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Chandigarh. Agro and Food processing. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dan Yojna in Chandigarh. Agro and Food processing. Awareness of Accidental Insurance Cover. Agro and Food processing. RuPay Card Activation. Glimpses of the participation at the publicity camps. Agro and Food processing.

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  1. Chandigarh

  2. Agro and Food processing Pradhan Mantri Jan Dan Yojna in Chandigarh

  3. Agro and Food processing Awareness of Accidental Insurance Cover

  4. Agro and Food processing RuPay Card Activation

  5. Glimpses of the participation at the publicity camps

  6. Agro and Food processing Bank mitra

  7. Agro and Food processing Reduction of Zero Balance Account

  8. Agro and Food processing Efforts in implementing for BPL Families

  9. Road show and launch of PMJDY in Chandigarh

  10. Agro and Food processing Key Innovations

  11. Agro and Food processing Aadhaar seeding efforts

  12. Agro and Food processing Suggestions for improvement

  13. Agro and Food processing Steps being taken for enhancing enrolment under PMJDY

  14. Agro and Food processing For instance…

  15. The way forward

  16. Providing a digital identity Providing Digital Identity (DI) to Aadharcard holders is the backbone of the concept, where DI will act as an intermediary to build a transaction eco-system. Contact-free solutions will open the door to a host of new services. Digital Identity will be provided in the form of RFID/ NFC enabled devices that will be able to provide a ‘Smart-age’ experience. Immediate identity information and verification at Government and healthcare centers. Closed-loop wallets will ensure that cash remains within the system leading to a transparent and robust economy. Immediate payments are possible with closed-loop Wallets - a touchless solution.

  17. Multiple Application Card • Introduction of a single card for multiple applications & Government schemes Free Bank Account & ATM through PradhanMantri Jan DhanYojana • BPL App for BPL Schemes & Benefits • DBT for Public Distribution System • DBT for LPG Subsidy • NREGA & Other Schemes • Critical Disability, Senior Citizen, Widows Pension, Destitute Women • Maternal Health & Child Welfare including Immunization, Baby Food & subsidised Sanitary • Identification for Disaster Relief – Flood, Drought • Microfinance – Lending & Bank support for other Monetary Scheme benefits through Mobile Banks • Health Insurance for Critical Care Illness & Major Diseases Coverage – Rs. 500-700 premium for Rs. 50k to Rs. 100k • Accidental Death & Disability Cover of upto 2 lakhs through Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana • Life Insurance upto Rs. 2 lakhs through Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana • Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojanascheme provides life cover of Rs. 100K and Rs. 30K for in-built accident cover • Atal Pension Yojana Pension Fund of Rs. 1k to Rs. 5k UT -DBT Insurance

  18. Why a single access card? BENEFITS ISSUES Forgeries Easy duplication of Paper/ Plastic Cards Less effort, simple technology to duplicate IDs Falsification Take an existing legally issued card and change the data on it – Im-personification Very easy to change Important Information – Photo, Name, etc Illegal Issue Convince the Government to issue a legal ID for a scheme to someone they did not want to Steal a blank ID and issue it fraudulently Security threat perception Identity theft rising by 50% every year Further issue of legal documents based on existing legal ID All terrorists use false IDs Track membership and usage against various State and Central Government Schemes • Having one card to act as ID for multiple schemes • Real time Identification – Touch & Go • Aadhaar based Biometrics Authentication • Stopping people claiming benefits to which they are not entitled & ensuring the right people get benefits • Reducing the time spent in identification & repudiation of the Aadhaar ID • Carrying important identification information with you in case of an crisis/accident/entry points to railway & bus stations • Keeping track of schemes & their transactions

  19. To create an advanced electronic infrastructure backbone • Inculcate Banking habits in the common man • Quick access to Government schemes • Utility services • to most deserving families belonging to • BPL, • Identified SC/ST • Old Age Pensioners • Handicapped • Destitute women • Children • In many schemes it is proven that women are the right lead beneficiaries for successful usage of Scheme.

  20. Information stored in Card • Reliable Identity Management – Smart card • Visual & Electronic Secure Identification • Unique Policy Identifier • Policy Holder Name , DOB, Sex, Address • Photograph of Policy Holder • Bio-metric features • Embedded Photograph • Embedded Fingerprint Images • Banking & Common UT Wallet • Scheme Entitlements • Cash Deposits, Withdrawals, Interest Payments • Health Card • Encounter Transaction • Health Insurance Policy Eligibility, Medical Expenses & Limits

  21. Common Card Architecture & Benefits Benefits of NFC Smart Card / Tag Common UT Wallet HEALTH POS • Visual & Electronic Secure Identification with Biometrics • Aadhaar Authentication makes Duplication impossible • Verification & authentication of identity • Essential history/data can be viewed offline • Accountability of benefits received • Supports multiple applications • ID for accessing “e-governance” related resources • eMandi, Civil Supplies, Stores, Government owned shops etc • Access control to parking, transit pass OS Run time Environment DATA Firewall Micro Finance ePurse Health ePurse E PURSE File Structure File Structure Application data

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