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Unit Eight Protecting Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit Eight Protecting Environment

Unit Eight Protecting Environment

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Unit Eight Protecting Environment

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  1. Unit Eight Protecting Environment

  2. I. Lead-in Questions

  3. 1. What does the current environment look like? 2. What is a sensible environmentalism? 3. What should we do to protect the environment.

  4. II. Cultural Notes 1. Greenhouse effect 2. Gaia hypothesis

  5. greenhouse effect The phenomenon whereby the earth’s atmosphere traps solar radiation, caused by the presence in the atmosphere of gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane that allow incoming sunlight to pass through but absorb heat radiated back from the earth’s surface.

  6. It is believed that it will cause a rise in temperature of the earth and its atmosphere, known as global warming.

  7. Gaia Hypothesis Gaia was the ancient Greek’s earth goddess, who bore and married Uranus and became the mother of the Titans and the Cyclope. In Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth(1979), James E. Lovelock, the British scientist, put forward Gaia theory. He suggested that the earth is a self-regulating organism, like the human body, and if mankind disturbs the earth’s ecological balance, the earth would in return weaken man’s domination.

  8. III. Language Points

  9. Words 1. conflict: n/v. being in a disagreement, collision, or opposition 不一致,冲突 e.g. Their accounts of the event conflicts with each other. 他们对事件的说法互相矛盾。 My brother and I have a personality conflict. 我和我哥哥性格不和。

  10. Words Come into conflict with 和 冲突 In conflict with 同相冲突,有抵触。

  11. Words 2. propose: v. 1) to put forward a suggestion, a plan, etc. or intend to do sth.提议、建议,打算 2) offer oneself in marriage求婚 e.g. He proposed to open a café.他打算开一家咖啡馆。 He proposed that we should start early.他提议我们早点出发

  12. Words 【扩展衍生词】 Proposal 提议,建议 e.g. Her proposal to travel to Indonesia was turned down by her husband in consideration of the tsunami attack.考虑到海啸灾害,她丈夫不同意他去印尼旅行的计划。

  13. Words 【扩展衍生词】 Proposition 提案;主张,定理,命题 Propose a toast for somebody’s health 提议为某人的健康干杯

  14. Words 3. distinguish: recognize the difference (between….) You should be wise enough to distinguish good from evil. 你应该有足够的能力区分善恶 The twin are so alike that no one can distinguish one from the other. 这对孪生儿长得很像,无人能分辨出谁是谁.。

  15. Words Related words or phrases: Be distinguished as 辨明为,称之为 Be distinguished by 以….. 为特征 Be distinguished for以 ….. 而著名 Be distinguished from与….. 加以区别 Distinguish… from…辨别, 识别 Distinguish oneself.使自己出名,使自己与众不同

  16. Words 4. consequence: n. the result or effect of an action or condition 结果,后果 e.g. Her investment had disastrous consequences. She lost everything she owned. 他的投资结果很惨,血本无归。 High unemployment rate may have harmful consequences for social stability. 高失业率可能会给社会稳定带来不利的影响。

  17. Words Related words and phrases: Answer for the consequences对后果负责 As a consequence因而,结果 In consequence因此,结果 In consequence of 由 Of consequence 重要的

  18. Words 5. sentimental: adj. Showing or affected by emotion rather than reason感伤的,多愁善感 e.g. a sentimental person多愁善感的人 for sentimental reasons出于情感上的缘故 strike a sentimental note发出感伤的调子 a sentimental novel感伤小说

  19. Words 【扩展衍生词】 Sentiment感情,感伤 Sentimentality感伤,多愁善感 Sensible明智的 Sensibility(常用复数)情感,敏感性 Sensitive敏感的,灵敏的 Sensuous激发美感的,给人以美的享受的

  20. Words 6. contemporary: adj current; modern现代的,当代的 n. of the same time同时代的(人) e.g. Contemporary cars are more streamlined than older ones. 当代轿车要比以往的轿车更具流线型。 Shelly and Keats were contemporaries雪莱和济慈是同时代的人。

  21. Words 7. excess: n more than the reasonable degree or amount超越,过量,过度,无节制 e.g. An excess of fat in one’s diet can lead to heart disease. 饮食中脂肪过量会导致心脏病。 Every month he spent in excess of his income and had to borrow money from his friends from time to time. 他每个月总是开支多于收入,因此不得不不时地向朋友们借钱。

  22. Words Related words or phrases: Excessive adj.过多的,过分的,极度的 In excess of超过 e.g. a population in excess of two million To excess过度。过分 e.g. Don’t carry your grief to excess. 不要过分悲哀。

  23. Words 8. current: adj. Occurring in or existing at the present time当前的,现在的 n. body of moving water, air etc. esp. passing through still water.流,水流,气流 General tendency or course of events, opinions, etc.趋势,倾向 e.g. She keeps the habit of reading articles on current events. 他一直保留着阅读实事报道的习惯。 He is satisfied with his current life.他对目前的生活很满意。

