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Brand Marketing Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth SEO Specialist PowerPoint Presentation
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Brand Marketing Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth SEO Specialist

Brand Marketing Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth SEO Specialist

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Brand Marketing Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth SEO Specialist

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  1. Branding Seminar Thursday 3rd December, 2015 10:00am – 12:00pm

  2. Matt Lynch Vorian Agency - General Manager With over 23 years Online Marketing & Information Technology experience, my primary speciality is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I am an experienced senior technical marketing specialist working both within agency and in-house roles. I am a certified Google AdWords Specialist, Bing Ads Accredited Professional. I enjoy keeping up with the 'bleeding edge' of technology advancements and social media evolvement to ensure current knowledge in an ever changing landscape, leading to early adoption and determination of opportunity for marketing enhancement.

  3. Vorian Agency delivers integrated online and offline marketing solutions to business wrestling with how to market in today’s changing environment. Vorian Agency is a full service Digital Agency based in West Perth, that provides customised marketing solutions including; search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), web design and development, branding, print and graphic design, as well as video and audio production services that are aimed at promoting your brand’s products and services through a variety of results oriented strategies. Vorian Agency is a Google Partner, Bing Ads Accredited Company, HootsuiteSolutions Partner and a MailChimp Expert Company.

  4. Connect on Social Media… Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Pinterest: About Me: SlideShare: YouTube: Yelp: • LinkedIn: FourSquare: Blogger: @mattrlynchSnapchat: au.mattlynchEverytrail: Email:

  5. Connect with Vorian Agency

  6. Interactive Questions? During today’s session, you are welcome to tweet questions to our Vorian Agency Twitter Account @vorianagencyusing the hashtag#voriantraining

  7. Housekeeping Before we start, please note the following: • Exits • Toilets • Mobile Phones on Silent • Question & Answer session at end of the Presentation • A link to the Presentation Slide Notes will be emailed to you • Vorian Agency info packs are provided to showcase our service offering • Vorian staff are available to arrange an appointment or answer specific questions • Please provide your feedback on today’s seminar on the supplied questionnaire • Please invite others you may know to register for our free seminar series

  8. Branding • It is within our minds that brands live. • The creation of a brand is the creation of a memory. It relies upon, it requires, the consumer for it co-creation. • Branding and strategy is an important part of every business. By defining and then communicating the brand both internally and externally, will impact directly on the capacity of a business to achieve its objectives.

  9. What is a Brand? • A brand it not just the following, but includes these elements: • Business Name • Personal Name, we are our own Brand… • Domain Name • Social Media Account Name • Tagline/Slogan (Key Positioning Statement) • Logo • Sign • Symbol • Product • In its raw sense; a brand is a name, sign or symbol that is intended to identify goods and services of one seller from another. • Branding is decommodification of a product. • A brand involves four key elements: • Vision: where the organization is going • Values: what the organization stands for • Personality: what the organization is like to deal with • Positioning: what differentiates the organization • The vision and values are internal factors, whilst personality and positioning are external factors.

  10. Brand Name • A brand name provides an identity which differentiates. • The key marketing concept of position, style, tone-of-voice, imagery are all centered around the brand name.

  11. Brand Identity Prism • A look at how brand identity interrelates between internal and external factors, from the customer to ourselves:

  12. Why is Branding Necessary? • Customers have Many Choices & Limited Time

  13. Building Brand Value • What is the value of the brand? Especially brand strategy - your promise, position and personality? • Brand culture, the accepted truth about the products/services, can greatly enhance brand value. • Difference between what a consumer will pay for branded product and a physically identical product without brand. • Reputation value: perceived product quality. • Relationship value: trusted as a long term partner. • Experiential value: shape experience of product. • Symbolic value: which expresses values and identities. • Product Development: Optimise your product bearing in mind your customer's needs. • Passionate Team: Hire the best available talent to fulfill your brand's promise. • Driving Force: Encourage people to invest time and money in your brand.

  14. Brand Architecture • Six (6) model types are discussed in the brand-product relationship • The Product Brand Strategy • It involves the assignment of a particular name to one, and only one, product as well as one exclusive positioning. • The result of this strategy is that each new product will have to receive its own brand name that belongs only to it. • The Line Brand Strategy • This strategy involves the exploitation of successful concept by extending it but by staying very close to the product. • The Range Brand Strategy • It bestows a single brand name and promotes through a single promise, a range of products belonging to the same area of competence. • The Umbrella Brand Strategy • The same brand supports several products in different markets. • Each of them has its own advertising tool and is own communications. • The main advantage of umbrella strategy is the capitalization on one single name and economies of scale on an international level. • The Source Brand Strategy • This is identical to umbrella brand strategy except for the point that they are no longer called by one generic name. • Two tier brand structure • Sub-branding. • The Endorsing Brand Strategy • It gives approval to a wide variety of products grouped under product brands, line brands or range brands. • The brand endorsement can be indicated in a graphical manner by placing the emblem or in a nominal way.

  15. Brand Equity • Financial - Goodwill, over a period of time. • What is to be measured: • Clear understanding of concept • Consumer way of determining the brand • What are the measures • Critical, Continuous, Creative. • You can manage what is under your control • How to measure • A Brand doesn't exist in isolation, it has to be understood in relation to category. • The brand image consumer feels, thinks and experiences (the cognitive and affective mixes).

  16. Brand Equity – BRANDZ Model • From low to high, building the brand equity:

  17. Brand Consistency • Removing the confusion for the consumer. Creating a consistent approach in your marketing delivery and strategy. • Before we delve into preparing to do business online… research and do the due diligence, to determine a consistent brand approach (name and logo) to avoid confusion and conflict to the brand. • ASIC Connect: • ABN Lookup: • AUSRegistry: • NameChk: • Knowem: • Google Image Search (in Chrome browser – drag and drop an image into the image search box)

  18. Secure Your Name • Proverb: Failing to plan is planning to fail • You may not use them today, but secure them for tomorrow!

