more is merrier. HOW TO DO IT

  2. Always buy products that suit your hair and a good store-bought mask can do the desired job easily. Make sure the deep conditioner you choose does not have silicon. The conditioner works effectively when applied on wet hair. After that your hair are exposed to a little heat and a hot towel works well for that. Steam helps in opening hair follicles and absorption. You can also blow hot hair on your shower cap. HOW I DO IT So here are 3 ways I deep condition my curls: 1.I Apply it on wet hair Once I am done with shampoo, conditioner and de-tangling my hair, I try to spread conditioner thoroughly in my hair with comb. Applying from mid-lengths, I try giving special attention to the ends as they are the driest. After this I normally leave my hair with conditioner for 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending upon the time I have. I then rinse and style my hair with leave-in conditioner and gel. 2. I use it as a conditioner after shampooing Depending on my day’s routine, I DC at night and leave it to rinse next morning if I am busy. Other times I do it in the afternoon and wash my hair in the evening and style as normal. This is a great method if your hair is very tangled as most hair masks are super creamy with more slip than a regular conditioner. I use it as a pre-shampoo mask. I do this especially when I have to use a medicated shampoo for dandruff which is great for hair otherwise but makes my scalp really clean but uncomfortably dry. So I apply my product on the length of my hair as a protective coating, leaving the scalp. Then once I apply the shampoo and rinse it off, it does not dry out the length of my hair. You can also do this with a normal conditioner. More Information Gk Hair