what s new in react native app development n.
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React Native App Development PowerPoint Presentation
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React Native App Development

React Native App Development

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React Native App Development

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  1. “What’s new in ​React Native App Development” React Native App Development has been backed up by the fact that it is not only built by Facebook, but as a product, it builds mobile applications much faster and easier. A great deal of businesses is now using this platform to develop their mobile applications. It has grown as a profitable platform to build in-house native applications that makes use of JavaScript and Native. The best part about this platform is that it is great for building both iOS and Android native apps with a single language. That means, it saves a lot of time and results into fast development of applications. Due to these and many other beneficial reasons, new startups and fortune 500 companies have used this platform. Now to begin with, you must know a few things about this framework. React is basically a JavaScript library which uses “components” to build user interfaces. So, a ​React Native Developer would ideally end up using the reusable components for UIs. Components help developer to represent application’s individual views. In short, they are excellent to repeat the code without having to write them again. This saves a lot of time during development phase because the code is made reusable using components. Therefore, whenever you require to reuse a component, simply include it in the new view. Moving ahead, since React is an excellent, flexible and efficient JavaScript library it renders the same features to the native mobile apps. Moreover, being an entirely open source platform, it encourages the developers to use it more. Also, reusable components are freely available on GitHub.

  2. As of now, ​React Native Development has resulted in many excellent mobile applications such as Facebook, Airbnb, Facebook Ads Manager, Gyroscope, Vogue, Walmart, Bloomberg, Artsy and Myntra to name a few. The latest version launched is 0.40 and is being embraced by developers speedily. Another important facet of this platform is that it is free to use, components are reusable on GitHub, new components and modules being added daily to the library and a community to help the developers. All this proves that React Native is going to be a popular native mobile app building framework that will become even more popular in the future. To conclude, ​React Native Development is an affordable, efficient and excellent way to get native applications built for iOS and Android platforms. Not only is it time saving, but also flexible to update and make changes as required.