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  1. Plan Analyze Systems Development Life Cycle Design Wild Road Dirt Bike Develop Test Implement Maintain

  2. Plan Wild Road Dirt Bike Analyze Wild Road Dirt Bike is a click and mortar company that sales dirt bikes as well as offers repair service to our customers. Customers can order products online as well as schedule repairs. Customers can check the status of their repairs and pay for those online as well. Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  3. Plan Project Plan System Requirements – • Our system will allow for customers to schedule their repairs online, as well as, notify them online when their repairs are complete. • There will also be a place for our customers to see the progress of their repairs. • Our customers will be able to order products online that are backordered in the store. • Customers will also be able to browse our in-store products on our website. They will be able to order products online. Analyze Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  4. Plan Project Plan Analyze Assess project feasibility – • Economic Feasibility Study- This will show how our system is a value adding product for our customers. They will be able to quickly and efficiently place an order. The system will cost us money, but it will pay off in the long run, because our website will be available to more people than our store. This study was chosen because for our business to succeed, we need to be economical. We will perform this study by looking at the efficiency of our online ordering process. We also will consult with our customers on their experience of our online store versus our physical store. • Operational Feasibility Study- The system will make our company more operational, because we will be able to reach a larger scope of people. Unlike our store, the website will be able to reach people out of our geographic area. This study was chosen so that we as owners can ensure that our operations are successful. We will perform this study by looking at the ease of ordering online. We also will look to see how we can continuously make our online ordering easier for our customers. Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  5. Plan Project Plan System Requirements: • The system offers online ordering and payment for customers. It also allows for customers to schedule repairs and check repair status from our website. Critical success factors for the system. • The system will be easy for customers to navigate. They will be able to easily find that products that we offer. They also will be able to check on repair status for their dirt bike that we have in our shop for repairs. • Customers will be able to make purchases on the website through our Microsoft Dynamics POS system. • The system will also allow for the owners to make changes to make the system more user friendly for our customers. Analyze Design Develop Test MILESTONES: December 1, 2012: Project Plan and Business Requirements completed. December 2, 2012: Sign off on Business Requirements. December 5, 2012: Process and Database Models Completed delivered to programming December 13, 2012: Initial Prototype ready for testing December 15, 2012: Initial Prototype tested and under revision December 17, 2012: Second Prototype tested December 20, 2012: Final product due from programming December 21, 2012: Website tested and ready to launch December 26, 2012: Website launched to the public, fully operational Implement Maintain

  6. Plan Analysis Business Requirements: • The first priority of the system will be tracking types of orders. The system must track online orders versus in-store orders. This will allow us to track how successful each part of our business is. This will be done by the owners. We will check the orders monthly to see where our sales are and how we can improve where we have issues. • The system must also track the amount of time that is spent on each repair. We will be able to see if we are being efficient during the repair process and how we compete with our competitors. The mechanics will be responsible for this. They will have to update the system of their progress on repairs. This will allow customers to be able to follow the entire process of their dirt bike repair. The owners will then be able to take this information to see where our company stands with other companies. Analyze Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  7. Plan Analyze Buy vs. Build Analysis Because our store is up and ready to go, we are going to buy our system instead of building it. We only need a basic ordering system that we can track, so we do not need an extremely high tech system. These systems are also less of a risk to our company. Because they are already in use, the bugs that could occur with a newly built systems will hopefully be worked out. This will allow us to start our online store very quickly and smoothly. Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  8. Plan Analysis Process Diagrams: • The process diagrams that are being shown by our company is the log in process for customers to order products online or schedule repairs. This is a fairly simple process to help ensure efficiency with our online store. • The next process that is diagrammed is the process for checking the status of customer’s repairs. This process is very similar to the log in process, but after logging in the customer will access a different database to show exactly where their dirt bike is in the repair process. Analyze Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  9. Process diagram Plan Login Process Analyze Design Develop The customer begins by logging into the system supplying an UserID (email address ) and a password. If they are a new user, they must add UserID and confirm. If they are an existing user, they can view products. Test Implement Maintain

