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Get The Best Treatment For Your Teeth PowerPoint Presentation
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Get The Best Treatment For Your Teeth

Get The Best Treatment For Your Teeth

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Get The Best Treatment For Your Teeth

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  1. Get The Best Treatment For Your Teeth They say a smile can change the world but what they never said was how to get a good smile. A good smile is only possible when one has good teeth as that makes the smile look beautiful. You would not like to look at a smiling face that has stained or chipped teeth peeping from inside. Hence it is very important that proper oral care is taken. With the availability of excellent dentistry faculty, for taking care of teeth Sydney offers the best levels of expertise. The various oral care options that are being offered by Sydney dental experts include cosmetic dentistry, which includes teeth whitening, inlays and onlays, Invisalign, veneers, teeth crowing. There are other medical cares for teeth as well which are root canalling, family dentistry, teeth bonding and whitening and many more. Get your smile assessed When it comes to the teeth Sydney doctors will first want to do cosmetic smile assessment wherein the doctors will spend quality time on first discussing your concerns and the expectations. Post this they will carefully examine your teeth and understand what the requirements to give you a proper smile are. Once the smile assessment is done, the doctor will explain the requirement of each therapy and the various options available. The requirements of the teeth could be one or many of the following: Crowing – in case he teeth is broken or chipped Whitening – in case the teeth has stains which make them look ugly Bonding – in case there are gaps between teeth Veneers – in case the tooth surface is susceptible for damage Implants – in case the teeth is missing Invisalign – in case the teeth are misaligned Get rid of stains – go for whitening Smoking, Coffee, tea or even red wine are some of the major reason why stains get developed on the tooth and causes the teeth to look absolutely ugly. By means of shade assessment, the dentist would understand what degree of whitening is required to give the required whiteness to the teeth. Whitening is a process wherein the enamel and the dentin of the teeth are being bleached to get rid of the stains. While in earlier days the whitening process was pretty time consuming and required multiple visits to the dentist chamber, nowadays Sydney doctors are specializing on one hour whitening process which is also called In-office whitening where the patient is required to dedicate just one hour to the dentist and go back with crystal white teeth that would sparkle when the person would smile. Treat the infected nerves with Root canal Many a times it so happens that while drinking cold water or whiles the teeth brush against each other, there is a sensitivity issue with the teeth. This normally happens when due to decay of the enamel of the

  2. teeth; the nerves get exposed and get infected. Dentists would recommend a root canal procedure to handle this situation. By means of a root canal, the infected nerves get removed and the vacant area gets sealed by sealants. A root canal procedure is generally followed by a crowing process which leaves the teeth get a very smart appearance and looks very beautiful. General brushing tips that one tends to ignore Brushing should be done at least twice a day and if possible after every meal as that would clear the remnants of the food particles from the teeth and would prevent the formation of any stain or any germs that could trigger tooth decay. One important tip of brushing is that after eating, brushing should not be done immediately. Some time (say 30 minutes) should be given to the enamel to get rehardened as it would tend to become soft if there are certain acidic elements in the food that you consumed. If brushing is done over soft enamels, there are chances that it will get scrubbed away thereby causing potential damage to the teeth. In matters of teeth Sydney people can always go to dentists as many good options are available, but then before going to a dentist there are some home procedures that can be followed to ensure shining teeth and good appearance. These things include regular brushing, flossing, rinsing and correct diet. What you eat is very important as that leaves an impression on your teeth and hence stuff like cola drink, caffeine drinks etc needs to be avoided as much as possible.