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Silverstarr - Roofing - Renovations - Maintenance PowerPoint Presentation
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Silverstarr - Roofing - Renovations - Maintenance

Silverstarr - Roofing - Renovations - Maintenance

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Silverstarr - Roofing - Renovations - Maintenance

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  1. Quality Roofing - Professional Service Edmontons Best Roofing Contractor - Silverstarr Renovations Ltd Broken Shakes on your roof, missing Shingles and moss growth aren’t just unsightly for your rooftop, they are recipes for further damage that can lead to leaks and mold inside the your home posing further more expensive damage and risks to your health. Silverstarr Renovation has years of experience providing roof maintenance and replacement for a variety of materials. Our roofing specialists can visit your property and provide you with an extensive evaluation to determine what options are appropriate and present you with a free estimate as well as a detailed plan of action. We take great pride in our leadership within the industry and in our reputation as a reliable and trustworthyroofing provider. Cost Effective Our roofing specialists have years of experience to provide you with cost effective and appropriate measure to repair and replace your roof. There are a great many options available from ​ Asphalt Shingles to Rubber Panels or Cedar Shake, to name a few, but not every material may work for the conditions and location of your property and we can help you make a cost effective decision that’s wise for what you envision. Do-it-yourself attempts do not get you the same professional results and you may also be doing more damage to your roof and spend more money in the long run to get your home investment work back on track and accurate so it’s better to let an expert get it right the first time around. Safety First Getting up on a ladder and walking around your roof might seem like a good idea, but leaving it to the professionals is a far safer strategy for 1/2

  2. finding out what’s going on up there. Walking around on a roof and facing the unknown for weak spots, slippery shakes and granules that break off can so easily lead to a dangerous or fatal trip and fall. Roofing repair and replacement is work that often requires specialized tools that it takes experienced roofers years to learn how to use effectively and accurately. Save yourself a trip to the hospital and call a professional roofing specialist. Professional Quality and Knowledge As roofing specialists, it’s critical that we understand the limitations and symptoms of wear and tear for every type of rooftop. We get calls all the time of clients who believe they have one type of problem only to find out they have misdiagnosed the issue. This is typically the result of inexperience and a lack of knowledge roofing materials. Our specialists have vast knowledge on the pros and cons of specific roofing material and they know what to took for when they are evaluating the integrity of your roof. This is an important skills that saves you time and money from inaccurate diagnosis and prevents you from making repairs and maintenance that you don’t need. Why Hire Us We have a passion for roofrepair and replacement and we’ve been in the business for a long time service customers with high quality workmanship they can reliable upon and as a result countless clients have given us positive feedback and referred other clients. Your rooftop protects your home and we want to help it keep doing so for years to come. 2/2