  10. Plan Process diagram Repairs Status Process Analyze Design Develop The customer begins by logging into the system supplying an UserID (email address) and a password. If they are a new user, they must add UserID and confirm. Once the customer has an account, they can check the progress of repairs on their dirt bike. Once they click on this the system will pull the information from the product database and let them know if the repair work is finished or if it is still in progress. If the repair work is finished, they can check out and pay for it online if they prefer to do so. Test Implement Maintain

  11. Plan System Model– Navigation (the system navigation model needs to show how navigation occurs on your site – you only need to draw the navigation scheme for your homepage. You can also easily make this on the computer) Analyze Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  12. Plan Analyze Design Develop Test We chose this prototype for our website, because it is easy to navigate. Our customers can quickly log in, view products, check repairs status or contact us. We definitely encourage our customers to share places they have been to experience great dirt bike rides, so we added a button that will take them to a page where it is very easy to share this information with our other customers Implement Maintain

  13. Plan Screen/Form Tested Repairs page Date Tested November 26 2012 Names Carmen, Chelsea, Rachel Analyze Design Circle one) Test Condition Expected Results Actual Results Login to website Customers will  put in their personal password and username once they are in the companies Login was successful customers continued Pass     Fail Develop The progress of the repairs are shown Check the status of the repairs Customers will be able to check if  their bikes are done being repaired Pass     Fail Test Add Comments or Questions Questions or comments can be added and answered by the mechanic about each bike The questions and comment button won't save the questions or comments Pass     Fail Implement Check Out Customers can pay for the repairs if their bike is finished. The checkout process will not accept anyone's credit cards Pass     Fail Maintain

  14. Plan Implementation * The type of Implementation the company will use is motivational leadership. This means that the owners of the company will take charge of everything and make sure that their employees are working as best and efficient as they can. *The company is very small and it will only require around 4 employees overall. *Two of these employees must be mechanics and have a degree or previous work experiences on repairing bikes. *The other two employees will be used for as cashiers and customer help. *The main people that will run the business will be the owners. *They will be in charge of training each new employee and giving them a detailed summary of how the business runs. *They will have to work under the supervision of an owner for two weeks until they can run things on their own smoothly. *The mechanics must already know all their material but they will be trained on how to access online information and recording the process of their work. Analyze Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  15. Implementation * User Documentation - Each customer must have an account with their username and password if they want to check on the progress of their bikes repairs. -New customers can create a new account with all their information. -Existing customers can use their previous information when logging into their accounts. - Customers can log into their accounts and ask the mechanics specific questions about their bikes and have the mechanics get back to them with the answer within two business days. -Customers can also see the process of their bikes and how long it will take the mechanics to repair it. -If a bike has been finished with its repairs customers can pay online or go to the store and pay there. -All credit and Debit cards are accepted, no travelers checks. Plan Analyze Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  16. Plan Maintenance One of the owners will work along with a computer tech to maintenance the business's website twice a week. Each time there will be a scheduled report on how the website is performing. If there is any errors or malfunctions the Tech and the owner will take a look at it and fix the issue. Once a week the entire website will be shut down so that new products and changes can be added. November • 1- Shut down website for maintenance • 5- Repair any errors or changes that have occurred • 9-Shut down website • 13-Repair any errors or changes that have occurred • 17-Shut down website for maintenance • 21-Repair any errors or changes that have occurred • 25-Shut down website for maintenance • 29-Repair any errors or changes that have occurred December • 3-Shut down website for maintenance Analyze Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

  17. Plan Maintenance The adaptive maintenance will be left for the owners of the company to handle. They will manage how the website looks and works. The corrective maintenance will also be handled by the owners and the computer techs. They will keep the website flowing correctly and fix any errors or malfunctions. The perfective maintenance aspect of the company will be based on employees feedback and how much customer feedback the website receives. The preventive and corrective maintenance will also be left in the hands of the owners and the computer techs. They will fix any issue set in place as well as try to change and fix any recurring issues. Through the scheduled reports they will be able to see any patterns as well as ways to prevent specific errors from happening. Analyze Design Develop Test Implement Maintain

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