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CTF Board President hears of SF at a National Alliance meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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CTF Board President hears of SF at a National Alliance meeting

CTF Board President hears of SF at a National Alliance meeting

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CTF Board President hears of SF at a National Alliance meeting

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  1. Presents the idea to the PA CTF Board who agree to add SF as a priority in the 2006 PA CTF grant cycle CTF Board President and staff hear more about SF at National Alliance meeting PA applies for Early Learning grant from National Alliance , but do not get funded …… CTF Board President hears of SF at a National Alliance meeting 2006 CTF request for proposals requires use of SF Framework in the proposed programs CTF Board moves ahead anyway, participates in Learning Community and holds two SF Statewide Leadership Team meetings (9-2006 and 2-2007) Regrouping at the state level…. RFP and SF information distributed widely in the state Good connections made, but the effort did not continue as planned 10 programs funded in 2006 11 programs funded in 2007 6 programs funded in 2008 …results in a team of people from state government and the CTF board attending the 5-07 SF National Summit SE Regional KEY brings Zero to Three to PA to train…. SF Statewide Coordinator assigned SE Regional KEY becomes a CTF grantee SF effort obtains State Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) support Results in PA applying for and receiving a State Partnership for Prevention Grant CTF Board does not release an RFP in 2009, but does release funds to SF Initiative for development and provision of statewide training to PD Instructors in the Regional KEYS Continued on next page 40 people trained as trainers for the Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect curriculum by Zero to Three STRENGTHENING FAMILIES PENNSYLVANIA 42 ECE programs in Southeast PA receive targeted training on SF Protective factors. 28 community events also completed. Continue connection to the CTF board via reports on progress of the effort Can we find funds to replicate this training again in PA?

  2. SF Statewide Coordinator assigned Applied for and received QRIS project funds National Alliance of CTF Leadership Team re-instated and involved in strategic planning SF Protective Factors embedded into QRIS Best Practices and Optional Tools Summer institutes held for ECE PD Instructors Training of Trainers module developed – training will occur 11-09 SF language being embedded in Parent Engagement Standards for ECE programs SF Framework and Protective Factors information disseminated widely at conference events and statewide meetings….. Each Regional KEY receives funding to provide SF Training modules in their region Develop a process to track training events in the state PIRC materials will contain SF language Connected to PA Parent Information and Resource Center (PA PIRC) …resulting in….. Involving State office of Child Welfare in the effort Connected and working with OCDEL Parent Engagement Specialist Incorporate the SF framework into the Core Training for Child Welfare workers Align parent and student resiliency and develop a continuum. Providing training for Parent advocacy and support groups on SF Protective Factors