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Condominium Security Management Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Condominium Security Management Systems

Condominium Security Management Systems

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Condominium Security Management Systems

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  1. Condominium Security Management Systems Presented by: Cansec International Technologies Inc..

  2. SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Introducing Condoplex Integrated Security Products

  3. SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS A complete Condominium Security Management System PART II


  5. PRODUCT CATALOGUE CPLX4-APT/AUX CONTROLLER CARDS & THE SMS1000 SOFTWARE PACKAGE • Monitors 1000 suites with up to 8 supervised zones • Monitors up to 20 buildings • Entry phone interface with video option • Intercom via suite panel or telephone • Remote arming of suite panel and service bypass • Suite occupancy detection (no motion) • Message waiting indicator • Central station reporting • (Radionics R6500 Standard) Security Management Systems

  6. PRODUCT CATALOGUE CPLX4-APT/AUX CONTROLLER CARDS & THE SMS1000 SOFTWARE PACKAGE • Remote diagnostics for system service/maintenance • Scanning time - max. 2 sec for 1000 suites • Supports up to 200 Input Points (RIM) • Supports up to 750 Output Control Points (ROM) • 64 access levels and 32 door/entry groups • Access Control to Garage door/gate (RF tx) • Timed Anti-passback • Controlled elevator access for 6 cabs up to 90 floors • 7-day public area door arming ‘scheduler’ • 100,000 event activity log • 30 Operator Password Levels Security Management Systems

  7. PRODUCT CATALOGUE SECURITY CONTROL PANELS 2600/2600A Panel • Aesthetically designed slim-lined panel • Advanced on-board microprocessor • Programmability at Master and Service levels • Two-wire data and audio connection • 4 supervised hard wire zones (expandable to 8) • Nine traceable User Codes plus a Duress Code • Suite Occupancy Detection • ‘Listen-in’ on Intrusion Alarms • InSuite notification of Panic-Personal attack • Message waiting Indicator Security Management Systems

  8. PRODUCT CATALOGUE SECURITY CONTROL PANELS 2700 Video Panel • Two-wire data and audio connection • with BNC video connection • Aesthetically designed slim-lined panel • with high quality video screen • Ideal with ELP1000 Video Entry Phone • Programmability at Master and Service levels • 4 supervised hard wire zones (expandable to 8) • Nine traceable User Codes plus a Duress Code Security Management Systems

  9. PRODUCT CATALOGUE RE-1 REMOTE EMERGENCY MODULE • A compact, single gang device hardwired to the 2600A panel (maximum two per suite) • When activated this unit generates an emergency alarm and opens an audio channel to central security • Commonly mounted in bedrooms or bathrooms Security Management Systems

  10. PRODUCT CATALOGUE RPS-1 REMOTE PANIC STATION • Ideal for parking areas, stairwell, or change rooms • Visible and easily accessible red panic button • Unit can operate as a Panic Station or Intercom Station with full logging capabilities • Activated by push button, scream detection or remotely via emergency pendants • Upon activation, signals an Emergency Alarm and opens Audio Channel • Controllable and addressable relay output to activate strobe lights/sirens or lock video Vandal-proof housing Security Management Systems

  11. PRODUCT CATALOGUE ROM-1 RELAY OUTPUT MODULE • The ROM-1 provides an addressable relay which can be activated from any Condoplex auxiliary device • Primarily used to activate sirens or strobe lights upon alarm conditions • Fire Alarm conditions within the suite can be annunciated at remote locations via the ROM-1. Security Management Systems

  12. PRODUCT CATALOGUE DCR-2 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION RECEIVER • Used in conjunction with wireless panic/access • Pendants • Supports 100 multiplexed receivers on network • 5-digit transmitter code • Uses on-board relay or remote relay (ROM-1) • Identifies user and location when activated • All activity is Audited at Security office Security Management Systems

