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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trials

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  1. Aurelius Global Masterclass LearnFromTheBest In TheWorld

  2. Hello! I am Sumit Peer CEO Of Aurelius Global Masterclass I am here to show you some of our work like who are we and what we do.

  3. About us Aurelius Corporate Solutions wants to be seen and accepted as one stop shop for all industry specific master-classes across the globe, thereby making the line managers well versed with the acceptable technology and business practices, adopted worldwide.

  4. So as you know about us. Let’s begin the journey of masterclasses we provided for years. As we are specialist in this field So let’s go

  5. Some Of Our Masterclass Clinical Trials Regulation Biosimilars Clinical Development Well Plugging And Abandonment The Masterclasses We Provided Is Taught By The Best Professionals In There Fields.

  6. Clinical Trials Regulations Complexity and cost of clinical trials have increased dramatically in recent years. Learn how evolutions in technology and risk management process offer new opportunities to increase efficiency and focus on relevant activities and clinical trial protocols. Understand how the new guidelines and regulations allow clinical trial research taking strategic decisions that benefit your organization’s success.

  7. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Learn the practical implications and phases of clinical trials of the new regulatory requirements for clinical trials, including ICH E6(R2) and the EU Clinical Trials Regulation in this training Be able to implement more efficient, risk proportionate approaches for clinical trial application while continuing to ensure human subject protection and data integrity in this training Learn to analyze risks in clinical trials and implement risk mitigation plans including monitoring plans in this training Demonstrate sponsor oversight in line with regulatory requirements and Regulatory Agency expectations in this training

  8. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

  9. Our Social Medial Platforms Facebook YouTube Instagram

  10. Venue & Date Start Time 9:00 am September 17, 2019 Finish Time 5:00 pm September 19, 2019 Address Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  11. Region Europe 19,450000

  12. Thanks! Any questions? Email: Phone: +44 2032 398083