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Hootsuite Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth Social Media Specialist PowerPoint Presentation
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Hootsuite Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth Social Media Specialist

Hootsuite Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth Social Media Specialist

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Hootsuite Training Seminar by Matt Lynch Perth Social Media Specialist

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  1. Hootsuite Seminar Thursday 29th October, 2015 10:00am – 12:00pm

  2. Matt Lynch Vorian Agency - General Manager With over 23 years Online Marketing & Information Technology experience, my primary speciality is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I am an experienced senior technical marketing specialist working both within agency and in-house roles. I am a certified Google AdWords Specialist, Bing Ads Accredited Professional. I enjoy keeping up with the 'bleeding edge' of technology advancements and social media evolvement to ensure current knowledge in an ever changing landscape, leading to early adoption and determination of opportunity for marketing enhancement.

  3. Vorian Agency delivers integrated online and offline marketing solutions to business wrestling with how to market in today’s changing environment. Vorian Agency is a full service Digital Agency based in West Perth, that provides customised marketing solutions including; search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), web design and development, branding, print and graphic design, as well as video and audio production services that are aimed at promoting your brand’s products and services through a variety of results oriented strategies. Vorian Agency is a Google Partner, Bing Ads Accredited Company, HootsuiteSolutions Partner and a MailChimp Expert Company.

  4. Connect on Social Media… Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Pinterest: About Me: SlideShare: YouTube: Yelp: • LinkedIn: FourSquare: Blogger: @mattrlynchSnapchat: au.mattlynchEverytrail: Email:

  5. Connect with Vorian Agency

  6. Interactive Questions? During today’s session, you are welcome to tweet questions to our Vorian Agency Twitter Account @vorianagencyusing the hashtag#voriantraining

  7. Housekeeping Before we start, please note the following: • Exits • Toilets • Mobile Phones on Silent • Question & Answer session at end of the Presentation • A link to the Presentation Slide Notes will be emailed to you • Vorian Agency info packs are provided to showcase our service offering • Vorian staff are available to arrange an appointment or answer specific questions • Please provide your feedback on today’s seminar on the supplied questionnaire • Please invite others you may know to register for our free seminar series

  8. What is Hootsuite? • Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used social media relationship platform. More than 10 million users, including 744 of the Fortune 1,000 companies, trust Hootsuite to manage their social media programs across multiple social networks from one integrated dashboard.

  9. Hootsuite Facts • The world's most widely used social relationship platform, available in 16 languages and more than 175 countries. • Over 10 million users including 744 of the Fortune 1,000 companies. • Pioneered social media management when it launched in 2008. • Largest open social relationship platform with 100+ partner integrations in the Hootsuite App Directory. • Over 600 staff located in Vancouver, San Francisco, London, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and others. • Preferred, certified partner of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ • Over 1,600 enterprise customers including NHL, Sony Music Entertainment, Adidas, eBay, AstraZeneca US, Orange, and more. • CEO: Ryan Holmes, CRO: Steve Johnson, CFO: James Rumble, CTO: Ajai Sehgal

  10. Why Hootsuite • The Hootsuite application lets you do more…

  11. Hootsuite Plans & Pricing • Discussion on Plan types

  12. Hootsuite Sign-up Free •

  13. Hootsuite Sign-up Pro •

  14. Hootsuite Account Profile • The logged in user account; organizations and social networks.

  15. Adding a Tab to your dashboard • From the launch menu on the left, select the house or Streams icon. • Click the plus (+) sign to add a tab. • A new tab will appear with “untitled” highlighted. Start typing to name the tab. Unless you want a blank tab, click on the “Add a Stream” guide that automatically appeared in your new tab and follow the prompts. Click and drag your tabs along the top of the dashboard to put them in an order that works best for you. • Keep the naming convention short, so that you can fit more tabs visible along the top. • Note: Streams help further breakdown each tab according to social networks, apps, functionality, keyword searches, etc.

  16. How to add Streams to your Tab • Every stream inside your tab is self-contained. So you can monitor the Tweets, Facebook photos, and YouTube searches related to your Tab title. • To add a social network: in the stream guide click “Networks”, scroll to find the network and its associated options menu will appear. From there, select the network’s functionality of your choice for that stream. • For example, let’s say you’re setting up a Twitter tab for your business. We recommend that you add different streams within that tab for your business’ Home Feed, Mentions, Direct Messages and ReTweets.

  17. Use the Stream that suits you • There are different Stream types depending on which Social Media channel is selected. Start by choosing the associated channel account, then select the options you require.

  18. How to adjust Stream size • To help you adjust your stream width, use the handy toggle bar.  • In the far right corner of your tab row you will find the toggle bar. Slide the toggle back and forth to adjust stream widths.

  19. Instagram is now on Hootsuite

  20. How to add an app • To add an app: in the stream guide click “Apps,” scroll to find your app of choice and follow the prompts from there for signing in and set-up. • For example, let’s say you’re setting up an “Instagram” tab for your business. We recommend that you add different streams for your Home Feed and Your Photos. Add another stream for the Statigram App to monitor your Instagram analytics.

  21. Which App would I recommend? • With 126 Apps to choose from, you have a lot of selection choice! • I’ve listed some of the popular apps which I use to connect other services, other social media accounts, provide enhanced information with the social media accounts I use, or simply to collate content I can repurpose as part of my content marketing strategy.

  22. Target your New Followers • Create a stream to monitor your New Followers on Twitter, and send them a custom DM (Direct Message), to help them discover new content, new channels or your current specials.

  23. Using Search Streams • Create a stream for each social media channel, and account, to monitor your brand #hashtags, brand keywords, competitors, or for content ideas. • TIP: are you also using Google Alerts and Alerts to monitor your brand mentions?