  19. Style Guide • Generate a brand ‘Style Guide’ for your online business • Research your target demographic to develop your ideal ‘persona’ • Determine your ‘Tone of Voice’, type of language used and how you will come across • Consistent naming convention for account creation • Consistent brand approach for use of logo, hero images, fonts and colours • Prepare consistent business descriptors for use in ‘About’ biographies • Look to incorporate target keyword strategy throughout

  20. Brand Logo • The logo is the 'face' of any brand. The very first impression - so its design is extremely important. When executed correctly, a logo is a powerful asset to your brand. Creating an effective visual representation of a brand requires more than just graphic design. • Use other designs for inspiration only, don't copy other's work. • Consider the selection of colour, and psychology behind the colours. • Research your audience, this will help you determine the best design style. • Make preliminary sketches to 'wire-frame' the design. • Consider size and aspect ratio, particularly with web and social media.

  21. Customer Service • Customer Service is the series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction - that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation. • Customer Support: Be ready to assist your customers in any possible way. • Feedback: Listen carefully to what your customers have to say about your product and service. • Customer Retention: Do everything you can to retain your customers.

  22. Brand Message Consistency • Is your message consistent?

  23. Brand Hashtags # • Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts on your personal Timeline or Page. This helps people find posts about topics they’re interested in. To make a hashtag, write # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase (written as one word) and add it to your post. • Use hashtags (#) to focus posts on topical keywords, or brand name. • Regularly post with hashtags. • Don’t over do the amount of hashtags implemented within a post. • Keep an eye on trending topics and particular #tags, and blend these into your posts. • • Hashtags can be used as keyword links within Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+

  24. Brand Engagement Consistency • Is your brand involved in the customer conversation?

  25. Reputation Reporting • Measure and Manage your Social Reputation • Klout - • Kred - • Naymz - • PeerIndex - • TrustCloud - • Trackur - • Thinkup - • TweetReach - • Sumall - • Mentionmapp - • Social Mention – • Xefer - • Unfollowers - • Record monthly your growth in followers, following, Tweets, Retweet,engaged users and reach.

  26. Monitoring your Brand Mentions • Monitor the Web for conversation around your Brand. • Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries. • Enter a search query you wish to monitor. You will see a preview of the type of results you'll receive. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include: • monitoring a developing news story • keeping current on a competitor or industry • managing your own company or personal brand reputation • getting the latest on a celebrity or event • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams • Another free alert solution is

  27. Monitoring Review Sites • Is your business/brand aware of bad reviews, and are you doing anything? • A disgruntled consumer, can at any time, post a bad review about your company. As a business owner, you may take this very personally, as you naturally want to protect the reputation of your business and nuture its growth. This is not the time to stick your head in the sand albeit like an ostrich, and hope it will go away on its own accord. Now is the time to be productive and take action - monitor, and respond. • Review sites; where consumers can leave star ratings, comments, thumb up or down the business, are taken seriously by other consumers looking for 'trust signals', as part of their research process when initially interacting with your online brand and determining whether to proceed with the purchase process. Prospective clients researching your product or services by Googling your brand, will see both social media and review websites. Google and other search engines are 'listening' to your brand sentiment online, and can use the results from review sites, and sentiment analysis from social media conversation, to help paint a picture of your business that impacts the search results. • By responding to reviews (Review sites can include; Google+, Facebook, FourSquare, Yelp, Truelocal, Womo, Urbanspoon, StartLocal, Dlook, LocalStore... to name but a few!) you are showing you care about the client, and their experience with your brand, and that you want to fix the issue and address any problems noted. By not responding, even to one bad review, you can completely diminish the brand value that you had previously built.

  28. Brand Ambassador • This is not the United Nations! But we do need someone in control to maintain stability and consistency. Choose someone to fight for the cause:Brand Ambassador, Brand Guardian, Brand Champion

  29. Walk Through Brand Guidelines • Let’s now walk through the Brand Guidelines for Vorian Agency as a real example.

  30. Brand Anatomy Summary • Bringing it all together…

  31. Brand Refinement - Rebranding • Styles evolve over time, as does your audience and their expectations. You need to balance between recognition and staying ‘fresh’.

  32. Keep Connected After today’s session, please feel free to connect with me if you have additional questions: LinkedIn: Don’t forget to follow Vorian Agency on LinkedIn: All of my other Social Media links are available on About.Me: About.Me: Email:

  33. Please… invite others We would like to thank you for your attendance to today’s seminar on Branding. • A link to the Presentation Slide Notes will be emailed to you • Vorian Agency info packs are provided to showcase our key business areas • Vorian staff are available to arrange an appointment to assist your specific needs • Please provide your feedback and hand-in the supplied questionnaire • Please invite others you may know to register for our free seminar series and forward them a copy of today’s seminar email.

  34. Please… invite others We would like to thank you for your attendance to today’s seminar on Branding • A link to the Presentation Slide Notes will be emailed to you • Vorian Agency info packs are provided to showcase our key business areas • Vorian staff are available to arrange an appointment to assist your specific needs • Special Offer: 10% discount on Marketing servicesfor a limited time to attendees of our Branding seminar • Please provide your feedback and hand-in the supplied questionnaire • Please leave a review for us on Facebook, Yelp or Google My Business • Please invite others you may know to register for our free seminar series and forward them a copy of today’s seminar email.

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