  13. PRODUCT CATALOGUE MEDIC ALERT & REMOTE ACCESS PENDANTS • Devices are easily added or removed from the system • Up to 8 devices may be added per suite • Each device provides an unique code which is readily identifiable by security Security Management Systems

  14. PRODUCT CATALOGUE MEDIC ALERT & REMOTE ACCESS PENDANTS MEDIC ALERT • Worn within suite at all times • Sounds an alarm at Security when depressed • identifying the Suite and type of alarm REMOTE EMERGENCY • Carried on a key-chain ,used primarily when walking through underground parking • Sounds an Alarm at Security, identifying the user, location and type of alarm Security Management Systems

  15. PRODUCT CATALOGUE DUAL TECHNOLOGY PENDANT EMERGENCY/DURESS & ACCESS CONTROL • Carried on a key-chain for Access Control to/from car park and common areas of the building • Equipped with Duress button for emergency situations • Transactions are recorded at the Security office identifying the user and location Security Management Systems

  16. PRODUCT CATALOGUE KEYCHAIN TRANSPONDER PENDANT FOR ACCESS CONTROL • Maintenance Free - no batteries to monitor or replace • Superior Read Range - 6” read range from microreader • Greater Durability - a hermetically sealed device that will not be affected by temperature, dust, vibration, humidity or water Security Management Systems

  17. PRODUCT CATALOGUE ACCESS CONTROL TRANSPONDER SYSTEM MICRO READER • Provides data communications and • RF modulation • Typical reading range 10 - 15 cm • Wiegand Output • For use with combination emergency /access Pendant or Access Keychain Transponder Security Management Systems

  18. PRODUCT CATALOGUE AUTOMATED PARKING CONTROL SYSTEM • The system consists of a Macro Reader, Gate Antenna, and Transponder • The most secure, reliable and easy to use method of parking control • Hands Free Operation Security Management Systems

  19. PRODUCT CATALOGUE AUTOMOBILE TRANSPONDER SYSTEM VEHICULAR TRANSPONDER DISK • Durable - hermetically sealed, impervious • to extreme hot/cold temps, dust or vibration • Maintenance Free - No batteries to replace • Easy to Use - no action is required by the user • Typical Read Range 6-8 Feet Security Management Systems

  20. PRODUCT CATALOGUE AUTOMOBILE TRANSPONDER SYSTEM GATE ANTENNA • Mounted next to vehicular lane way • Transmits and receives data from transponder • Casing made of UV stabilized high impact • polystyrene Security Management Systems

  21. PRODUCT CATALOGUE CONDOPLEX POWER SUPPLY • UPS 10 amp supply to provide uninterrupted power to all Condoplex devices via CRB-6 riser cards • Trickle Charge for Battery • Adjustable Riser and Battery voltage Security Management Systems

  22. PRODUCT CATALOGUE ELP1000 ENTRY PHONE SYSTEM • Cost effective means of 24-hour visitor access control • Ideal for buildings with more than one entrance • Quick method for guests to announce their arrival • Visitor access is granted via the 2600/2700 panel • Options include: video, various colours and finishes, • wall or pedestal mounted Security Management Systems

  23. PRODUCT CATALOGUE ELP1000 ENTRY PHONE SYSTEM • High quality back-lit black and white • LCD display • Large type makes for easy readability • Up to 1000 names can be scrolled in seconds • Allows multiple names on the same phone • number Security Management Systems


  25. COMPANY HISTORY Individual care and quality goes into the manufacturing of each product. Each item is carefully tested for defects before shipping. Security Management Systems

  26. COMPANY HISTORY Each panel is carefully packaged into customized boxes to ensure a safe and timely delivery. Security Management Systems

  27. COMPANY HISTORY Condoplex Monitoring Systems Inc., a Canadian company, has been manufacturing high quality security products for over 10 years. In association with its sister company, it is backed by over 30 years of Security Experience. Hundreds of buildings world-wide entrust their security needs to Condoplex. Security Management Systems