  24. Canned Messages • Save messages as templates, that you can use as canned responses to direct users for actions, for quick consistent replies – useful for Customer Service.

  25. Posting with Hootsuite • Select which Social Media channels you wish to post your message to within Find Profile. • Click the pin icon next to each Social Media channel to add them to your distribution. • For frequently used Social Media channels, star them as a favorite to have on top.

  26. Posting with Hootsuite • Type your message into the message window. • The character count indicator will let you know how many characters remain. • Add a link, type/paste your URL into the link window to ‘Shrink’

  27. Advanced link options • Add a link, type/paste your URL into the link window to ‘Shrink’ • If you want to access the Advanced Link Options, click on the ‘cog’ • Choose your URL shortener preference • Store your Google Analytics custom campaign tagging preferences

  28. Google URL Shortener & Campaign Tracking • To assist your marketing campaign reporting and tracking of the efforts of links you post and measure the effectiveness of your activities, consider using a consistent URL shortener such as Google’s • Google Analytics Campaign Link Tagging Tool is also very useful to create tagged URLs with campaign and source information that you can then shorten. The results are then measured within Google Analytics to show the effectiveness of different mediums.

  29. Adding an Image • Click the Paperclip icon to upload an image or file. Images based on the URL work for Facebook and Google+. Upload for Twitter provides the image as a link.

  30. Scheduling your Post • Use ‘AutoSchedule’ to have Hootsuite choose the optimal time for your post. • OR, schedule to coordinate your marketing delivery, and cover content posting for the week, month or year ahead…

  31. Bulk Scheduling your Posts • Want to save time? Try the ‘bulk message uploader’.

  32. Adding Location information • Click the Map icon to add your location to your post.

  33. Adding Targeting region • Need to filter your content post and target for a specific country? • Click the world globe icon to select the targeting available for the selected channel. • Show regional content to regional users only.

  34. Publisher • Manage your scheduled posts within Hootsuite. • Filter out the Scheduled posts by channel, account profile: • View by day, week, month or list view • See if posts didn’t work ‘rejected’, and historical information.

  35. Content Suggestions • Stuck for content marketing ideas? Hootsuite wants to help. By profiling your followers and engagement, Hootsuite will provide a week of content suggestions that match your profile:

  36. Reporting • Reporting templates, or build a customised report to suit your requirements. • Additional reporting features can be purchased depending on account type.

  37. Reporting • Twitter Profile Overview. • Select your Profile. • Select the date range. • Save to .csv or .pdf • Set up email scheduling.

  38. Build your custom reporting • Create a custom report. • Edit default templates. • Add advanced features.

  39. Assignments (Team Work) • Working in a team is very easy with Hootsuite. • The Assignments tab enables the allocation of messages to assigned team members, and you can review the status and activity.

  40. Contacts • Manage your followers, lists and who you follow for Twitter. • Manage your circles for Google+

  41. Hootsuite - Tools • An education in Social Media and using HootSuite – Hootsuite University

  42. Hootsuite Mobile Apps • Android and iOS – Hootsuite is available for smartphones and tablets:

  43. Hootsuite for Events • • Welcome to Hootsuite's customizable HootFeed, a live Twitter stream that can be displayed on screens around your event. The HootFeed is an easy-to-customize tool, which animates the Twitter activity you care about live; encouraging your guests to interact with the event's feed. By displaying visual Tweets on screens around your event, you create a Tweet wall that your guests can get involved with. • To get started, enter in your email address and keyword. If you would like to customize your Twitter stream, toggle the customize button to "On" and enter in your company information and layout options. Next, authorize HootFeed to use your Twitter account. Enter your username or email and password to view a preview of what your HootFeed will look like.

  44. Hootsuite ViralTag for Pinterest • Unlike many of the other apps, which simply give you the option of creating a new stream for viewing network activity, ViralTag for Pinterest actually adds the ability to post to Pinterest. That means that it also includes Hootsuite's scheduling options so that now, you can publish Pinterest shares at the most optimum times for your network, as well as ensure consistent activity. • Ideally, brands should spread their pinning activity out throughout the day, and now they can with ViralTag. • This app includes a 2-day free trial, and $4.99 / month thereafter subscription fee. • Using this app, Hootsuite users and brands can now also more easily cross-promote their content and social networks by sharing pins to their other social accounts.

  45. Keep Connected After today’s session, please feel free to connect with me if you have additional questions: LinkedIn: Don’t forget to LIKE & Review Vorian Agency on Facebook: All of my other Social Media links are available on About.Me: About.Me: Email:

  46. Please… invite others We would like to thank you for your attendance to today’s seminar on Hootsuite. • A link to the Presentation Slide Notes will be emailed to you • Vorian Agency info packs are provided to showcase our key business areas • Vorian staff are available to arrange an appointment to assist your specific needs: • Set up a Hootsuite account for your business or team • Create a Marketing Calendar and content strategy for Social Media for your business • Setup Google Analytics for advanced campaign tagging through Social Media • Prepare content import templates of your social media content to schedule into Hootsuite • Manage your company’s social media interests, schedule, respond and report • Special Offer: 10% discount on Social Media services for a limited time to attendees of our Hootsuite seminar • Please provide your feedback and hand-in the supplied questionnaire • Please leave a review for us on Facebook, Yelp or Google My Business • Please invite others you may know to register for our free seminar series and forward them a copy of today’s seminar email.

  47. Social Media Services SMM - Social Media Marketing • Social Media Scope & Strategy • Social Media Content Plan • Social Media Community Management • Integrated Social Media Management • Facebook Marketing • Facebook Business/Personal Pages • Facebook Custom Pages • Facebook PPC • Facebook Management • Twitter Marketing • LinkedIn Marketing • Google+ Marketing • YouTube Marketing • Pinterest Marketing • Instagram Marketing