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  2. Why students should stay?

  3. Universities

  4. Puerto Rico has Universities with high quality all around the country. Excellentprofessors, most of them withdoctoral degrees.

  5. The academic program offerings are widely varied. The educational system and academic offerings are the same as in the United States.

  6. Technology in Universities .Puerto Rico  have advanced technologythat competeswith other countries.

  7. And More… • The public university is low cost and high quality. • Private universities offer a variety of online courses both undergraduate and graduate level. • Courses are also offered by contract, and short terms study programs to complete your academic degree faster.

  8. The Universities campus are surrounded by beautiful green areas, interesting buildings, beautiful architecture that captures your senses.

  9. Helping the economy in Puerto Rico • Working in Puerto helps the country's economy, because your money is invested here. • Your talent joins others to create networks of excellence in services. • If you work here you don’t have to go outside the country looking for specialized services such as medical type.

  10. Beautiful Puerto Rico • Puerto Rico offers natural beauty that don’t compare to other places.

  11. Puerto Rican Food • Our food is filled with flavor, colors and smells that are unlimited.

  12. Festivals and Parties • Puerto Rico is always on party mode. Festivals, bohemian activities are celebrated all year long.

  13. Hospitality Culture • Puerto Rico has a culture of hospitality where human warmth is in every place.

  14. Climate • Borinquen's climate does not change, you won’t have heavy snow or extreme cold that prevents you of going University or work.

  15. Music • For relaxation, our rhythms are varied and there’s something for every taste.

  16. Our cultural heritage makes us unique and special, so when we get together for some even there is Puerto Rican flavor for long time.

  17. We are a country led to multiculturalism, which exposes to the globalized world of today.

  18. Want more? Stay studying and work in Puerto Rico!