  24. Words Related words or phrases: Be against the current逆流而行,不同流俗Go(swim) with the current随波逐流 The current of events事情的进展 The current of time时代潮流

  25. Words 9. accommodate: vi. To adapt使适应,使迁就 vt. To hold供给,容纳 e.g. The union has made every possible effort to accommodate the management. 工会极力迁就资方。 This hotel can accommodate up to 500 guests.这个宾馆能容纳500人。

  26. Words Related words or phrases: Accommodation n.膳食供应;适应,调节 Accommodate oneself to new conditions使适应新环境 Be accommodated to=be adapted to= be adjusted to= be oriented to=fit in with=frame to/into

  27. Words 10. concern: n. matter of interest or importance to one(利害)关系,所关切的事 vt. to be related with; to influence somebody 涉及,对有关系,使关心/担心/挂念

  28. Words e.g. He doesn’t bother about things that don’t concern him. 对那些无关的事他不去烦心。 Leifeng’s only concern was our socialist motherland and the people. 雷锋一心关心的事我们的社会主义祖国和人民。

  29. Words Related words or phrases: Be concerned in sth.和某事有牵连 Concern oneself with state affairs关心国家大事 Have no concern with sb.同某事没有关系 A matter of the utmost concern头等要事

  30. Words An important concern要事 Show concern for sb.对某人表示关心 Feel concern over sth .对 感到忧虑 As concerns关于: As concerns that matter, I should like to say……关于那件事,我想说

  31. Words An important concern要事 Show concern for sb.对某人表示关心 Feel concern over sth .对 感到忧虑 As concerns关于: As concerns that matter, I should like to say……关于那件事,我想说

  32. Phrases 1. in the name of: for the reason of; using the excuse of e.g. American troops invaded Iraq in the name of maintaining peace and order. 美军以维护和平稳定的名义入侵了伊拉克。 He made the invitation in the name of his father. 他以他父亲的名义发出了邀请。

  33. Phrases 2. call for : require, demand 需要,要求 e.g. The situation calls for prompt/immediate action. 形势所迫,必须立即采取行动。 Scientific experiment calls for endless patience and carefulness. 科学实验需要极大的耐心和悉心。

  34. Phrases Related phrases: Call a spade a spade直言不讳 Call after以…….命名 e.g. They called the baby John after his grandfather. 他们以他的祖父的名字约翰来命名这个婴孩。

  35. Phrases Call forth:唤起,引起 National oppression inevitably calls forth the resistance of the broad masses of the people. 民族压迫必然会引起广大群众的反抗。 Call forth all one’s energy全力以赴 Call off取消.。 Call up使人想起。 On call随叫随到的,待命的 e.g. The community clinic has doctors on call at any hour.。

  36. Phrases 3. to the point of : to a degree that can be described as….. 到 的程度 e.g. His manner was abrupt to the point of rudeness. 她举止唐突,近乎粗鲁。 To accomplish the task, they worked to the point of exhaustion. 为了完成任务,他们工作到了心力交瘁的地步。。

  37. Phrases To an extend that达到 的程度 e.g. The carpet was badly stained to such an extent that you could not tell its original color. 这块地毯已经脏的辨认不出原来的颜色了。 On the point of:濒于,即将 e.g. This specie is on the point of extinction. 这个物种濒于灭绝。

  38. Phrases 4. in part: to some extent; partly在某种程度上,部分地 e.g. The accident was due in part to the driver’s carelessness. 事故部分是由于司机的疏忽引起的。 The article runs in part as follows:……. 文章的一部分内容如下:

  39. Phrases On the part of 就 而言; 在 一边 e.g. The agreement has been kept on our part.我们这方面遵守了协议。 Part and parcel 重要/必要/基本的部分 e.g. Metaphysics is part and parcel of the idealist world outlook. 形而上学是唯心主义世界观的组成部分。

  40. Phrases Take part in参与;参加 e.g. He takes an active part in all kinds of collective activities.他积极参与各种集体活动。 The best part 最大/最多的部分 e.g. He lay idle for the best part of the week.他一周大部分时间都无所事事。

  41. IV. Comprehension 122

  42. 1. Text Organization

  43. 2. Main Idea .

  44. We should adopt a sensible environmentalism.

  45. 3. Paraphase .

  46. 1) Take the current debate raging over oil drilling in a corner of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. • The current debate refers to the debate on the unique values of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge in the late 1980s and early 1900s both in and outside the US Congress. The bill to permit the exploration of oil there finally passed in Congress in 2001.

  47. 2) But it is no more than that • But its importance should not be exaggerated.

  48. 5. Rhetorical Device .

  49. In this unit, we will learn some argumentative methods. • The argumentative methods employed in Text are as follows: contrast, concession , quotation, definition, cause and effect, data.

  50. Concession: “ The country does need a substantial energy tax to reduce consumption. But it needs more production too.”(Para 8)